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57 Replies to “CBS”

  1. About Tuesday night’s episode of FBI. the script was a little bit raw with the F bomb being dropped right after the opening scene. Hopefully this is just a screw up and not an attempt to attract more viewers. I just started watching the show. Didn’t expect the script to go off the grid.

    Call my irritated.

  2. All shows that I watch have lost the last 5 minutes of the program. So the conclusion is lost. For sure on survivor. Could not see who was voted off. I canceled my streaming because of this.

  3. I live in Marion NC 28752 30 miles east of Asheville why am I getting Raleigh and Charlotte local news used to get Greenville at least

  4. re: 10/21/13 Episode of Blacklist starring James Spader. Really enjoy this series. Can you tell me (email) the name and artist of the background music.

  5. about blue bloods season 3 the 1st and 2nd season had me on the edge of my seat i dont know if its the writers or what but season 3 is not good it’s like a waiste of all my money what did the writers do.

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