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  1. I have credits on 2 of my Borders gift cards at the total of $46.22 and Barnes and Nobles are not able to take the credit which is disappointing! I even try calling the customer care not able to get through. Any suggestions? Yes, I agree with Heather that someone need to do something about this!

  2. I got a Borders gift card for Christmas; when I went to Borders (when they were still open) I try to purchase a book in the store and they had to order it, after over 30 days of waiting for the book they sent me another gift card stating they weren’t able to get the book, and now the store has gone out of business and I can not use this dang gift card no where and when I try to go to the websites or to their customer service it always links me to Barnes and Nobles and they are not taking the Borders gift card, so now I am assed out of money and can not purchase my Dr. Seuss book.

    This really sucks and someone needs to do something about this.

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