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  1. all the charbroiled chicken enters the store with bbq sauce already on it. The fried chicken does not come with any sauces on it other than what is added during making a sandwich. If memory serves, the Santa Fe and the Jalepeno both are made with the charbroiled chicken.

  2. Went to Carl’s jr on riverPark made a 20 order western a number 2 large and

    Cheken strips and a larg fry and park on the side and it was all cold this is in Fresno the manager was ray

    Older man I went in there was three people saying the same thing I said

    I didn’t pay 20 for it to be cold he handed my order to the cook thinking that I was not

    Looking they drop my cold order in the fry to reheat and my patty on the grill

    We didn’t even eat it and didn’t go back cuz if the manager there

    I mean the store manager told them to do that why go back this is the second time

    This happen we will never go back and I’ll let my friend not to go ether

    I’m don with Carl’s jr

  3. I went to Carls Jr at restaurant #652 in Palm ave, San diego Ca. When i ordered my food i notice the floor inside the kitchen was dirty, papers and food all over the kitchen floor, also i look back also notice the floor in the tables section was dirty, food and papers all over the restaurant, i ask to speak to the mgr, and he answer I am the MGR, hes name was Christian like 22 years old, and he said we are busy, he never talk to any co worker or clean the place himself. I am disappointed!!! for Carls Jr.

  4. I waited for 35 minutes at the Bellflower Carl’s Jr. location # 329 drive-thru, to find out after entering the line that the speaker system was not working. This should have been posted prior to entering the drive-thru line, not after you are blocked between vehicles with no way to exit the line. They proceeded to take orders at the window and have the customer also wait there for their order instead of having them pull into a parking spot and delivering the food. This resulted in my being late for work, docked for pay and ruining my day. I did not have the time to order upon getting to the front of the line. Poor customer service and managerial critical thinking skills. This could have been handled better.

  5. 03/28/2017 Yesterday I got the SMALLEST 3 piece chicken strips that were soooo tiny, they were smaller than my fingers, and I am a small girl who know has small FINGERS! So I asked the girl in the drive thru, are you guys serious with the size of these strips??? She then smirked and said “yeah that’s their size. I have gone to Carls Jr. since I was a little girl and have seen chicken stars double the size of these puppies. So I got upset and told her ” Are you kidding me I paid $3.55 for these little things”. She just laughed and said” sorry”. Well I don’t accept your apologies, ripping somebody off, is not cool Carls Jr.!!!

  6. Carl’s Jr Restaurants is using my home phone number

    Hello! For years I continue to notify different Carl’s Jr Restaurants to let them know that they are calling a private home phone number to report their ‘shortages and overages’ !! ( My number is 916) I have even called the Corp. The office which explained that they would take care of the issue! A few years later I’m still receiving Carl’s Jr calls! I have owned this above phone number since 1999 and hate to get a new number! I do have Xfinity which once I update the unwanted calls -stores and blocks the calls.

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