5 Replies to “CCO Mortgage”

  1. The current payoff letter being sent to homeowners is incorrect.

    At the bottom of the letter it states:

    “In order to obtain the Abstract of Title, if your county requires one, please call Monroe Title Insurance Corporation at 585.232.4950.”

    Hopefully this letter will soon be amended to read:

    “If your existing loan closed in Upstate NY prior to 1989, Monroe Title Insurance Corporation may have prepared your abstract of title. Monroe Title is now Stewart Title Insurance Company. You may check with your local Stewart office to see if they can assist you. Office locations are listed at http://www.stewartnewyork.com.”

  2. Has anyone filed a lawsuit against cco mortgage company and won? They have destroyed my credit! I did a loan modification in Jan.2015 it’s not completed yet! My roof is leaking and I can’t. Afford to have it fix because of my credit score that co mortgage screwed up!

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