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  2. i purchased a brother laser dcp 7065 printer from kwality enterprises,amritsar on 11th april,2013 only 2000 copies done but i am facting problem with machine though your dealer is attending me regularly but i am not satisfied with machine return my money and take yor machine.

  3. I have my second Brother Fax machine and I couldn’t be happier. I have had the

    best customer service. I have moved and had to reset the phone #. The operator

    very patiently guides me through it. I have had my present machine for about

    three years.

  4. Our Brother Printer failed in less than a year. Had to overcome language barrier of Phiilpean not understanding english pronuncian of some words and go through a procedure that make you feel like your in grade school then wait a week for a replacement printer.

    Our business is now out about the price of the printer by needing to go out for printing for the next week plus the cost of disposing of the bad printer plus an ink cartridge we pitched in trying to get it to work. The wouldn’t give us the phone number of the U.S. office in TN to try to get a solution that allowed us to buy a replacement from a retailer today.

    On top of that their ink costs more than any other brand. Thinking about buying a new HP and selling the new Brother replacement printer on eBay…

  5. I purchased a new Brother Printer Model ink-jet DCP – J715W and find every time I try to scan and send to email I get an error message please restart your computer, then try again followed by numbers (CC3 – 003 – 00031 cOe)Can you please explain what the problem is!

  6. Your customer service STINKS. You sent me the wrong ink cartridges and while you sent a routing number to have them returned, you would not just replace the order with the correct cartridges which is a waste of my time. I have to return one package and get credit and reorder for correct ones. Sorry, my time is more valuable. This could have been handled easily with a trasfer. I am very disappointed and will go get another printer and get my cartridges local. HP will have a great printer or else Kodak. Thanks for you concern. Sincerely, Rev. George E. Jarrell, MDiv, BCC

  7. I recently bought a MFC-L8600 color laser printer. On Oct. 19th I had some questions about the installation for the Windows 10 driver. After about an hour wait I got a girl in Dominican Republic guide me thru the installation process. All of a sudden, almost at the end of the installation she told me to wait a few minutes. I waited about 35 minutes and she never returned to the phone. I had to call back. I started the whole process again, another 40 minutes gone. All in all almost three hours. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT SERVICE!!

  8. Am beyond frustrated. Tech support/service does not meet standards of Apple or HP…not even. There are multiple phone numbers to contact and they ALL refer to a foreign country to service centers where the “techs” speak a form of English that creates huge barriers in understanding AND the background noise in these centers makes it all the more difficult to communicate. On yet another call yesterday, “Peter” took my information and promised to call back in 5-10 minutes with an answer. Like that never happened. Will never buy another Brother product again.

  9. my printer ic ok,but this printer did not received 180gsm photo paper&150gsm photo paper.print quality is not satisfied me.i did not no what ic customar care care please help me.

  10. I have had several problems with my brother all- in – one shortly after purchasing it. It always seemed to need cleaning even after only using it to print up 4 sheets of paper. The cleaning uses up all the ink which forces you to

    buy more ink cartridges, which are expensive. The process continues . I’m always having other problems as well.

    To me it was a waste of money buying this all in one from Brother. As commented on other posts, you can barely

    understand them to fix the problem. Not worth the price.


  11. They left me on hold for over a half hour and still had no solution to my printer. Never buy Brothers

    Save your time and money

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