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  1. Yes, I too had Bridgestone fail to honor the rebate card.

    They sent me an email telling thanking for submitting the rebate and told me to wait up to 10 weeks for the rebate card.

    Since I hadn’t received anything I contacted them to find out what is going on.

    They told me they never received anything. Now they can’t help me because it is too late.

    How many others are they scamming this way?

  2. After 4 months of road service I had a tire blow out. The blow out was severe (i.e. both inner and outer sidewalls allowed the entire tread to spin off of the rim; leaving only a frayed 2 1/2″ attached to the bead). I am anticipating a reimbursement for the replacement of the new tire same tire (245/45R17 Snow Blizzak). I did not purchase the road hazard coverage, but this failure had nothing to do with road hazard.

    I work for a trailer manufacturer (we use approximately 100,000 tires of 22.5 size anually and Bridgestone is our standard) I have been satisfied with the customer service in this arena and would anticipate no less for my personal relationship. Please contact me with your view point and your plan for resolution. Gary

  3. I purchased 4 Bridgestone Dueller H/L Tires recently and one tire kept losing air within 2 weeks of purchase. I was driving from NY to Virginia and stopped to have tire assessed by a Tire Store and they showed me the tire had a pin whole (where the tire was leaking air) in it on the side-wall and they could not plug the tire, as it would be a safety issue. I had to purchase another new tire to get home to Florida where I live and where I purchased the tire to bring it back to the Tires Plus store. My issue is how can a brand new tire have that problem and why was I sold a defective tire that was so costly? Tried to speak to customer service at Bridgestone 1-615-937-1000, but was told to leave a message. No one at Customer Service would speak to me about what Warranty I had on a 2 week old tire. I now will go back to the Tires Plus store and see if they or Bridgestone will resolve this problem. Spenf almost $800 for the 4 tires and am very disappointed with the product I was to,d was the best tire for my 2008 Cadillac SRX. Is Bridgestone making inferior products?

  4. Purchased a brand new Toyota Camry in 2011. When the vehicle reached 20,000 miles, I was told by the Toyota service department that my original Bridgestone Turanza EL 400 tires are already worn and need replacement. My wife mainly uses the vehicle to and from work and a few errands. These tires are total junk. After reading this web page I can see that someone needs to contact the better business bureau and let them know of Toyota’s misleading tire practices as well as Bridgestones. Most people who purchase a Toyota Camry are responsible families who believe in the quality of Toyota vehicles. This includes their tires. I am totally aggravated with what has been happening to loyal Toyota buyers who have depended on their Toyota vehicles and the choices Toyota has made. Obviously, by Toyota purchasing Bridgestone tires, they are not concerned with their loyal customers. Bridgestone Tires who originated in Japan and used an American surname as a disguise, have become known for their poor quality tire. Somebody needs to make them accountable. Even the Service departments in the dealership say they are junk tires and totally do not recommend them.!!!!!!!!

  5. ive been buying bridgestones tires for 15 years now,my muscle cars ,motorcycles,and my reg. vehichels. ive got 50.000 mileson my Harley. I went to bridgestone when my factor tire Dunlop wore out. the tire I got this time didn’t last but 28 hundred miles with the right amount of air[always ran 35 psi]I get 8000 miles on bridgesone tires, this one is a defect[the cords are showing in the center of the tire[have videos and photos]what can be done to make it right.i would like to keep my business with u all, I got cheated on this tire.thank u for ur time my cell and shop number 804-212-9940

  6. New Honda CRV with Bridgestone Dueller HT tires. Had tires rotated at 5, and 10 miles. At 13,000 the tire have worn evenly on all four tires and are down to the wear bar, and the tires are gone! I went to the Honda dealer and they told me that all new car manufacturers are putting these soft rubber tires on their new vehicles so that the new car drives extra smooth during a test drive, but the customer only gets about 10,000 miles on the tires. Dealer pointed out in the Bridgestone Warranty booklet page 30 that their is NO mileage or tread wear warranty on these tires when the tires came on a new vehicle. When you purchase these tires as replacement tires Bridgestone provides a tread ware warranty. I think this stinks. Funny I do not recall the Honda sales person telling me I would have to be spending $800.00 on new tires a year later? Shame on Honda for buying Bridgestone tires and allowing them to get away with such a trick. Honda should be telling Bridgestone we will buy your tires but your going to give our customers a warranty with them. Shame on Bridgestone for making such a worthless tire. Get this these tires purchased after market are only $15.00 less than a Michelin tire with 90,000 warranty. This clearly is a way for Bridgestone and or Honda to sell more tires. Well NEVER I replaced with Michelin from a tire store.

  7. Purchased 2010 Camry with 12500 mi in Feb. Went in for oil change and tire rotation at 19867 mi. Was told tires were shot. 4/32 on front and 3/32 on rear. Tires were at 85% when I bought the car. All miles are highway since I am in sales. Called Marc Motors in Plover,Wi where I purchased the car and was told “too bad, nothing we can do”. Service person said I should feel lucky since he had a Toyota van and had to pay $750 ea to replace his tires in the 25k mi range. Seems that Toyota puts on crap tires to keep initial costs down and then allows the customer to pay for good tires themselves. That’s not how you stay competitive. That’s not how you practice customer service. They could at least have been sympathetic……….

    Customer Service is not being cut off twice and put on hold to be put on hold by Bridgestone. I don’t have any more time or treasure to waste on Bridgestone.

  8. I would like to add to the comment about the rebate.. I too think this is a complete scan. I purchased 4 new tires just for a rebate of a Wii or $70. I submitted my completed form and receipt on time and waited and waited and waited….checked their website…nothing. I e-mailed since there is no number and they said they never received my forms…I resent..same thing…resent a 3rd time, they got the form and no receipt. I sent a 4th time and copied my receipt 10 times for them. this time I did not qualify since the purchase was at Costco. no mention of this on the form. I paid the same price as at Firestone. that’s it. screw you. I will never buy tires from them again!. what a scam

  9. I bought a new 2007 Toyota Camry SE five years ago; it came equipped with low profile Bridgestone (Firetone)tires (standard). The tires turned white within 6 months (pigment disappeared). Toyota absolved themselves of any blame. Bridgestone did nothing (YET) over 5 years of ownership with this vehicle.

  10. I bought 4 Brigestone tires Dueler H/t 684 II at Costco, Charlotte, NC with the free tire rotation. Faithfully had each rotation every 8,000 miles as required. Took my car back today for regular rotation and the dealer would not rotate. Said I needed new tires, didn’t have my tires rotated as I should. I have paperwork to prove what I say. Have a total of 24,000 miles on these tires which I was told should get 35-40000 miles. Asked what could be done to help and was told NOTHING. 75 year old on fixed income, hard to buy new tires every 24000 miles.

  11. Bought a new Toyota Camry, Bridgestone, Turanza tires. Developed a very loud road noise. took it back to the dealer, was told tires are junk and there is no warranty. Called Toyota, again sorry we know we have a tire problem but do not cover tires on warranty, try calling Bridgestone. Kind of thought that since Toyota knew they had a tire problem they might do something about it, guess not. they buy cheep junk put it on there cars and let the consumer deal with it.

  12. Another one. My Bridgestone Insignia SE200 (4 of which I just bought 6 weeks ago) blew out after bumping against a curb. I didn’t bump the curb that hard, but even if I did, it shouldn’t have blown. The rubber around the rim looks quite thin. Not a well-made tire.


  14. rebates are conviently lost so that they do not have to honor them. They have a disclosure that they are not responsible for lost mail and even if they did finally get it through the mail it would be too late. The rebates are suppose to be an added incentive to purchase bridgestone tires.

  15. WOW! So many unsatisfied customers with Bridgestone Tires. Lets add one more, myself.I have a Honda CRV-2007. Replaced all 4 tires 3/16/10, Bridgestone Dueler H/T 470,60K mile warrant, 5yrs.The mileage on the odometer was 32,210 at the time of replacement.

    Today 6/25/12 and reading 62,725, with 3/32-4/32″ left on tires I’m told the tread wear is not covered under the wty.What happened to the 60K/5yr. Also the tires were rotatded every 2nd oil change, which is approx. every year. NEVER had tires last only 30K when there was a 60K wty.We are talking about 1/2 the life of the wty. Needless to say Bridgestone will NEVER be on my cars again.

  16. Well, you can add our complaints to the list. We purchased a 2011 Toyota Camry at Atlantic Toyota, Amityville, Ny in July 2010. We have 13,000 miles on the car and was informed at our last service date(for oil change and tire rotation) that we needed new tires. When questioned, the technican said it is how you drive the car! I know that I am not getting help from Toyota, and since reading this list of comments I am not hopeful that Bridgestone will help me (I really dont want another set of Bridgestone tires) We will probably just go out and purchase them. However, something should be done to correct this fraud that the auto dealers and Bridgestone are doing to the consumers. Does anyone know of where we and others should voice our complaints, so that this practice can be exposed and consumers can have some protection and recall in this situation?

  17. I bought a new Hyundai Sante Fe with Bridgestone tires on it. My odometer just turned 22,000 miles and the Hyundai service department tells me that I only have about a year left on my front tires (they are supposed to last 50,000 – 60,000 miles).

    I can’t event get the contact us link to work on the Bridgestone website.

    Will be calling them at the number provided on this site.

    VERY POOR product satisfaction and very expensive experience with these tires

  18. Good day–question for you. I bought Bridgestone Tires from Garrett Tire Company of Kearney, Nebraska in December 2010. I had 101,000 miles on my van. I now have 161,000 miles. They are Bridgestone oB6V B22 4311 tires. What is the warranty on them–how many miles.?

  19. feb 2012 Franklin TN Toyota 2008 Avalon had tires replaced after only 27K miles. Purchased Mar 2010 Turanza Bridgestone tires 50Kmi warranty BUT with 26K miles are now said to be “gone and in need of replacement”. Claims in spite of rotation, balance and alignment Avalon is “hard on tires” I feel I am being riped off bec I am a woman!

  20. I have a2011 toyota sienna van with 235-55-18 run flat tires. At 14,000 miles the tires are worn out. Replacement tires are$1200 i am extremely disappointed in this product and would like to see some action taken. The tires have been rotated every 5000 miles at Toyota, there is no excuse for these tires to wear out so fast. I have a family consisting of 6 people and can not afford to buy $1200 tires every 8 months!

  21. I have emailed this company 6 times. Never a reply. I found their commercial pertaining to going commando, disgusting, vulgar, Inappropriate,and certainly not within good taste.. I asked how using this term and having a young child ask what’s commando, have to do with selling tires.? I don’t ever expect to hear from them. Any company that would approve this commercial , totally lacks integrity, and the lack thereof speaks to lack of integrity. In their products. I will never buy from this company again. I doubt the webmaster will approve this, why doesn’t he send it to the CEO.

  22. I entered the conquer the cold contest which involved picking the correct temp. at the drop of the puck at the New Years day winter classic in Washington D.C. To get an entry form I bought the Bridgestone blizzak WS 80 tires that were involved in the contest. I sent in the proper paper work with the correct temp. guess on time and never heard anything from Bridgestone. Months later a list was posted and my name was not on it. Just like previous post thank you Bridgestone for scamming me also.

    Never buy from them again

  23. I entered the conquer the cold contest which involved picking the correct temp. at the drop of the puck at the New Years day winter classic in Washington D.C. To get an entry form I bought the Bridgestone blizzak WS 80 tires that were involved in the contest. I sent in the proper paper work with the correct temp. guess on time and never heard anything from Bridgestone. Months later a list was posted and my name was not on it. Just like previous post thank you Bridgestone for scamming me also.

    Never buy from them again

  24. Have a 2009 Diesel Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LT. The tires are Bridgestone factory E rated tires inflated to 80 lbs and when I tow my RV in warm weather the Silverado dash warns me that I should check the tire pressures as they exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit. I am not able to start cold with 80 degrees without the dash alarm going off after being on the road an hour. I need to find out if the tires are built to exceed 85 lbs under load and if so what is the maximum safe pressure I can maintain while hauling the RV (5 tons).

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