Care Credit


Care Credit is medical credit card to pay for your medical needs. The card is backed by GE Money.

Care Credit (CareCredit) by GE Money

PO Box 960061

Orlando, FL 32896-0061

Healthcare Providers call: 1-800-859-9975

Cardholders call: 1-866-893-7864

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42 Replies to “Care Credit”

  1. I paid my bill with check #9408 mailed out 1/29/14, I now get charged a $25 service charge and $4.57 interest because my payment was not received. Either it was lost in the mail or lost at your place. I am reluctantly going to pay the extra $29.57 but I don’t think I owe it and should be reimbursed. Card # is

  2. I need to change the date of my payment, because I ONLY get my s.s.check on the

    second Wed. of each month. I’ve tried to call for days and they keep telling me

    that they have a HIGH VOLUME of phone calls, so they put me on hold for 20-25 mins.

    I really need to get this taken care of before the 2nd of FEB.. (PLEASE, can someone

    help me out.) Just make my payment AFTER THE SECOND WED> OF THE MONTH….PLEASE!!!

    You’ll have your money on time, and I’ll be a HAPPY LADY…


  3. I have had zero problems with Care Credit. I get a person to speak with who is American and they solve my questions. What is your problems????

  4. This morning, I emailed Care Credit to the address I receive notifications from :

    I haven’t received a reply, but it hasn’t bounced back either. I’ve kept the sent email for documentation purposes. If you’re trying to get questions answered, I doubt that email will help, but it might be worth a try.

  5. I can’t get a live person to speak with. I’m unable to make payments by phone because the automated system will not receive my response. I have made numerous attempts on two different phones this am and I’m thoroughly irritated. I simply want to make a payment and can’t. What is my option? They are quick to answer if you want credit but try and do anything else seems impossible

  6. My bank was bought out by another bank and I contacted per my auto payment in order for routing number and bank new acct number to be verified and correct. I have always made payments on time and used care credit for several medical procedures. The payment processed correctly and therefore I started receiving call from GE Capital about every two hours on home phone and cell for two days. This went on for three days with no messages begin left despite home phone & cell having “left a message” option. My home caller ID showed GE Capital and I had not clue that was Care Credit and so I assumed a call trying to get me to apply for a credit card so I did not answer. Finally a message was left and it was GE CREDit wanting me to call a 877 number or go to website. I went to website and saw no reference to tell on page to know what call was about. Finally I noticed care credit was associated. So I went online and checked account and it was showing a late payment and a late fee. I was totally upset. My auto has always been on time and card had been active for couple years. The late payment will cause me to have to pay the interest from the beginning since it was a promotional offer that stated as long as payments on time and balance paid off by certain day no interest would be charged otherwise interest from the beginning will be added to account. I am on fixed income and budget my bills to maintain all bill to be on time and balances within my limit. Now I will have months of additional payments. I know that you wish for customers to miss payments in order for you to obtain additional funds. This was wrong due to me contacting to verify all info. correct and payment to process at normal. The rep really could not verify. So all looked correct online and I felt confident all OK Until I got phone call. I am very upset with this process. Bank buyout change of routing number and account number is in process of being mailed. Just want you to know I am telling the truth. To prove issue that was not my fault due to bank buyout. It is not their fault because they gave me information to use and not mine since I contacted and could not get confirmation. Oh well, another consumer taken advantage of which is the ways of out world. I will pay what I owe but it will be a hardship but I pay my bills and do not want a bad credit from this mess. Thanks. It will be last time I use medical card. Thanks for your time.

  7. I received my statement from you and it said my bill was due on 12-27-12. I mailed check #1770 for $50.00 on 12-20-12 to you . Today, 2-9-13, I received my statement saying I owed a late fee of $25.00. I know this is not true, and I will not pay it. When I tried to call, I got a recording that said my payment was received on 12-23-12 which is a good number of days before 12-27-12. I don’t know what your problem is, but it must be straightened out immediately. I always pay my bills on time.Please call me and send me a corrected copy of my statement. My # is

  8. I owe more now than i chartged yet i have paid the correct am ont every month as requested. there is no customer service nunber ANYWHERE on my statement. if i do not hear from someone soon i will default on statement, you people are entirely incompetent.

  9. Care Credit is a DISASTER. I have called 12 times in four weeks because my online access continues to lock. I have the correct user and password. THEY ARE TOTALLY INEPT. The final manager today said you MUST use safari 5.0 or internet explorer 9.0 or YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE WEBSITE. This is totally insane. I do multiple jobs and banking online and never had ANY issues no matter which version of browser. (You cannot use the most up-to-date version. My safari is 6.0 and it’s too new for the Care Credit account!!) DISASTER. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

  10. web site sucks….can never acess my account. I’ve even written down my password and ID. It NEVER accepts it….then I go through this whole frustrating process on the phone! No wonder GE stocks pooped the bed!!



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