Car Care One Credit Card


The CarCareONE card makes it easy to keep vehicles in top shape. With Special Financing on all purchases over $150 and low, minimum monthly payments, the CarCareONE card is truly the complete auto service card.

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9 Replies to “Car Care One Credit Card”

  1. I’ve never had a problem. Great options. Low APR. Normally people who complain

    about a credit card are too unorganized and irresponsible to take care of their

    responsibilities and always have to find someone to claim for their own shortcomings.

  2. I haven’t even been able to use my card. I have some questions and now am afraid to attempt. There is no phone number and when you try to use the e-mail address you can’t unless you are signed in with a password. I don’t even want to do that now.

    Why are you making it so hard for potential customers to contact you. I have a card but will not use it until you give me the information I need.

  3. I purchased tires last year, prior to a move, and, although I updated my address, they never sent me a bill. i lost the card during the move, so I couldn’t even get ahold of anyone, so now it has been like 8 months, and I haven’t even been able to make a payment because I can’t log in, and there is no one to answer the phone directly. This is horrible for my credit!

  4. Yep, this company is horrible with customer service. First the site won’t recognize my account number. Then it tells me to contact the “number on my statement”. The only numbers on my statement are for lost and stolen and credit counseling. There is no phone number on the actual web site for customer service, either. I am going to transfer my balance to a card that actually avails itself to its customers and not use this card again.

  5. Why does GE Capital never allow a human being to answer the phone. I get some voice that asks for my account number. I lost my card and I am trying to get ahuman being to talk to so I can get a new card. What a monumental waste of time!

  6. So maybe you need to be more responsible and NOT lose your card…did you lose any of your other cards?….I mean like really dude!

  7. I have tried for a week to secure a Car care one card on line, but the site kept giving me an error. I have tried to reach someone by phone but I cant. Is this a real company

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