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  1. every call gets routed to India. they are unhelpful and will not do anything but say I’m sorry. this company in the Enron of britain.

  2. Worst airline. Rude customer service and severe flight delays. They don’t even care if. The delay causes major issues, esp for the elderly. The delay was 18 hrs

  3. Niece , husband and three children arrived from Scotland to Los Angeles. Luggage did not. British air won’t or can’t give them a time for their luggage arrival. It has been 24 hours. They left Scotland – cold weather and arrived to 88 degree weather. They need their clothes. British airlines can do much better than this. They are losing precious vacation time because they need to be in the house for the arrival of the luggage.

  4. Hi,

    My name is SOLDE Romane, I was on the BA flight 297 from London to Chicago on the11/07, My luggage was not on board. I was promised by BA Staff at O’Hare that FEDEX would deliver it but haven’t had any news yet.Can you please let me know about this bag.


    Miss R Solde

  5. Hi, I have my return ticket to Chennai from USA via London.My visa has been expired but I have a valid extension approval. Is there any problem travelling via London to India without valid visa(but with extension approval)?

  6. On March 9th 2017, I am traveling BA from London to Africa- Kenya for a Medical Mission. Traveling with me are 7 other people. On arrival to Nairobi our distnation, I found out that one of my language is missing. BA desk informed me that acccording to their system the langauge is in London, meaning it was not placed in my flight charge. The guy at the counter informed me that the same should be delieved to me the folllowing day which was a Sunday, March 11. That was okay with me since we are not leaving Nairobi city till Monday April 12 for out Medical site.

    Come Sunday the language had not arrived, I called BA our to be told that the language is not anywhere t be seen in the system. Frustrated, I left Nairobi without the Medical supplies that my group and I needed so badly. To cut the long story short, the llanguage was delievered, 2 weeks latter after the Medical camp was completed.

    BA deined the sick their rights of getting free treatment, they lied to me, frustrated me, made me spend more on supplies and medication that I had to buy….

    BA shoud be more involved and accountable of items entrusted to them during travel.

    I am laucnhing a claim, but I am afriad that this may take years… more time, many and more emotional stress.

  7. my wife and infant (age one and half yr) are travelling to newcastle via london from banaglore.i want know what is checkin baggage allowance for both and also hand carry bagggage allowance.

  8. Hi,

    I have my return ticket to Bangalore from USA via London. I have applied for my VISA extension here and it is pending. So I don’t have valide US VISA. Is there any problem travelling via London to my native country?



  9. I was bounced from my seat because BA overbooked. I got separated from my child, and they offered almost no apology or compensation. They clearly do not want to either discuss problems or provide refunds. I need to use BA from time to time, but I would not recommend the airline to anyone.

  10. I accidently made an electronic payment to BA`s bank account using an old expired ticket ref no in stead of the ref no of my BA credit card ( Barclays Bank and Absa in South Africa) I have send various Emails to BA but so far no luck to arrange a refund.

  11. I have been trying to contact customer service of British Airways fromlast 2 days, but could not get some one to speak. I am very much disappointed.

  12. I made a complaint and have not received acknowledgement . My disappointment

    With BA is immense. I thought this was a world class operation……..Aparently


    Alice Elmore

  13. In June 2014I had to cancel my flight and subsequent tour due to a medical emergency concerning my daughter, who wad in critical condition. I had travel insurance and there was no problem with getting reimbursement for the tour after submitting medical dostuffentation, etc. British Airways presented multiple problems, which are still ongoing. They said there policy was not to cancel flights, but to postpone them only. I had to come up with a date to travel within the year from date of purchase, which was Oct. 2013. I kept telling them I would not be traveling, and they kept insisting on a date, so I told them to come up with a date as I knew I would not be traveling anywhere. They set up a date in Oct. 2014, which of course I did not use. They have not responded to multiple emails, an online form I filled out from their website, and have not cooperated in any way with my insurance co. The insurance company needs a statement from them stating I did not use the ticket and as of this writing they have refused, which prevents me from getting reimbursed for my ticket. Customer service is nonexistent, and I will never use this airline again, and will inform as many others as I can regarding their poor service and unbelievable rules and regulations.

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