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  1. I cannot setup either the “Music Player” or “FM Radio” under the “TOOLS” menu. I have tried all the options I could think of….I lost the Manual that came with this phone, Motorola WX416, the day it arrived, so have been using the web sites, such as this one, to find answers to my questions.

    So far, I’ve not received any information that applies. It would be nice if all the features were available.

    Other than these 2 issues, I’ve found this phone to be an acceptable one for my needs: I did forget one area that needs improvement; the “CONTACTS” menu….the data should be listed in another format, not a ‘scroll down’ menu, which takes time if the owner has more than a few contacts.

  2. i cought a verizon phone from you people i cant remember how long ago i never had to have it activated until noe it was just a extra one i had just in case. it worked fine the firsr week but now it seems to shut off be its self even though its all charged up i plug in the charger it comes on for a while sometimes longer times than others and then goes off again ihave your number here 1-877-206-4354

  3. I have been trying every where in the stores in our area to fine a new jacket for my U.S. Cellular phone. I was told they no longer are available. I guess my phone is a older one which I bought in 2009. I like my phone so do not want to get a new phone. I only want a new cover for the phone I have. Please get me info on this.

    Thank You Ardyth Halverson

  4. Greetings to Everyone!!

    I would like to know why I cant make use of my phone to call. Please help I need my phone very badly. Please tell me what to do! I cant only recieve and make a text but not call!

  5. May be easy to sign up and get a phone BUT DO NOT TRY TO CANCEL!! Have been trying for the last hour to cancel my with no success. There is NO WHERE on the web site that I could find to cancel. When I called the number I was told that the wait time was 15 minutes but if I pressed 1 I would be called back when it was my turn. FOR GET ABOUT IT. Never called back. Then when I tried to call again the message was the system was down???? I tried holding on, but 30 minutes before I got anyone on the phone. FINALLY after 38 minutes the account was cancelled! I also went on the account and removed the card number for auto withdrawal.

  6. I have been a loyal customer with Cellular one for over 8 years, my 2 year contract with you has long ago expired. I called today to I am paying full value for the phone today because I have (2) other family members on the same contract. Why doesn’t Cellular One offer some kind of discount to loyal customers when they need to replace an old phone?

  7. I will be contacting your company in reference to a bill you say I owe you. The amount is outrages and and I don’t intend on paying it without an itemized bill to the charges, which i never received. (the bill). So don’t expect me to just send you 2500.00 dollars for a final bill I never recieved, for this amount and why its so high. Bill should only refelect three months of service and was in the process of a dispute on the charges anyway.

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