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  1. Why can’t you watch the tournaments on TV? Do you have the monopoly on the golf tournament or is it just about money, Some people can’t afford subscriptions because we’re seniors and FH Donald Trump is taking all our money.Besides I just noticed you have terrible reviews. Maybe Les Monvess ? should retire or

    Just let Julie run the network

  2. One commentator said Tigers result was the greatest comeback ever. He forgot Ben Hogan was run over by a bus , told he may never walk again, lost vision in one eye and walked for thirty six holes on saturday to win in his come back. Tiger can’t compare to Hogan. I thought a great comeback required a victory. Please cover the other players occasionally.

  3. Is todays golf coverage going to be about every errant shot Tiger hits or about the tournament leaders?

  4. is the audio on 2018 masters on saturday messed up? could not hear interviews and announcers some of time all day

  5. You should change your golf coverage to the “saga of tiger woods” ! Have stopped watching,so much minutiae is getting silly!All about $ and ratings.Shame.

  6. you have to stay with cbs tim you have no better option. were would you go espn? espn is not better. espn has it setup to benefit only the owner of the league so he can steal the other owners money. I had it happen last year only other decent site you got is yahoo and by all means it you would rather have customer service then a game that works switch to yahoo that’s if you don’t mind losing when you really win. there stats are always so screwed up. if Jamaal Charles goes for 200 yards and 2 tds they will do something stupid like credit him with only 120 yards 1 td and they don’t fix the screw ups. at least that’s how baseball was.

    cbs is the best for year longs but if you want to win money with great customer service you just need to face it and move on stop doing year long leagues and do daily leagues or go with a private host were everything is perfect more money but perfect, and then if you have a problem at least it will be clear its 100% your fault for either trying to get out of paying them money if your having a bad season or just a big cry baby. and just a fyi cbs sports draft rooms only have a problem with internet explorer chrome is the best to use though. but no offense most people I find talking smack about cbs sports are just your typical every day cry baby sore loser that had a bad draft or has no clue what they are doing so when they get half way in with barely any wins they ask for their money back if they don’t get it then they make an excuse and go on forums complaining to other people like ohh they would not refund me my money because I suck at this but they will rather say their customer service sucks because I asked for a refund then I lied to them and changed my story well your draft room did not work so I got stuck with a bad team. if you look at th ebigger picture especially with football 75% at least of th enew comers or people that only do 1 or 2 leagues a year just for fun will try to scam to get their money back if they are on a losing streak and that’s why customer service 99% of the time is rude to you

  7. A few months ago and again yesterday and today the Soap Bold and beautiful was trans mitted in Spanish ( show only not commercials ) When this happened before it lasted about week Then on Sunday during a football game it changed to English during the game Called my provider and was told they had other calls on subject Any Explanation

  8. They will take your money for fantasy football, but when it comes down to getting paid at the end of the season, FORGET IT. They don’t send you any information, there is no way to contact them through the website, they don’t give you any info on your league page, and they don’t answer e-mails. They take your money, and make it nearly impossible to collect if you win. Typical garbage…..

  9. What does it take to have golf coverage continued on CBS and not the Golf Channel? Not everyone has both.

  10. Tonight’s pre-game show had a great interview with Cower and Belichick. Once it was over the guys on the desk were commenting. Cower was ttrying to sum it up with much respect afforded to Belichick. THEN, Esiason makes the comment about spy gate. That had to be THE most classless comment at an inappropriate time that I have ever seen. The guys on the desk are supposed to be neutral. Esiason is a dirtbag for ruining that moment. He should be disciplined and he should have to apologize on the air.

  11. I joined a league week 5 of the fantasy 2013 season at the platium level. I payed $80 for the league entry fee, however, the league never accumulated more than 2 players including myself. So the league never started, no draft, nothing. I have not recieved my refund. I called customer service but recieved no help whatsoever. I’m guessing I will have to take this to the next level. CBS ff is a mafia style corporation with no morals and outright criminal behavior. Take a stand people!

  12. Re: NFL on CBS-> stop with the annoying updates of other games. In this New Age, with information at our fingertips, we can find whats going on elsewhere…elsewhere. If I am watching a game at (say) Pittsburg, it’s b/c I am interested in the Pittsburgh game. No need to “take me to New York” AND no need for the constant scrolling of games situations elsewhere. I get it. You have information. You want to share. You’re CBS…You’re everywhere. (Begs the question: where were you when JFK was having his brain splattered around Dealey Plaza; Nixon was (not) being a crook and the Gulf of Tonkin was manufactured?? Then, we could have used a little insight; little updating. But, football scores? I think even the dullest among us can deal).

    Commentators getting bored? Tell them to relax. No need to relay their wisdom upon us. We are enjoying the game…despite them. We could deal with a little dead air. Most time, it would be a relief. If I want to know what is happening in Miami, I think I can find it, thanks.

  13. I was watching the Denver Oakland game Sunday and for some unknown reason after half time the game was replaced by Kansas. What’s going on. I do not like watching haly of a game. Please explain the reason for this.

  14. does cbs have any input into trades? This league has had good and bads some I agree some I do not but I always look at fairness and ability of players being traded. Trading the 120th pick for a number 1 pick is for instance not a fair trade. Players gain and lose value as year goes on. I have tried to be fair about my saying yes or no to trades. I had one this week one of the best RB Charles for QB Brady both top 10 players. Both teams are below middle of pack in trying to get back into league race. Probably the most even and fairest trade offered in this league all year. 6 teams out of 10 said no. How can a individual player have a chance when joining an open league if the other 6 players are in collusion? Can CBS not look at situations like this and try to at least correct the obvious collusions? Ty

  15. I have a letter i want to send to the writes of Criminal minds…. I have no way of reaching them…. Please tell me how I can reach the writes of Criminal minds I would be very grateful…. Thanks Dolores

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