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  1. We received a bill for a subscription we didn’t order. We don’t even know where they even got our name and address from. Not very happy with the fact they even have any of our information. We don’t read magazines, and have no desire or reason to read this magazine anyway.

  2. For a reason we don’t understand, our renewal went awry and we are receiving two copies of Car and Driver every month under the names Nancy Margolis and Stephen Margolis.

    Numbers are

    #CDB1071569329/6 and


    Please combine these into one subscription and extend the subscription date appropriately.

  3. Car and Driver has decided to place their subscribers into an automatic renewal program. They send you a bill making you feel obligated to pay the high renewal subscription rate. I did not provide consent to be included in an automatic renewal program. Someone in their marketing and sales department got a slick idea to do this to keep readership high and to also increase their pay and get a year end bonus. I will not renew. This will backfire on who ever the slick individual(s) who came up with this idea. Do I smell class action lawsuit for deceptive business practices? When you become greedy, you will lose.

  4. Bunch of idiots in the subscription department, tried to have my address changed and all I get is a bill for a new subscription! After 25 Years I will never read that magazine again

  5. My husband has been a loyal customer for many years…. We pd for our renewal 8/16/13, but you still send us threating letters that we owe you $$$$. e You people are ignorant, and no one checks to see if customer already paid… Sounds like a scam to me to get more $$ out of customer thinking the customer won’t remember he/she pd? We will not renew with you again after our subscription is up…



  6. car and drive send me some magazines that I didn’t even orderI’ve been trying to get in touch. I do not know how they got my informationand I never did order magazinefrom car and driverI will be getting me a lawyer

  7. long time subscriber, many years, same crap as others, fell behind on reading, decided to delay renewal until my magazine backlog deleted. Subscription stopped as scheduled, nonetheless, I continue to receive delinquent payment notices amd threats of subscription cancellation. This has gone well past annoying and I will now NEVER renew again. The frequent magazine comments of BMW favoritism was humorous, this is NOT.

    Perhaps I’ll send this to Tire Rack, WeatherTech and others who don’t need to be associated with this absence of customer service

  8. This regards account #0705418365. I have tried correcting an issue with the delivery address and am hoping, since letters by mail are not working, that someone will take the time to read this and make the necessary corrections.

    I ordered Car & Driver as part of a $33 package with Popular Mechanics evidently through Hearst Publications for our younger son’s 33rd birthday. I thought it would be an interesting and unique gift. However, the magazines have been mailed to us, his parents, and I can assure this child has not lived with mommy and daddy for 15 years!!!!! Our grandsons fight over the few issues they have been able to get when they have traveled to PA from NC for infrequent family visits. We would like to continue the subscription but only if the magazines are sent to our son’s address:

    He deserves a written apology, if you would be so kind, as well. Invoices for his subscription may continue to be sent to our home address:

    Thank you for your time and consideration with these issues.

    Respectfully, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Orzolek

  9. Car and Driver is a big bully, I never asked to renew my subscription and now they send me a letter telling me that I will be added to their account delinquent files. Go for it you bunch of idiots, I’ll make sure to tell all of my friends what a bunch of jerks you are and believe me, you’ll never get another dime from me or any company that’s affiliated with your company!

  10. I’m truly shocked at the rude and disrespectful letter they send subscribers when their subscription has lapsed. Using terms like “your account is delinquent” and “your name will be added to our account delinquent files” does not endear me. I owe them nothing. And after this have decided I don’t want their magazine anymore, at any price.

  11. I notified you to cancel my subscription to Car and Driver magazine and in todays mail I got the May magazine. Please unsubscribe me immediately.

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