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Carbonite Backup takes the worry out of backing up files ? by securely and automatically backing up your important files to their state of the art data center.

Carbonite, Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
177 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Toll Free: 1-877-665-4466
International callers call: +1 617 587 1100
Email Address:

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43 Replies to “Carbonite Phone Number”

  1. I just hope Rush wil never let Carbonite come crawling back and ask to be a sponsor again. We now knw they are headed by a left wing liberal scumbag who would love to end free speech and leave us with the lies and propaganda of CBS and similar main stream media garbage. I have cancelled my company’s account and hope they go bankrupt. Be careful of starting a boycott you may get what you prayed for.

  2. I just got off the phone with your customer support team. I was asking for the address of the company so that I could, believe it or not, actually write a letter to Mr. Friend. I was told to email per your site but I did not want to put in my email address (see Richi Jennings, Computerworld 11/2/11 @1:05pm). I receive enough spam on my own and do not need your help to increase those numbers thank you very much. I was explaining this to your business customer rep and stating my reason for corresponding (attempting to stifle free speech by pulling advertising from Rush Limbaugh), when he interrupted me, told me “so don’t leave it” and promptly hung up on me. Now I will be adding the total lack of civility of your customer service rep to my complaints and let as many people as I can know just what your company is about and let them decide for themselves if they want to support a business such as yours. In conclusion, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart as this experience has helped to strengthen my resolve in searching out just what prospective companies are about before I give them my hard earned American dollars.

    In case you do a better job of backing up your service rep calls than you do customer’s computer files, I called 877 665-4406 option 4. The call would be logged from area code 530 at 1:58 PST.

  3. I’m a longtime Carbonite customer who feels your decision to terminate your business relationship with Rush Limbaugh was mistake and I will be terminating my business with you and going to a competitor who supports free speech and does not support intolorent left leaning groups. I will also be telling my friends and business associates to do the same.

  4. I am very disappointed with Carbonite!.. At first I was considering cancelling my subscription completely, but rather have decided to cancel auto-renewal. This way, you company will have to continue providing storage space for me for the remaining 11 months of my subscription, with no hope of receiving any more revenue! If you rethink your decision to pull advertising from a host like Rush Limbaugh, simply because he spoke the truth, then I MAY reconsider.

    I am also a consultant for companies all over the United States. I will be recommending that all of the follow the same course as I did…

  5. I nor my company will not do any further business with your company and plan on spreading the word. You pulled your support of Rush Limbaugh and therefore I’m pulling mine from you. Rather than allowing the MSM or the leftist liberals to drive their agenda by elevating this issue and Rush’s apology…

  6. This letter is to hereby inform Carbonite that upon this current subscription’s compete term, ending March 21, 2013, I will not be renewing my subscription.

    While I have found your service to be good, I feel I can also achieve these results elsewhere.

    I came to Carbonite based on the recommendation of Rush Limbaugh. I have always found Rush to be a person of good character, principled, honest and true. Though he is human, and as such, he is not perfect.

    On the rare occasions, when Rush has made a mistake he is the first to admit it, take responsibility for it and apologize for it. This too, I find admirable.

    I happen to believe Carbonite has benefited greatly from the Rush Limbaugh program. Now, with Carbonite’s recent decision to part ways this leaves me with no other principled choice on my part.

    I could understand Carbonite not renewing advertising for lack of results, but we all know this is not the case.

    This was a direct response to public pressure from individuals which would probably have never even considered using this type of service and Carbonite.

    I’m sorry, but I am loyal to those who I find principled, loyal, honest and true. And though Rush may have used a poor choice of words for which he has apologized, he is all of the above and more.

    On the other hand, I despise those who bend to public pressure and lack loyalty.

    Therefore, upon expiration of this prepaid term, I will locate another backup provider to handle my definite need for this type of service.


  7. My husband and I had just decided to get Carbonite because Rush so highly recommended it! But now that we find out that you have made it clear that you will not back the moral standards of this great country, we wouldn’t bother using your product as you chose not to stand behind our country and what is right! Thank you for letting us know before we had taken out a subscription, and would have went to the trouble of cancelling it!

  8. Rush about had me convinced to go with Carbonite. I have previously had a serious computer crash but will stick with my external hard drive. I was not aware that you were a Liberal political organization. I am surprised that you would choose to have us use our money to pay for law student contraceptives instead of your product. By the way, even when I was young and poor I paid for my own contraceptives and would have been mortified to ask the other taxpayers to pay for them.

  9. I want to express my appreciation and support for your company’s decision to no longer advertise on the Rush Limbaugh Program. It is good to know that your company was able to take the “high road” and disassociate itself from Rush Limbaugh’s reprehensible comments about the Georgetown law student and his continuing attack on women. In addition, I felt that his apology was meaningless and was only done to try to keep his sponsors. I hope that your company will stick to this decision, and also examine other programs that you sponsor that may be in opposition to the core values that you profess. Based on the right and courageous stand that you have taken, I will make every effort to use any of the products or services provided by your company, and I will make the same recommendation to as many of my friends, relatives and colleagues as I can.

  10. REALLY??????? You had to sell your soul to advertise on Rush’s show. You want all of the capitalism that profits you but you want to deny it to everyone else. To that I say, you are a ‘ho. If I had chosen Carbonite as a back-up system, it would have been because of Rush’s high praise of your company. In my heart, I sincerely cannot understand how anyone with a soul could go against their core values. If your beliefs and core values are represented by the company you obviously keep, you are a hypocrite of the highest order. While I have not yet had the finances to subscribe to a back-up system, I will at the earliest opportunity. Because of my core values, though you may be the best at what you do, I am willing to lose everything on my computer before I would give a penny of my money to such a hypocritical orginization. To paraphrase Rush, I hope you fail.

  11. Dear People at the Online Data Backup Service Provider CARBONITE:

    Until this past week’s ludicrous debacle by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, I had not heard of your company. While browsing the current TIME magazine, I came across one of your ads. I noticed it right away, and the name “Carbonite” registered an unexpected positive feeling with me. Not remembering why, at first, I then realized I remembered your company name from my reading the day before that you had withdrawn your support of Rush Limbaugh and his radio show.

    You’re in excellent company, with at least nine others having done so as well. Hold fast! Stand tall! You will be remembered for having done so and for being among the first group of sponsors to have protested Mr. Limbaugh’s hateful tirade. I applaud you and will mention your company’s name as I converse with others about this matter. Thank you.

  12. Please respond with information how to cancel my subscription to your services and refund of the unused portion of my payment.

    I prefer NOT to do business with any organization that promotes or defends the degradation of the moral character of this once great nation.

    Your pulling your advertising from Rush Limbaugh constitutes such an act.

    If you decide not to refund, I put you on notice that I will not renew my subscription, but will not relieve you from the contract until it expires.

  13. I wish to cancel my subscription to Carbonite. I support Rush in his expression of his opinion on many matters. I do not always agree with him, but I appreciate hearing his point of view on important matters. I subscribed to your service on his advice which I respect and value. Based on your action I hereby am cancelling my subscription. Joan Chipman

  14. Will actively tell people to not use your service until you use your Advertising dollars to get Rush Limbaugh off the air NATIONWIDE! So get to work!

  15. Its a scam. The rep told me that they slow down the upload of files after 200 gb .. so the unlimited backup is reallyu not unlimited at all. as it is – the first 200 gb backup has taken months to be executed on. and this is when i kept my computer on all day and night. nothing to do with my internet speed mind you – I have an excellent broadband connection connected by a wire – no wi-fi that could potentikally slow things down

  16. I spent time composing a question for the 19 techs waiting to answer, but nothing happend when I clicked on the send button and nothing continues to happen. Sort of an unfair red herring.

  17. On January 19,2011 Kathleen C. from Maine really helped me transfer Carbonite to my new computer. She even helped me organize my files which was an extra bonus. Thank you for this wonderful program.

  18. Well carbonite appear to be a scam. Either that or thay have gone bust. I’ve lost my backups which I cant access either by iphone or pc. Their phones are not answered (none of them) Attemps to use the chat line – you are put in a queue(1 hour) wait to go down from 6 in line then it cuts off as ‘no one available’ – Try again and eventually get it answered. Not working properly. Told im being re lined for technical help, wait 30 mins then cut off. Been trying. Cannot understandv how they get so many recommendations. Shame I poersuaded my daughter to join, she paid the money and they cant get it to work. I’d say relying on Carbonite is VERY DANGEROUS THING TO DO.

  19. Received an e-mail from carbonite saying my backup files were out of sync and that I needed to uninstall and reinstall the program. I uninstalled it and attempted to reinstall it but I haven’t been able to access the carbonite website in days. Is the carbonite web site down or under some kind of denial of service attack?

  20. I cannot get Carbonite on the web. Ms program is not functioning. According to my start date, my service should still be operating. Please inform.

    Thank you

  21. I have paid for this back up & now when i tryed to get to this comment it took me to MY PC Back. instead of the Carbonite . My carbonite is not working & i want to know why. I will not renew this when it comes do again. Will fine another site for my back up. Please tell me why this is no longer working???????

  22. I have another provider and do not plan to continue your service. please remove your reminder. it is very disturbing. after a month you should know that I am not going to renew. in other words don’t make an ass out company of your. my stars award is nil..

  23. I would just like some HELP. I have a different computer plus email address and password. I use up to much time on hold. My time is ALSO valuable. This may be a reputable company but the technicians must be over loaded.

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