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5 Replies to “Care2”

  1. I have used your email service and have sent many customers your way. After logging in to your through Twitter, I can no longer access my account. It appears to have been overwritten with a new account.

    I very much need to be able to obtain emails that have been sent in the six months since I was kicked out (and have written you many, many times to solve this problem.)

    I also have 1000’s of saved email I need to access.

    PLEASE! PLEASE! Tell me how to get my Correct server/email/address back with you!!

    Thank you for your time!!

    Julie Nolan

  2. I have used the care2 toolbar for years, but suddenly it disappeared. When I try to install it again it won`t register. How can I overcome this?

  3. What’s the secret for signing up for Care2 email? The site is most unhelpful, and now I see that my first posting on Faccebook was not posted. What’s up???????

  4. Your Website sucks no where to contact you by simple phone call

    Your missing out on thosands of petetions because no phone number to call very very difficult to get throgh to anyone on your site they want you to log in just to tell your story

    well, guess what i guess you don’t really care either do you.?

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