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  1. I ordered a Turkey from your Boston Market location in Boynton Beach, Fl. and the Meat was very Pink in between the (2) Thighs.
    The Turkey was to be eaten on Christmas day, and basically ruined our Christmas dinner.
    The Manager was very rude, and said the Turkeys were not cooked in their location but came from else where. If I had known this I would have never ordered my Christmas Turkey from Boston Market.
    I will never go back to another Boston Market!!

  2. Toledo, Ohio-Alexis Rd., Don’t eat here. Meatloaf is always cold. They don’t have the tomato sauce anymore. They give you brown gravy instead. Now it’s salsbury steak not meatliaf. Staff does not pay attention when ordering, Food temps., are cold.

  3. why is it everytime I visit your store #1173 the service going thru the drive thru is so slow. Today I waited for 13min. before I received my food. The server was not very friendly either. This is not the first time this has happened. If their staff Don,t like their jobs something should be done. Love your food but thinks is disturbing….. Thank you for your time

  4. About five months ago I purchased two chicken parm meals with spaghetti! It was utterly horrible nothing Italien about this meal except for the name. I called the customer service to complain and asked for a refund. The said they would send me coupons to replace the meals. Good luck I am still waiting its been about seven months now. I called three weeks ago and they apologized up and down said they would get them out immediately. HA still waiting called again today more lies they said they were sent! Liar, liar,liar!! Don’t buy from Boston mkt. their food sucks and so do they!!!

  5. Purchased your chicken parm,it was the worse meal I have eaten. First the tomato sauce was tasteless the spaghetti did not taste like spaghetti. The chicken was bearable.Dont think I will try any of your other meals.

  6. I was at the Boston Market near Oxford Valley Mall and watched as they were closing the store. All of the left over food from the day, they threw it in the trash. I was devastated. They are too many Hungary people in the world for this to be taking place. It should be donated to a shelter or something. This has made me look at Boston Market in a different way.

  7. I visited the Boston Market on December 3, 2011 on Michigan Avenue zip 32806 in Orlando, fl about 6pm. I ordered a meat loaf family meal. The Supervisor notified me that it would only take 5 minutes for the meat loaf. I explained that I had a long drive ahead of me and that I would like to order something that was already ready. She assured me it would take no longer that 5 minutes again. So I waited and waited and waited 15 minutes later I was frustrated and tired of waiting so I went inside to ask about my order. Then employees offered a drink but I refused and asked for the managed. She appeared from the back of the kitchen with the meat loaf in a container and placed it in a bag. She apologized about the wait. I left the store and drove home. When I got my son fixed a plate of food and stated to me ” Mom this meat loaf is rock hard!” I noticed that the container was very hot and food was still smoking. It appears that the meat loaf was warmed up in a micro wave. I called the store manager who offered me a complimentary single meal! Im sorry but that is just wrong!

  8. I have been to store 0489 on several occasions for dinner. I have been told when ordering certain food items it is simply not available , turkey , sides, even chicken. I am writing this because my time is valuable , and a I rely on a national business , hoping to get consistent service. the reality is , it has not been. I am very disapointed in how the chain is managed . I will take social media and express my concerns . this must be corrected , you must offer the food listed on your menu or remove it.

  9. I visited Boston Market located on South St, in Fitcbhurg, MA on Saturday, July 26, 2014. There were 5 people in line when I arrived around 7:20pm. It took me just under 30 minutes to get my meal and pay for it. The Manager was onsite with customers getting frustrated while we were waiting. There was 1 girl putting the side on the plate and 1 girls at the cash register. I noticed 3 or so others just walking around and the Manager watching the 1 girl trying to manage the sides and putting lids on the orders. In addition, when I finally reached the cashier to pay for my meal she was cleaning tables. She finally noticed a few of us waiting with disgusted looks on our faces and came back to the register and proceeded to pour drinks for orders that were after me instead of letting me pay for my meal. I walked out the door at 7:48PM with my 1 meal. Fast food… I think not. I will not be back to Boston Market anytime soon.

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