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  1. There is no business today in which there isn’t at least a grain of scam! Even the most legitimate corporation in good standing is not an exception. In the strictest sense “bait and switch” is also a scam. The famous H.G. Wells said more than a 100 years ago “Adverising is legalised lying,” and that is true in America to this very day (In the EU, the advertisers are legally bound by the offers they make through any media).

    In the recruitment business, there is a referral fee. This is a matter between the recruitment agent and the employer. The fees vary between USD 200.00 and USD 2000, depending on the case.

    This is what I guess may be happening: For a fee and definite conditions, you can purchase/rent an e-mail address from and legally operate as a “free lance recruiter.” Then, you can send out e-mail’s, such as, Jillian Pender did (and probably still does). It she gets a hit, she gets paid by the employer. Whether she pre-screens the résumé or not is also a matter between her and the employers. The tripartate arrangement is a matter between CareerBuilder, the potential employer and Pender.

    On the CareerBuilder site, there is also a “partner” who offers the jobseekers with services in ghostwriting the résumé, and this for a hefty fee. CareerBuilder ought to have an interest in this also.

    Everything is legal! But is it ethical? That is a separate issue. But my verdict is: where there is a conflict of interests or loyalties, it is unethical. But then, you live in a society where corporations think that “if it is legal, it is perfectly all right.” So, it is perfectly legal for a gunstore owner can sell a gun to a person even when he knows that the buyer is about to go and commit a murder with that weapon, because it is none of his business to know what the buyer will do with the gun.

    End of my guesswork.

    Having said that, I must also add that CareerBuilder is not entirely a scam, even if there are scammer within its what appears to be a loosely organised extended corporation.

    On a number of occasions, I have followed up my job applications with telephone calls to the potential employers. In most cases, they had received my résumé. In a few rare cases, they admitted “not finding it,” but would I re-send it to them directly via e-mail. In such rare cases, and in retrospection, I have to draw my own conclustions: There will be scammers in every legitimate organisation. That is unfortunate. But media like this will at least keep them less active than otherwise.

  2. Hi yes you might want to investigate the job postings abut secret survey and secret shopper!! I had feeled out dr it a while back and never heard anything else from them until yesterday. I received a priority ackage in the mail from them for the amount of $1,999.00 and a letter saying congratulations that I had been chosen and how I was suppose to wire $1,550.00 to someone Mansfeild LA and I was suppose to rate western union and the send $100 at Walmart on any thing I wanted to purchase than the $300 left was my pay for competing the survey!! Well I took the check up to my bank this morning and the magager at my bank looked at it an said it was a FRAUD!!! They took the check and letter and shredded it right there and said they was going to look into this more and report it to the police. And the letter head had career builders emblem on it. There is 2 different guys. The letter was from a guy named John Shaw his email is and his phone number is 325-267-7326. And the othe guys name is Jason Baker he’s the one I have been getting emails from and text messages from he’s the one that’s been telling me that he is the one I am suppose to be reporting to his email is and his number is 307-461-5267. This a SCAM BIG TIME and you need to look into this!!! So any one out there DO NOT fill out for this or cash any checks from them or go get money from western union that’s been wired to you!!!!! I text Jason Baker back and told him what my bank said and I haven’t heard anything back so that let’s me know its a SCAM & FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Always had great luck finding jobs on this site. The last job has done me well for a few years so now i have forgotten my username and password.

  4. I have a few questions, but can prove to you they are definitely a scam. First, did you pay them anything? Second, did you try the employer side to see it costs $6000 for an employer to post an ad-how many legit employers will or would do this? The answer is they have purchased or partnered with the newspapers for no print jobs and refer you back to them. Third, I ascertained that to view 1 (one) resume costs employer $419, and I checked I was looking for a CFO (Chief Financial Officer, which I have done), and my niece’s resume appeared but not mine, with her only experience being a steakhouse chain store manager(not CFO material), but she paid them and I did not. Fourth, if you search them and affiliates, you will see they are partnered with every other site you are using for hunting work, like Indeed, Robt.Half Internat’s., Monster-name one and they’re partners in some capacity. Finally, the bottom line is your job search has been a large waste of time and in a lot of cases money. They need to be stopped and repay, they are Madoff in a different suit.

  5. Tytan Consultants sent me a check as well but when I called the bank and they verified the check was good but I haven’t heard anything from them so I turned the check in to the police.

  6. La Reine Medical company is a scam asking me to western union them 90%of the fake checks. They got ahold of my resume and are threatning me with FBI if they dont receive payment.

  7. Anyone looking for Jillian Pender,of Careerbuilder at work? Would you believe this woman is a Manager that works for Careerbuilder and is responsible for “screening” applicants for behalf of companies that post jobs on Careerbuilder. Ms. Pender contacted me on October 23rd requesting a “phone-screen” interview, and wanted a scheduled time that I could speak with her. I emailed her the times I were available and she never responded back. In fact, she is OUT-OF-THE-OFFICE more than at work. I received an out-of-office reply from her twice? Does that mean the Company that placed the ad with Careerbuilder NEVER received my application? You bet. For your information Job Applicants; when you apply for jobs on Careerbuilder, is very likely a Careerbuilder Recruiter is working for the company that placed the ad. That Careerbuilder Recruiter has your Application not the Employer. If they are OUT-OF-THE-OFFICE AS MUCH AS JILLIAN PENDER is; your Application will NEVER reach the Employer. Careerbuilder has failed to DISCLOSE the fact that they are SCREENING APPLICANTS ON BEHALF OF EMPLOYERS. People looking for jobs need FULL DISCLOSURE FROM CAREERBUILDER or anyone about the status of their Application. Spoke with Ms. Penders Manager today – guy last named Mazanowski;

    he doesn’t know where Ms. Pender is today? Apparently, she left early – A G A I N?

  8. I applied for a job on your website 2 days ago. They contacted me yesterday to set an interview for today @ 10 am. The name of the company was Sharpline Industires in Riverside, CA on Merced Dr. I had a friend google this company after I drove an HOUR away from my residence; because I was telling her she should consider applying for this company. She then informed me that I had been scammed and this company has led many people to believe that they would hold a job in marketing with decent pay plus commission. Is one of the websites where you can view the complaints. When in reality they have you go to places such as malls to sell merchandise out of their vehicles!!! They also stated they marketed for the NFL and MLB; whom I will be informing after I’m finished with this entry that their companies are being used falsely; along with cosmetics. I trusted your website to provide me with companies that were legit and ACTUAL companies! I WILL NEVER AGAIN use your website. I assumed your website was also legit and does some sort of research of the companies you allow to view millions of resumes with personal information on it. I previously worked in medical records which has an incredible HIGH standard of protecting the private information; called HIPPA. It is incredibly disturbing to know your website posts personal information to the masses without researching those who can view this said information. Any possible way I can find to correct this pathetic way your company allows this to happen BELIEVE me I WILL. I suggest your company actually handles this website as a business that CARES about the services they provide or your going to find at some point all of your members; such as myself; will see your just as pathetic as the scam artists you allow to view our information. In closing, I can provide the e-mail I received from this “company” as proof they are a scam.

  9. Please investigate the following: Chugai Inc

    Sep 25 Chugai, We are a corporation that Manufacture Medical equipments in Tokyo and around the world, We Require your assistance as Payment Rep in your region. Complete details below to Indicate Interest; (Name): (Address): (Phone): (Current Work):

    Respond to: Respond Immediately to indicate interest.

    Dr Lee Park (Chugai)

    And especially: TN CONSULTIING FIRM

    Sep 21 Thank you for your interest. I have received your resume in response to my recent job posting on Career Builder for the position of PERSONAL ASSISTANT. The posting has generated an enormous response from interested candidates.

    I reviewed your resume and I am impressed. Your background and experience

    most closely fit the needs of this position.

    My consulting firm has been in existence for over 15yrs in Mississauga, Canada

    and I am relocating my business to united state in two weeks from now. Due

    to my busy schedule, I am always in need of a permanent PERSONAL ASSISTANT

    Basic salary $1,000 weekly / $4,000 monthly without taxes.

    DIRECT MOBILE NUMBER: 647 607 3697


    If you are interested , your response will be appreciated . kindly reply

    this email to confirm your interest.

    IMPORTANT : kindly include your present cell phone number when replying because i might need to call you. thanks.



    647 607 3697

    This individual has submitted the same type of info under a different name and company name before. He actually sent me a bogus fake check for $2,836.xx.:

    Andrew Boule:

    Here is your first task as my Personal Assistant. You are to conduct a research on all Information Technology companies in the Downtown area. The report you will provide me will include information such as:

    A): Location (address) of the IT firms

    B): List of services they render?

    C): How much they charge for their services.

    D): Hotels in Downtown Area * Find out the price for 5 nights and for 5 people, including me. All rooms must be en-suite.

    Also, the check has been sent to you, and here is the tracking number for the package: EG 009 896 766 CA. You may track it on, in order to know when to expect delivery. I have been extremely busy but I will be sure to call you this weekend.

  10. The best service, consistent and friendly. answers or solving problems become a snap. You know your business and do it well.

    With warm regard,

    Ron Romanski

  11. Is anyone using “EZ looker”? If not, could it be dropped. It is annoying. I always forget to turn it off……………Thanks

  12. Career Builder

    I like your site

    You are very helpful

    I have signed up with you for a while now

    No problem

    I still have not landed a job

    Employers are not interested in considering me for employment

    I don t understand why

    I submit several application s

    I have a resume of work history posted with you

    I guess that it is not impressive enough for these employer s

    Thank you Career Builder

  13. Dear career builders,

    I’m writing and hoping that you can assist me, I have a small problem I never posted resume on career builders please check this out and if you see any information with my name please remove it. I am working and if I need assistance I will set up a website.

    kind Words,

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