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  1. been tryin to get bt customer to speak to a person tried 0 but not workin then i get cut off after a while i need to talk to sort out my infinity i was told it wouldnt cost me more than £5 to have it but my bill has now jumped from 32 to 52 im a pensioner and cannot afford this amount i want it taken off and go bck to ordinary broad band but im gettin no joy

  2. Interesting comments Mr Techico. You signed a contract for 3 GB and then refused to pay when you exceeed this. If you clear your account as contracted it would be excellent news rather than avoiding your obligations.

  3. ood Day, I attended WTM Excel London, Last November 7-10, 2011, I would like to seek for assistance a scam that i have encountered there, attached here are some dostuffents that i signed and also written by their staff proving that the package that i avail is for unlimited package. for 10 days.

    Upon our arrival, i was offered by the staff in the FONE RENT LTD at the center lobby of the said exhibit, i was asked to get the package to rent the unit along with the sim card, but i prefer getting the sim only because i already have the device, then i ask if they have the unlimited since i will be staying there for 10 days, which they offered me the package of the 65pounds unlimited up to the 18th of november. First they ask me to pay cash of 165GB , 100 is for the deposit if i have occurred other phone calls, which that time i haven’t change for GB bills yet and i ask if they would allow credit card which they said it is ok, after swipping the card, they did not issue to me any Official receipt but only email which is not in a format form and anyone can simply do it. just a piece of paper printed on what i availed. They ask me to call a certain no. if i encounter problem, which in that time i am encountering some problem, i couldn’t log into yahoo messenger thru that, then i tried calling the customer service that is written at the back of the package sim card that i bought. to my surprise, i was not permitted to transact with them since i am not authorize, so i email MR. David Gill, i believe that he was the owner of the FONR RENT LTD. Company.

    After few days, since i was using a device, i wouldn’t notice if there was a text message or not, then on the 15th of november i saw an inbox blinking in the device, when i open it, there was a message asking me to give them a call which i oblige, when i call them they said that i have a running balance of 263GB, which i was very surprise. how come 263, they told me its unlimited, they even ask me if i am the employee of Fone Rent which i say no, then they told me that i am not authorized to use the sim since i am not an employee. After that, my sim card was blocked. and i don’t know why. after that i started communicating with Mr. David Gill, which he tells me the different story of his side that they never tell me it is unlimited. and send me a billing statement that i have to pay more than 3k pound which my friend from london told me that it is impossible to have that figure for a span of 10 days. because you have law that protects the consumer and the retailers there.

    i hope someone can help me with this case or someone from BT can take action with this. thank you for sparing some time reading my letter,

  4. I have a problem with my land line which has now been out of order since 27/01/12, which incidentally was supposed to have been fixed on 28/01/12 according to the engineer that contacted me on my number.Today when trying to contact my mother who is 97 years old i was not able to get a dialing tone.I then reported via the broad band line Internet). The standard reply from Bt is that its my own equipment, so I then went thru the Test process they outined to get the same loud buzz on my line and no dial tone as originally reported.I then contacted BT through their support line on my landline and then on my mobile.The outcome was the same,stating that I should contact my service provider direct as I am not a BT customer. As a returning Bt customer my line newly intalled just prior to Christmas 2011 and the type of incident is now the 3rd or 4th it has happened.If i am not a BT customer can you pls return £170 you have taken from my bank account or fix the problem which is definitely a BT probmen.(confirmed by a neighbour who used to be a BT engineer). I eagerly await BT response.

  5. Thank you very much for this advice. The person I spoke to was very helpful. I will pass this advice to anyone else who needs it.

  6. thank you very much i also got a real human being after what felt like days of going round in circles not getting anywhere

    Many thanks


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