Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corp.


The roots of Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation (the “Company”) go back to 1924 with wholesale sales of ladies coats and junior suits. In 1972, the Company opened its first outlet store in Burlington, New Jersey. Coats were the primary offering at the original Burlington Coat Factory, but over time the concept evolved into a one-stop shopping experience. Extensive selections of men’s and women’s suits, sportswear, shoes, and accessories developed. Highly successful baby and youth departments were created. A linens department was added in 1987.

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  1. My order that I purchased online never did come to me but instead it was returned back to BCF. I contacted them about this matter tow days before Thanksgiving of this year(2013) and they told me they would give me m full refund back because they received the package back. I contacted them again the day after Thanksgiving and they told me I should receive my money back within 8-10 business days. Today is the 10th day, and when I tried t get a hold of someone but I wasn’t able to. This is very bad business.

  2. I have a BIG problem with your television commercial where the gentleman is starting a BBQ with lighter fluid. He continues to spray into the fire after there is a flame. This is so dangerous and should be taken off the air. My uncle did the same thing and the flame followed back into the container and exploded. He was burnt to death in front of us.. PLEASE DO Not condone this behavior.

  3. I was in the BCF Turnersville, N.J. store earlier today & bought just one item. There was no line (very slow day I guess) so I walked up to the register. Apparently my item wouldn’t scan so the girl had to hand-type it in. She mumbled the amount due & I had to ask her to repeat it. She did without a smile or any sign of life, I handed her the exact amount. She put my item in a LARGE bag (a very small item, a ring) & handed it to me…….no “thank you”, no “have a good day”. For a second there I thought I was in WalMart!! As I walked away the cashier at the next register was wrapping up her transaction & she said to her customer “thank you & have a good day”. Hummmmmmm, interesting!! I’ve been noticing these “cashiers” (for the want of a better term) in the “discount stores” frequently have an attitude. I guess it goes with the territory, they don’t want to admit they work in a “discount store”. Sure as God made little green apples the “high end” stores won’t hire them intil they grow a personality. There’s too many people out of work in this bad economy to be tolerating attitudes. So many polite people would love to have those jobs so WAKE UP BCF!!!!!!!!! I won’t be back. Ross is close by.

  4. i went to the store in concord ca i went to ur big and tall section wow a lot of cloths so i look around and found a p coat what i always wanted i was a size 6xl but lost some weight and now iam down to a 3xl i was so excited beause i thought i was not going to find one all my friends have one but there all thin then one employee walk up to me and said if i needed help and i yes after finding my p coat so excited i told i needed some shirts and took the timme to look for my new size 3xl very nice no more casual male big and tall tooo expensive found my new house burlington thank you burlington for ever.

  5. I was in one of stores in Houston, Texas, in Sharpstown, I found the manager of the store and another worker at the layaway/customer service desk to be very, very rude and unprofessional. I work as a customer service rep at my company, if I would have talked to a customer like that I would be fired.

  6. Worst experience ever at BCF here in Eagle Pass, Tx bought 4 blouses seven days ago and paid with a check went back today to return 2 blouses that didnt fit and they wouldnt give me my money back. I asked to speak to manager in charge and he explained to me that that was their policy. Well i took the sign that they had their on the counter and read aloud to him the return policy which is; Any refund will be in the original form of payment and my original receipt reads; if the purchase was made by a personal check a check refund will be mailed to you after fourteen days from receipt of the returned merchandise. I showed the receipt to the manager and his response to me was that he understood that but that they couldnt do anything because the only thing I could get was a store credit. He said I know we are contradicting ourselves but that is our policy. Omg they are totally not following store policy!! Absolutely ridiculous!!

  7. I visited BCF today (EASTPOINT Mall in Baltimore, MD) and was disrespected in such a gross manner that I was almost in shock. I asked Patrick if I could load $20 on a gift card and he replied,”You have to ask her. I don’t know anything about that.” I said, “Oh, okay.” Thinking to myself….wow. I then asked him, “Do you offer gift receipts?” He then replied, “I said you have to ask her!” I said, “How am I supposed to know what you know and what you do not know? I don’t like the way you are speaking to me.” He replied, “Fine, I won’t say anything else to you then!” In shock, I removed the items from the counter and chose to wait in another line for 10 minutes to keep from dealing with Patrick. As I left the line, he stood there with his hands raised high in the air as though he was being held up. I could not believe what I had just experienced. I spoke with Betty the manager on duty and left feeling like I was not taken seriously at all. I observed her talking Patrick and walking away smiling as though this situation was funny. I feel like I need to speak to someone above her. I understand that retail can be very difficult, but no one deserves to be disrespected whether as an employee or a customer. I feel as though my concerns as a customer were not taken seriously and I may speak with the store manager tomorrow. How was I to know that Patrick was just bagging and not working the register? Maybe it was too much for me to expect an employee to know whether or not a store offers gift receipts. Maybe I should not have expected to be treated with a level of dignity in an establishment where I am spending my hard earned money. I just don’t understand……….

  8. I will NEVER go back to BCF. I visited the BCF on Washington Ave in Indianapolis and went to check out with my clothing and two people walked up next to me after I had been standing in line for five minutes and the cashier told the other two women to come up and my mother at age 70 said I think I was next and she looked at her and said NO go to the other line?? What kind of customer service is that? We went to the jewlery department she informed us she was sorry but there was nothing she could do! We found a employee to call a manager that and no manager ever responded. The head csr checked us out when we where leaving the nasty cashier said “They only bought one thing!” Yes this time it was only one thing but last week it was two hundered dollars worth of clothes! I dont believe it is worth the savings to get treated like this!

  9. Worst experience every,,,,,, on May 5 2017 I was in the BCF on Larkin and Therodore in Joliet Il., I went in to purchase a ladies suit. Well to my surprise I found three nice suits. I was a happy camper so to speak I thought. When I got to the register to check out the cashier stated that the sizes did not match. I then said what do you mean the sizes don’t match ? She stated that all the skirts were the wrong size and didn’t match the size of the jacket. So I took a look at the to pieces and saw the difference, she said to me I can’t sell you any of these items. Boy did things go to another level. I asked the cashier if there was any one I could speak to instead standing wasting time with her telling me I can not purchase the suits. Finally I spoke to a manager. She explained to me the issue. I said ok go and get the right skirts for the jackets. How about this other ( I want to be in control nut job ) came from out of nowhere and started talking about maybe you could hung them up wrong. I said excuse me , what do you mean I could have hung them up wrong. She told the first lady I don’t care what she says I know she changed the suits. I said what did she just say ? I Then asked the first lady if she could get someone else for me to talk to. Well here comes the store manager Joe. I really was glad to see him. Joe and I were talking here this same lady cheryl comes again. I asked Joe to ask her to walk away. He then told her I got this GO. How about she did not move. She then accused me of the mishap. I told her honey I shop a lot. I work everyday I don’t have to come here. So as Joe and I talked, she was still running her mouth. I walked away. I told another associate I have the VICTORY. I told the other lady cheryl I will pray for her because she has no sense of customer service ability. She took the whole ordeal to another level, she made a scene , oh boy the mess hit the fan. She said to me yea you just stole from the store. I said to the other cashier make sure both sizes match. They did match. Then cheryl came over grabbed the suits while my hands were on them and she tried to push my hand off of them, I told her don’t you ever put your hands on me again, you don’t have that right. She said I can have you arrested I said to her get out of my face. There were people in the store waiting to check and a young lady said no you can have here arrested she assalted you , I will be a witness to that. Serveral customers where appalled at the way this lady cheryl was acting towards me. Joe stood by and still said or did nothing. What a shame, to have been treated like that. I HAVE THE VICTORY ANYWAY. I have 2

    beautiful suits also. That will be the last time I shop there. I

    must have walked away three or maybe even four times just to avoid this lady. I will never go back to that store I don’t care if they are giving items away for free. It is people like cheryl who make people not come back. I know that store is going to loss lots of customers if cheryl is still there. I got my car and drove to TJ Maxx

  10. Why does BCF use email promotions and couponing, yet require PRINTED coupons for in-store redemption? IF you, as a company, are going to use e-commerce and smartphone/tablet promotions, why are you tying me to a crappy old archaic printer in order to receive equal treatment as a guest at your store?

    I am done shopping BCF until they lose these idiotic regulations and learn how to properly utilize electronic promotions.

  11. i bought this dress for my daughter and she cant fit it and i through the reset away but the tag is still on it can i return it

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