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  1. My name is Christel and I want to cancel this subscription to the magazine HEALTH, I never ordered it and I DON’T want it,I started receiving it after I ordered some body lotion, I don’t like magazines I never buy them and I don’t want them, so please stop sending them to me,this subscription goes to July 17 the numbers on the mag. are as follows:2938 2543 600#HA799MIO3 A JUL17 2601.

    So please do NOT send anymore magazines to me.

  2. I did not order this golf magazine or have been on your website or any sort. I will not pay for any magazines that will be sent. I will report you to the better business borough.

  3. Cancel the Instyle and Instyle Home & design mags you sent me! Did not request or subscribe to them. Do not bill me or withdraw any funds from any of my accounts. Can this be any clearer? I do not want them or any other publications. Take me off your mailing list or any other lists you have and absolutely do not give, sell or transfer my information to anybody.

    acct.#36974288310#IN 2016-10 Instyle Home & Design

    acct.#36974288310 In FL05

  4. Will you please stop sending me Southern Living, I did not order it and don’t read it.

    My name is Marcia Redd

    Acct # from magazine label29688089860

  5. Cancel Instyle Home & Design magazine. I never ordered this and when I called Instyle they informed me this was placed by a third party. I am irate that this third party took it upon themselves to subscribe me to a magazine I do not want and will not pay for. Disgusting marketing and very, very poor customer service. I had better not receive a bill or hear from a bill collector over this. Identifying order # shown on magazine label: 3298 8202 790# IN NJ & BXNCVDW … AUTO…SCH5-DIGIT 08723FSS. STOP NOW, CANCEL!!!!! Sandra

  6. I do not wish to have this magazine delivered to my home. It is against my religion to view such things. Please cancel and do send and further magazines to my home. Instyle or any other magazine.

  7. Receiving In Style magazine I NEVER heard of, nor ordered. This is written notice that I never ordered and DO NOT WANT. What a SCAM. Do NOT send me another magazine. I WILL NOT accept any financial liability for the ones you have sent and will sue you if you try to collect or send more.

  8. I continue receiving golf magazine which I never ordered. I contacted golf magazine and was told to go to cancelmag website which gave me a phone number. Everytime I pushed the option to cancel it did not go through so I tried billing concern option which also did not go through. The number keeps repeating and no one answers.

    Please cancel Golf Magazine!

  9. How dare you use my name sending me a magazine without my request. Please cancel it now if you send me one more copy i’m going to the police. Order#:37006989900 PE

  10. How dare this company send me a magazine without my request. Get me off of their list now! How unethical it is to sign me up for something that I DO NOT WANT! Go away!

  11. I have had my bank account robbed of $39 for recurring charge for a sports illustrated renewal that I did not authorize. I bought a one-time subscription and that’s it. When I call to cancel, and get a refund of my money, I cannot reach a person. How can this be legal? I’m craped!

  12. – cancel my subscription for

    Reader’s Digest and Taste of Home

    DO NOT RENEW – return the money you have taken out of my account already withdrawn for Reader’s Digest.

    P Rabelo

  13. I have not ordered any magazine from you! Please Cancel Immediately! I do NOT want this magazine. You have the nerve to say that it has an automatic renewal! I DO NOT WANT IT! Take me off!

    Here is the info. on the Magazine

    #BXBDKLT***********CAR-RT LOT**C-023

    #1235 1230 610#us 68MD US00 A DEC16


    CONF# 213512306

  14. Was scammed by phone call. Never gave them my bank acc.But they charge it. Has anyone even tried to stop this crap. Still want this crap stop coming out Cancel my whole order soon.


    4888 #BXBO777KLT ******* SCH 5- DIGIT 30888281 FSS #0272 18196 450#US 98S77B USO888O C ALL ORDER 21603 888889 POOO86

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