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  1. IO have been using bresnan comuni. for over 12 years and it is the best thing ever! I love it I would never switch to anything else! THANK YOU BRESNAN!!!

  2. I started with Bresnan for 3way package for $99.00 by calling in I could get a rate like that for several years. Last year you sent me a note that my $120 was too low and that you had to raise my package. By the time Optimum took over, I was over $180 per month. Yet you still advertised that new customers could get a rate for under $100.00.

    Im tired of the game of having to call in to get a better rate and giving first time customers a better rate than your loyal customers. Now that I’m done with you, your company can continue to rape your current customers by charging double and I won’t care. You’ve lost several customers in my area. Now that we’re not paying, I guess you can get your profits by getting more customers instead of retaining the customers you had.

  3. Come on guys, i down graded service,and second month in a row you have fraudulently taken the old rate out of my account! The requested credit has not yet put back into my account from last month and then you compound the situation by taking the wrong amount again! The direct tv and dish networks are beginning to look very attractive! Not a way to hold on to long time cable customers! Hope I get the exit interview when I get done holding forever here!

  4. I have to agree Optimum is horrible, The internet is way worse then Bresnan and the Cable service is beyond terrible! It always freezes or goes to a white screen. I think Optimum is spending more money on there commercials then the service to there customers. When the switch was first advertised it claim how much better there company was. WELL ITS NOT!!! It seems like it gets worse everyday! I am very disappointed there was so much hype how Optimum was so much better and when they finally took over what a nightmare! With all the issues they have this company sure takes your payment every month. We all need to write Comcast and let them know how much money they could make here. There isn’t one person I have talked with that doesn’t have a complaint. Sunday out of nowhere I was watching a movie and it switched to the guide channel and I had to reboot everything. So sad.

  5. Bresnan/Optimum is terrible. The rates go up every couple of months and the service goes down every day!

    Attempted to watch a new release via ‘On-Demand’ HAH! The movie froze up 3 times and each time we had to completely restart the movie from the beginning and fast forward to where it froze. Finally called Bresnan and after several minutes on hold listening to there self promotions got a representative who wasn’t authorized to do much of anything. Certainly not willing to credit my account. Her first suggestion was to re-order the movie all over again (so now I would have 2 charges). She then “re-booted” my cable box which left me without any service at all: NO CABLE, NO GUIDE, NO ON DEMAND…NOTHING!! For this I am paying $$$ every month. Not anymore~going to NetFlix!

  6. My internet sucks now.. I try and call to get help but all i get is a stupid xxx computer to talk too. I thought that was their job to come and service our problems, not customers do it for them and they still get paid. Lower the cost of the service if that is the way it is going to be.

  7. For weeks we have been getting terrible cable reception. I called, waited for someone to show up (he was late) and the problem is worse than ever. The repairman told us that since Optimum took over their circuits are overloaded. I decided this morning that enough is enough and picked up the phone to call and complain some more but, of course, now our phone isn’t working either. I am going to ask for a full refuund for the past 2 months.

  8. All I want to do tonight is report the total failure of my cable t.v. service. After 45 minutes on hold I can’t stay up any longer. So I hereby report it. Take care of it when you all have a chance. After 45 minutes of elevator music I’m pouring a scotch and going to bed.

  9. Ever since Bresnan switched to Optimum I have had the worst service, more problems and an overwhelming stressful experience. I have had and paid for high speed internet. Optimum took over and my speed went down to less than dial up. After several calls and complaints I was told that it would be fixed and assured that my account would be credited for the service that I did not receive. What I did receive was threats about my service being interrupted, bills and having to waste my time waiting on the phone for people who said they could not help me. I was assured that my account would be credited two months ago. I explained that I would not pay the bill until my account was credited because it is nothing short of fraud to make me pay for service that you are aware that I did not receive. I was even told at one point that if I had someone come to my house to fix the problem I would have to pay extra for that. How crazy to expect me to pay someone to give me the service that I have already paid for and not yet received. My account is full of notes that I have been trying to get this resolved for two months and yet you still threaten to shut off my internet! Then you have the nerve to shut it off and tell me that someone will call me to try and fix it! When I pointed out that it would be impossible to fix without having the service you restored it only to not fix the problem and tell me again that you would disconnect it. I find it totally unacceptable that you take two months to credit my account but yet find the time to bill me repeatedly. So now I have to file a complaint with the FCC because Optimum’s idea of customer service is to offer no service but bill you and waste hours of your time. My suggestion to you is to get your notes in order because you are not the only one who takes notes. I have names, dates, hours of time logged on hold and I am one unhappy customer. Instead of spending so much money on commercials to promote the “new” services of Optimum you should just give people the contact information for the FCC so we can contact someone who will actually listen to our complaints.

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