Butterball Turkey Hotline


Butterall Turkey Hotline boasts, No question is too tough for these turkey talkers, and they are ready and excited to tackle any challenge you throw at them.

Butterball Turkey Hotline
Butterball Turkey Hotline Phone Number

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10 Replies to “Butterball Turkey Hotline”

  1. I grew up with butterball turkey and it was always good. I was able to get a small butterball turkey and finding one about 8 pounds can be difficult.

  2. If you have seen the internet of Butterball employees torturing these animals before slaughter, that may explain why your turkeys were bruised…I will never ever eat turkey again or buy a turkey from butterball…

  3. My sister and I had the same experience! Worst turkey I ever had. We threw out turkey! I bought it at Costco also. It was an all natural,never frozen, we cooked according to directions. I paid $1.09 a pound. It tasted like cardboard and was not tender at all–extremely dry and tasteless. I thought I was buying a real treat and it was a disappointment!

  4. I have 2 turkey breast one is 8.26 and the other is7.48. I am cooking them in the same roaster how long do I cook them? Thank you Terry

  5. I am concerned about what is fed to the turkey before I buy it. I called about the drug,Ractopamine, and could not get a yes or no answer from you. This is a serious drug to be putting in turkey feed. It has been banned in other countries including China. I have to believe you are using this drug or you would have been able to give me a no answer! Shame on you.

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