Buffalo Wild Wings


Buffalo Wild Wings Corporate Office Headquarters
1600 Utica Avenue South Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN 55416 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-952-593-9943

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  1. My husband and I stopped in at the Wings Etc.that just opened on Veterans Memorial Parkway in Lafayette, Indiana. We were seated and given menus, placed our drink orders, water and sweet tea. This was our first visit to wings Etc. As we were going over the menu, I noticed the Ad for jumbo wings. When the waitress came to take our order I told her I wanted the jumbo wings crispy with Teriaki sauce. My husband ordered the “House Wrecker” hot dog and fries! When our food came, we both were shocked to see the size of the wings that were brought to me!!! They looked totally anerexic!! I found hidden in the paper in the basket 2 Very small pieces of celery!! When the waitress came by to see how it was, we commented to her about the “so called JUMBO Wings” She just commented that all the wings were the same size, there were no jumbo wings! A little later a lady in a white shirt and blonde hair came by and ask how things were and we showed her the wings I was served and she commented that they did look alot smaller than the “normal” wings! I then said well I guess I should get my money back for these! She just turn around…walked off and avoided us completely!! Our waitress acted like she couldn’t wait for us to leave! When she brought our bill, it was FULL PRICE FOR LOUSY WINGS AND NO APOLOGY OR ANYTHING! tHUS TO SAY OUR FIRST TRIP TO YOUR ESTABLISHMENT WAS A DISASTOR!!! We spent $22.00 on a hot dog and fries and anerexic wings and was also served a plate of attitude!!!! My husband and Ihave been married for 45 years and have eaten in the best and worst resterants/pubs! If we were to rate this Wings Etc. it would be a “LOW 3 TO 4!!! Am not one to normally complain but felt this was bad enough to do so!

  2. My husband and I just went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had ordered 2 beers and some appetizers well a little bit later we had placed our order for our meals! Well after sitting for a whole hour waiting we decided to put in a order for our friend to go! We received the to go order and received the Togo order and still no food! So I talk to the manager and off the bat she is completely rude and defensive! She talks to the waitress and she says oh they didn’t order any food and she is 100%sure that we didn’t order any food! I say yes we did why else would we sit here this long!? The manager get even more rude and says well she isn’t lieing and says we had imagined placing a order ! WHAT!! Is she serious? She continues to say that her waitress had 11 tables and we need to take that into consideration!! WHAT!!? Okay! Real professional ! Oh and just to let everyone know this took place at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Muncie In! They treated us like we were trying to get over on them for some wings but really we just wanted the food we ordered and we were paying customers! And not to mention this same waitress did this exact same thing to the table right next to us!! Maybe they should second guess some of the people they hire as waitresses and managers! Not happy!!

  3. To whom it my concerns. I just want to share my recent visiting experience on one of yours branch located at 11255 183rd Street Cerritos, CA 90703

    (562) 865-9464

    I normally go there with group of my friends. Just couple a days before, I went there with my 4 other friends. We were having Blue Moon with slices of orange. On the glass of 2 of my friend, we found the paper label on the slice of orange which was dipped inside the beer. When we tried to tell the manager he showed the attitude. We got the new beer but he even didn’t say sorry totally acted like he did favor to us. He was rude and the way he was treating us was totally unprofessional. I asked his name with our server, she said his name is TOM. The other lady manager name as Faith came to us with new beer and said to us sorry, she respond the situation very professionally. Rather than having the manager like Tom in your store , I would suggest you to put him on more training and promote the manger like Faith. Thats all I wanted to say you guys.

  4. My two cousins and I went to the new Buffalo Wild Wings located in Rolla, Missouri. This was a Tuesday at 4:30 pm. March 25 2014. There was only one other table with people. We sat ourselves down, waited 15 minutes while watching 4 waitresses chat between themselves!!! No one deemed to come to our table much less bring. a menu or offer drinks!!!! Needless to say we left and went to another local restaurant where the service was A plus. None of use go to your franchise again. What lousy service!!!

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