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  1. I overfilled my coolant resevoir and ran car for approximately ten miles before siphoning coolant from resevoir than took it to a ASE mechanic and had cooling system flushed out and new coolant added.

    Now car has service engine light on (all Times) and on first starting, engine dies two or three times. after engine runs for a few minutes it operates o.k.

    However service engine light remains on.

  2. Cadillac road side assistance vehicle on Anna Maria Feb. 26 ran a stop sign and almost hit my car. Very poor driving

  3. Waited on side of the road, a heavily traveled highway, for 4 1/2 hours waiting for assistance. I had a flat tire! NO SPARE! Was not told this upon purchasing the Cadillac SRX. I would never have a car with no spare!. Roadside assistance could not get a cadillac certified tech to come out with a tire, so I had to wait for a tow truck. Had to be towed 34 miles. Not happy! 4 1/2 hours sitting on the side of a highway was not my idea of a fun day! If I had a spare, would have been on my way within an hour!

  4. Not able to assist me for several hours and was stranded in a bad part of town. Had to drive car unsafly to dealership a few miles away. Next tow avail was 2-3 hrs from original onstar request or wait till morning. Unacceptable service!

  5. I have Cadillac Roadside Service medallions from a purchase in 1999. These were intended to be attached to the keys so that in the event they were lost anyone could drop them in a mailbox and they would be sent to you.

    The question is: Are these still valid? I just bought (leased) a 2015 Cadillac SRX and I will use the medallions with these keys if you are still providing the service. The medallions have serial numbers and were registered to me however I’m sure the address you have associated with them would not be my current location. The serials are:

    Cadillac Concours Present vin: Cadillac SRX.

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