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  1. They do not tolerate disabled people at Busch Gardens. They made us park in the back 40. I checked it when we were leaving, my dash board said it was .7 miles. to the front of the lot, not to the gates, they were still over in the distance. So let me get this straight. If you are young and healthy you get a ride to the gates. If your old and have trouble breathing and walking long distances… NO RIDE FOR YOU… YOU WALK! I fell out on the ground and no one would help. The trams are not allowed to stop any where near the handicap parkinig. (they don’t want you there) They were just going to let me lay there and die! An employee willing to lose his job for me gave me a ride to the front. Not too close (he was afraid of losing his job) but close enough for me to walk up and get a service chair to get to the rental chair area. I have a blockage in an artery… to make this short, I can walk about 2 minutes before every thing from the groin down is a raging inferno and I will sit or I will fall. after a few minutes rest, I get up and walk as if nothing is wrong, with no pain at all for about 2 minutes, and repeat. I also suffer from COPD. Busch Gardens is not known for caring about the safety of any one as can be looked up in the court system from when Alfred Brooks won the law suit when he worked there. They put him on a loading dock after dark with no lights. He told them the lights were out and they told him they didn’t have time to put in new bulbs, just to get the job done so they could leave. Now lets talk about the children of the healthy. My grandson was crying, TEARS because his feet hurt so bad. they had to walk mile from the car to the gates because their Gramda was sick. they were not allowed to ride the trams like the healthy peoples kids! YOURE KIDDING ME!!! was it Hitler or was it SeaWorld that bought this place. I highly suggest you contact me before I contact a lawyer! I left you a message Mr Bach. I doubt I will hear from you today. Tomorrow, I call attorneys and see if any one thinks they can make me a better offer than you can.

  2. Boycott this place as they discriminate against disabled veterans claiming that in order to get the passes on discount that only active duty service members receive them. No disrespect to active duty folks but is this not an insult to those who incurred injury during LOD? I forgot, the new owners of BG are not US citizens, gotcha! OEF/OIF VET

  3. Hi,we have booked to go to Florida next September, we are thinking about Busch gardens as one of our days out, could you tell me if the disabled discount applies on the gate the same as Seaworld 50% off for both the disabled person and the carer, there will be 5 of us in total, friends and family have recommended it as a must do but just wondering on the cost

    Thank you

  4. Lost our tickets and BG customer service was very helpful. The wait time was not too long. I have always enjoyed this park and have to say it is far more enjoyable than Disney.

  5. This Company has gone so far downhill, I don’t recognize it anymore. The customer service is a joke, the phone line stated they had high call volume and instead of letting you wait or receive a call back they just hang up. They cheated my wife and I when we bought annual passes for Busch Gardens and Adventure Island and they charged for both but then only gave us the passes for Busch Gardens, and claim they can’t pull up the record of the transaction even though it was only 9 days ago. The receipt was lost during the day at Busch Gardens. Then to top it off their Customer Support phone number is worthless.

  6. Ridiculous! Was treated like crap by attendant at the park and can’t even complain because their number has a recording that states they are extrememly busy and then hangs up on you! Used to love this park….won’t do it again!

  7. This is ridiculous! everyone is busy and its not even Busch Gardens its Seaworld costumer service what is going on? Never again i repeat NEVER AGAIN!

  8. We could not use our passes last year after I got them. Try to talk to them today and they would not help us. They don’t care about people only their money. So we want be going back. They have my money thanks Bush Gardens. It was a good place for him to walk and still be with his grand kids. Now he want be able to do that.


  9. Had a charge on my credit card for Busch Gardens for $49.86. I never made this purchase. Disputed this

    charge with my credit card company. Charge will be removed from my credit card. Where did Busch Gardens

    get my credit card number?

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