The BP brand appears on production platforms, refineries, ships and corporate offices the world over, as well as on solar products, wind farms, research facilities and at retail service stations.

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  1. I often use the BP station in Empire, MI because it is the only gas station in a 30 mile radius from my home. There has always been a very high rate of turnover in employees, but 2013 has been full of new employees (including management) that are rude, disrespectful, ineffective, unprofessional, and are seriously lacking in common sense. Over the past year nearly every time I am in the store, at least one of the workers is eating as they are checking me out. It began with the new manager that took over near the beginning of the year. He would shove handfuls of greasy popcorn into his mouth as I was waiting to be checked out then start the transaction talking as he was chomping the popcorn then give me my change back with grease all over his hands!!! Now that he is no longer there, the other employees have picked up the habit. I used to work as a cashier and CANNOT fathom that any employer would allow their employees to behave in this manner! If I had another option for gas in my area I would not be using this gas station.

    There are 2 employees that are AWESOME!!! Eric and Dave are the only long standing employees in this store… if they were not there the Empire BP EZ mart would go under!!

  2. After reading comments on different sites about BP, I believe that it is normal to have a crappy experience at BP. I have been to BP several times, each time I have a unique experience. The last time was the last straw. I went to a BP at 6680 Mayfield Heights, OH. The attendant was rude, unhappy man named “Mo”. A woman in front of me was asking for directions, he was short with her and rude and when she left, he called her a “COOZE” which gave himself and another person a laugh. I felt very uncomfortable. I will not return EVER!

  3. On 9/7/2013 we stopped and filled up at the BP Uni-Mart station at 890 Canfield Niles RD in Youngstown OH. While my daughter filled the tank, I took my 33 month old grandson inside to use the restroom – only to find out there were no restrooms available – they were closed and being repaired. Try telling that to a recently potty trained toddler. I can understand the need to repair the restrooms but I can’t understand why some Port-a-Potties weren’t provided. People need and expect to use restroom facility when they stop for gas. The owner has a responsibility to provide that convenience for customers. Once you start to fill your tank and then find out about the lack of restrooms, it’s too late to go to another station. I suspect that was the owners plan.

  4. On Friday the 26 between 7am and 11am I didn’t get his name but u have a very rude and unprofesional employee he was a foreigner, short and spikey black hair with blonde tips and he might have been standing on a step ladder. He made fun of her race and got fresh and my daughter is only 12 years old. The police told me to just contact the big boss over him.

  5. This evening we went to the BP service station off highway 501 in Myrtle Beach SC. We had a coupon for .30 off a gallon from KMart. We had gone into to use the coupon and the cashier had us enter the code number into the touch pad, once that was done he has asked my girlfriend to swipe her credit card, which she did..3 times!!! The cashier took the coupon from us and off we went to pump gas, as I was pumping the gas I had noticed the the price on the pump was still reading $3.44 per gallon, what should have been on the pump $3.14 per gallon. I stopped pumping the gas and went inside to tell the cashier that the price was not correct and it is still reading $3.44. His comment to me was he didnt know and the price will correct itself(Not true)I asked if there was a manager on the premises ansd his answer was no!!! I asked when the manager would be in? he told me in a month! I asked him if there was anybody I could talk to to resolve the problem and he told me him..At this time I asked him who was the owner of this service station and he stated he had no clue..At this time I asked him his name and he gave me his first name and stated thats all he is going to give me. I told him I was going to get this matter resolved and at that time he started calling me a”Jackass”, I asked him what he said and he repeated this several times. I walked out of this station and continued pumping gas at $3.44 a gallon in stead of the price of $3.14 per gallon.

    I guess I should have known that this was going to be trouble because when we first went in the pay with the coupon and the credit card this cashier had an attitude from the very beginning. He was very rude and very out spoken. I am hoping to hear from someone from BP because I am not going to let this matter rest. I am a paying customer and have been going to the same BP service station for years. This is the first time that I have been treated so poorly. I will not let this rest. I am done with this BP service station and hope someone from BP does something about this individual.

    I hope anyone that has had a similiar experience will notify BP about this place.

  6. I went to k Mart, in reidsville nc got a reciept with a 20 cent discount on gas @ the B P to find out they don’t have the program to handle the discount. What the world. That was 20 cents per gallon up to 20 gallons. You would think that would be checked out be fore handed out. I must say the young lady at B P was very apologetic, I realize it was’nt her, it was B P. My company and my name is very important to me. I’ed think you would like to protect yous.


  7. I went to a BP store #8 in Virginia. The employees were very rude and so was the manager.

    On March 16,2013. We were traveling from Charlotte N.C. And stopped at a BP in Virginia for gas. While my husband pumped a $100.00 worth off gas ,I got out to get a cup of coffee.

    There were two clerks inside and I didn’t see any coffee so I asked where the coffee was, they acted so ignorant.

    When I turned around they were laughing at me and I could tell they were talking about me, for what just asking where the coffee was , maybe because there was none made .

    Then I realized another lady standing there I assumed she was the manager.Well she doesn’t deserve to hold a position like that .

    All three of them do not set a very good example for your company.

    My husband had just pumped a $100.00 dollars of gas in his truck.We will NEVER go to a BP again.There are a lot of gas stations out there that don’t have lazy,ignorant,employees and managers.Come on BP are you that hard up for low life people to work for you.

    Everyone stay away from BP

    Employees are rude.

    Seriously someone in a higher position should look into there customer service , oh there is NONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Store # 8 in Virginia

  8. I went to a local BP in Westlake Ohio on the corner of Detroit and Bradley, site number 11900443. After pumping my gas I asked for my reciept. NOthing happened, after pressing it again, stsill nothing. Being handicapped, I pressed the help button, and waited, and waited, and waited. Nothing. The station was icy, so I drove to the handicapped spot and went in. I explained, the problem with no reciepts and then asked whats wrong with the help button. They said the help buttons on all pumps does not work just like the printers. They are hoping it to turnaround once new ownership comes in in February, but this is December! The managers name is John, and when I asked for a number, they the employess older and him just look at each other, and they comment there is no number… but he goes into office and comes back with a 888-274-3578 number…this number is for their business with down registers etc. I was told by my mechanic its a federallaw that all pumps have to have help button for spills etc. encase of an emergency not counting for handicapped.

  9. Park falls Wisconsin Bp station has the rudest employees working. They sit there without even acknowledging I am a customer

    There’s a particular employee, blonde hair, short, mid aged, I believe her name badge reads Karen, she has no people skills, for example,

    Thanksgiving this year I was in your station and she was screaming across the store to what it seemed like some McDonald’s employee, she

    Said something along the lines of calling her boss because their music was too loud. At that time they were closed for business and as a customer

    I didn’t hear the music loud enough or at all means was it offensive. I took more offense to her screaming at the building partners. I will no longer take my business to that location.

    Thank you for your time.

  10. For the last two weeks, I insert my card at the pump. After entering my area code, the question is do I want the reduction in gas price per gallon. My answer is yes. The first week it was $.25/gallon, the second week It was $.45/ gallon. The next event is that the pump restarts from the beginning and asks for the card again. When the card is inserted and area code entered, the pump says no rewards are available. I talked to the Circle K store attendent and she says this a B.P. problem. I talk to Chase card services and they refer me to B.P. customer service. When I finally reached a live customer service rep., she could hardly wait to hear my problem before telling me that B.P. doesn’t own the pump and just provides the gasoline and that this was the pump owner’s problem. I would expect that since the rewards program is a B.P. program and that independent of whose problem it is, that B.P. would want to get to the bottom of it and get it resolved since it is a problem with your customer and with your rewards program. I was expecting to be asked details such as location, etc. instead I was brushed off. How would B.P. expect me to determine how to contact the owner if in fact this is his problem? Why is B.P. not interested in how its rewards program is working?

  11. The BP station on highway 34, newberry s.c. has employess there workin behind the counter possibly making drug deals.The employees do not have to drug screen and i wanna know why. In have been living in this area for several year, and now nwith the new employees there it seems as though some type of extra activity is takin place behind the store and in the bathrooms of the store. There is one employee who is rude to most of the customers, he go by the name of Brandon. He has been rude to so many customer. People are talkin about how bad this store is managed. the manager Gill is never there and it seems as though the store needs new management!!!!! Pls check into this because this community has gon though a lot over the past few years. I was at the store on one instance where this Brandon guy called a customer a ”crap” in front of everyone in the store. i thought he would get fired for this but to my suprise he is still workin at the store calling customers really bad names!!! we do not need this in our area of town!! we had an racaial issue in the area where a black person was drugged behind a vehicle, and for him to make these kinda statement it is either gonna cause confusion in newberry, sc or someone will do something that’s not morally correct. PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS BP STATION BEFORE THIS EMPLOYEE CAUSE TROUBLE FOR YOUR COMPANY!!! AND IM SERIOUS bp STATION. I havent been back to your storee since that Brandon guy came back to the store!!! get ride of the racial calling employee!

  12. I wanted to report the BP station on Airport Road Dalton, Ga. Every since they have gotten into trouble for selling to undercover they are making shopping there awful. They card us daily even if we are in there daily. One day they will except Ga. stated I.D. and then say there manager stated only a drivers license. They won’t are hateful and give customers hard time. Our family and several other families are not going across the street for our business. We have lived here almost 13 years and this has been the worse. I thought the owners would like to know. I use to manage convenient stores and they had a list of ID’s we could except does this store have a list if not maybe they need retraining as to what is legal and what is not.

  13. I went to the BP gas station on 32 Street and 107th Avenue Miami, Florida this morning and was robbed of $20.00 worth of gasoline. My son went inside and paid cash for some sodas and gas. He came out gave me the sodas and we left forgetting to put the gas. We turned right around. Only 6 minutes had passed. When we arrived at the gas station there was a man at the pump where we had paid. My son went inside to tell the attendant what had happened. He said there was nothing he could do about it because the man at the pump had put the gas into his car. I went inside after my son and spoke to the attendant. The attendant called the manager who was rude and said that I had been irresponsible for leaving without putting the gas. He didn’t even check to see if the man who put his gas after me had taken my gas. He didn’t look at the receipt to see that I had only been there 6 minutes ago. I told him that taking someone’s money without giving them the goods they had pay for was stealing and again he said that it was my fault for leaving. What if I had had to change pumps because my tank was on the wrong side? BP must have a way of knowing if the customer has pumped the gas or not.

    I am irrate. I was a regular customer of BP. I used to go to that BP every morning the attendent always talks with my son and he knows exactly who we are. I can’t believe that such a large company would argue and insult a regular customer over $20. Alex Palacios

  14. I want a answer to this, I won a weeks worth of gas I have the card and station I bought it at I did everything on line I should have and I never recieve my gas card and the station can’t help me cause they don’t know…IS THIS A SCAM?

    I want to call the media on the station and maybe someone will wake up..

    You have my e mail now let’s see if this can resolve in civil manner

  15. I went to bp gas station in new bedford mass on rockdale avenue and asked for 10 dollars full servicehe pumped 13 and then got all mad at me when I didn’t have the 3 extra dollars to givehim and told me to never come back up until now I would go to that gas station everyday but not anymore I have seriously considered calling my lawyer because he reuses me service because of a mistake he. Made

  16. After parking at pump, seeing price of gas Lady manager at bp on 32 and Park Road,Anderson changed the price of gas. after returning to pump and car noticing it was higher than it was when I went in to pay the cashier,I saw the pole used to reach the tall adverticement price board so I told her this change was unfair .She commented “We have to do it sometime” I have been trying to do it all day.” A customer should be able to pay the price that was on the pump when intially parked at the pump . This act was rude and unfair. Please address this matter. I was charged more than I should because an employee disregarded me as a customer. very disrespected.

  17. i was at hte b p on 60th and kalamazoo in gaines township tonight an as i went to buy my daily redbull at 3.99 and clearly posted right on the tag he then tells me its 459 even tho i got one earlier today and i brought him the tag that stated the price…. then in a smart remark says well it doesnt say that there anymore now does it….. and told me my problem….. such a crapty worker and a crapty person to have working for you…. these people are your customers that support you everyday and your co workers are treating your money like that? terrible service tonight…. and i can say 100% i will never go back to b p again so one persons smart crapy remarks just stopped our family business from filling up 3 trucks every other day and many home purchases tonight i lost all respect…! i will file a complaint with g m there tomorrow but untill then i wanted people to see what i got the pleasure of dealing with…. last i knew if something was posted at a price you pay that price i dont care what you craped up or someone else has….. it not my fault it is yours….. not sure what type of false advertisement this is but never the less bull crap

  18. I, unfortunately, stopped at the BP station located at 2755 NW 119th St, Miami, 33167. My tank normally fills with 15 gal but I noticed the gast kept pumping. I decided to keep filling the tank until the handle stops indicating tank is full. Next thing I know, gas is pouring down the side of my car, pants, and shoes. I notified the attendant but she looked at me and said she knew; pumps 7 and 1 are damaged. She then had the nerve to tell me that everyone knew that the pump is damaged; I asked the gentleman standing in line if he knew that the pumps are damanged and he said, “No.” I advised attendant, to at least place a note on the pumps notifying customers. The attendant actually had the nerve to repeat, “everybody knows the pumps are damaged but you are new to this station.” Why didn’t she come out and advise me, if she knew? How lazy can you be? I tried to explain that, like myself, other customers who have never been to that station may have to stop in for gas, and will not know of their damaged pumps. The attendant just looked at me with a blank stare; she did not care, even when I told her it is a fire hazard. I had to ask her if she was OK. I will NEVER return to this station and if possible avoid BP stations. From the comments posted, prior to mine, it seems INCOMPETENCE is one of the main hiring requirements at BP.

  19. This is about the Bp station in fort campbell on the left right before cross into Tenn. I will NEVER STOP AGAIN, besides the guy working or should I say standing there on the cell phone and he looked like he just came out of the gutter, very nasty! He would not get off the phone to help me, I walked back into the store 10 times and thats no lie, before he told me to go to another pump I was getting gas or trying to and I swear it was the worst service Ive ever had. come on Bp you make so much money from everyone cant you get good help? That nasty looking, filthy ass man should be fired! Stay away from Bp stations!!!!

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