Cetegy merged with Fidelity Information Services, the division of Certegy responsible for merchant check guarantee has been renamed as FIS.

Certegy Check Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 30046

Tampa, FL 33630-3046

Fax: 1-727-570-4936

Certegy Gaming Services Inc.

Attn: Gaming Bureau

PO Box 31038

Tampa, FL 33631-3038

Gaming Systems: 1-866-544-0234

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52 Replies to “Certegy”

  1. Certegy,

    It’s time to put these people out of business! They are violating more federal laws than I can believe with the BS scam they are running. There are no files just their algorithm that they use. Hell, I can write an algorithm that would rejects 3-5% of the applicants without reason or rhyme and here is the unbelievable part and then to get the nations largest retailers to buy it well, thats what happened…and they could made a fun game out it for everyone because they could have made it into a lottery so the losers could at least have a chance to be a big winner.

    Lottery odds are than you will ever get in comparison to the odds of getting a response from CENTEGY are.


    How aboiut the fact that you can not get a hold of someone that has done you an injustice?

    Do they just keep promising they will call you with an answer?

    How about every website they run giving you an internal server error?

    How about a Company that has already sold your information whether it was right or wrong?

    How about a Company that’s security allowed and employee to steal and then sell 6.8 million client records – those records were our records.

    It’s time to put an end to this kind of abuse so join us in the fight and it won’t cost you a dime at

    We won’t sell your name or your email address and you might get $10.00 and 10 pounds of satisfaction out of it when we win!

  2. more of the same; gave a contractor a company check; he was declined; called certegy – said nothing at all negative on this company or company check; he should try again – no luck, no explanation – this was WALMART in Winter Springs, FL

  3. Put Dillard’s and Academy on the naughty list that uses Certegy (probably won’t go back to these stores) My mom has trouble with her eyesight and could not get her DL renewed, but got an state ID instead. Since then, this company has declined her checks because information on her was incorrect. They want us to SEND them a copy of her ID. Information related to her, as for as I know, has never been sent to them. They supposedly use a third party…. to glean all of our information. If the corrected glasses she will get later this month allows her to see better, and the state reinstates her license that was expired that means the information we sent Certegy will still have incorrect information. It is a catch 22 and it stinks that they did this to a 92 year lady who doesn’t understand what is happening to her. It is too late to help her do her Christmas shopping because by the time they receive their copy in the mail, Christmas will be long gone. Thanks Certegy for making my mother’s last Christmas so jolly and fun for her.

  4. Recently I applied for credit at a Target store here in San Diego. Upon the advice of Certegy, Target refused my application for a Credit account. I am extremely bothered by this since I have a 60 year record of excellent credit without a single “failure to pay” or “late payment” mark on my credit report(s). I currently have a rating of 832 from the three Credit Bureaus.

    I protested to Certegy and asked for an explanation (with a copy of the request to Target).

    Today, I received a request from Certegy for my personal information (Driver’s License, Date of Birth, Bank Routing and Account Number and SSN. I really hesitate to send this information – particularly since I have read about an employee of Certegy releasing the private information of 2 plus million people (I really have no way of knowing if this is true). This note however in addition to the comments on this web site cause me some concern about the competence, capability and integrity of Certegy Check Service. I can live without a charge account at Target but I wonder what will happen if I do not respond to the Certegy request for more personal information. If I decline to do so and the matter is not cleared up I will never again be able to answer the question “Have yo ever been declined credit” with a no. And all because of some rinky dink backwoods ignorant company !! Why Target or any other company would hire the likes of Certegy is beyond me.

  5. This company should be reported to the Attorney General for scam practices. They decline your check for no reason and will not tell you anything. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I will not ever patronize any store that uses Certegy ever again. They are nothing but a big rip off on the tax paying people that are hard working, and you can not get any kind of answers from them. I was on the phone for over 2 hours and still no type of answer on anything. Their people were very rude and I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau concerning this scam of a company. I have seen nothing but negative comments, there has not been one single thing that was said positive about these people.

  6. this company is a SCAM I had never had any check issues they don’t contact you they just turn over wrong information to the state for more money .I tried to contact on more then one occasion very rude customer service rep who lack professionalism that give wrong information IM BANDING ALL STORES WHO USE THIS SYSTEM

  7. Just got declined at Walmart. It was a 401k loan check. They told me it was my neighborhood. My profile. I always cash checks at Walmart. My loan was to purchase a vehicle and I wasn’t able to do that. How embarrassing. The cashier looked at me like I was a criminal. My salesman can’t hold a car!! Very confused and discouraged. Why are stores using this company. It’s only scaring customers away. Now what??? Why?!! Very sad and disturbing!!!!

  8. You got to be kidding! I ‘m on the phone now for 20 minutes still on hold still don’t have an answer to my question. The person that picked up the phone just read thru a script. Asked to speak to a supervisor, back on hold again.

    The check presented at a Staples Store is good but since Certegy rejected it because “the pattern on the check does not meet the criteria”. Trying to get an answer from Certegy what this means so we can correct the problem. Still on hold and I’m sure the supervisor won’t have an answer.

    Certegy I’m sure doesn’t care that their service is inadequate when it comes to dealing with people but Staples will loss our business.

    Still on hold.

  9. I have tried to cash a company payroll check,at krogers as I have many times before.

    Certegy said the check was believed to be fraudulent,even though its from the only foundry,and from PNC bank,in my little small hick town.My place of employment,

    can be seen from anywhere across town,and krogers sets across from them,50 yards away.

    They know me there. I will never shop there again. Portsmouth,oh

  10. Sixty years old….never had a check declined in my life, until today at Party City! No reason given, just told he would hold the merchandise until I could come back w/credit card,etc. for purchase! I left, called my bank and was reassured my account had not been emptied by identity thieves (my first thought in this day and age!). My personal banker informed me Party City never checked with them, and that they probably use a ‘holding company’ and should call them to find out. I did, and was connected with the manager of the store (the same man who was the check out clerk who was holding the merchandise until my return!). He confirmed my check was declined by a holding company called Certegy & gave me the toll free number to call for the reason for decline. Told him I would NOT be back for the merchandise, nor will I be shopping there ever again after such a humiliating experience WITHOUT JUSTFICATION since my account had more than enough funds to cover the check! Furious morphed to rage when I called Certegy and encountered an automated system rather than a human being!!! People need jobs….HIRE some to answer your phones! After reading the previous comments here regarding this company Certegy, I am absolutely amazed retail businesses still use them! Guess I need to contact Party City corporate office and let them know my $129.06 will now be spent at a competitor …… Most likely a locally owned establishment that would never think of treating a customer in this fashion! And I will pass the word along to anyone who needs party supplies, to shop anywhere EXCEPT Party City, even if they don’t intend to pay by check………..why encourage such horrendous customer service!!


    Certegy advertises that they decline between 2-5% of the millions of transactions attempted each year. This 2-5% is more like a quota and does not accurately depict the number of fraudulent attempts. The quotas are used on reports and brochures to clients in order to promote their service as viable and necessary.

    As less people rely on checks and check cashing services, Certegy services become less needed. It is only though their ‘proprietary fraud model’ that they are able to convince big named corporations like Wal-Mart to continue using their system.

    This proprietary fraud detection model is written to convince big corporations that ‘something is being done to prevent fraud’. In reality, the models goal is to meet the 2-5% quota that their brochures and reports advertise. This means that even if customers are law-abiding citizens who have no intention of committing fraud, they can fall within Certegy’s ‘proprietary fraud detection model’ algorithm.

    Certegy gets away with this because they can hide the reasons for check declines through codes. The codes limit the detail that prevent discovery of the algorithms. In essence, they can arbitrarily deny transactions based solely on the hidden algorithm and consumers have no right to know why they were declined.

    In summary, your check was declined so Certegy can continue selling their product. You become a statistic that Certegy reports to their shareholders in order to justify the costs of the services.

    This is a completely unethical way of doing business especially in the United States that has laws protecting credit and consumers. Certegy has managed to circumvent the laws. They understand fraudsters are finding other ways to steal from businesses and the fact that they sacrifice a few thousand innocent people per year, by denying legitimate transactions, is a small price for them pay.


  12. Well I DO HAVE a insufficient funds check written to a store using certgey. I went to try and take care of it and they have not even the slightest idea of how to find out about it. The manager says her books are clear because she received payment for the check in the form of a federal reserve sight draft. Through investigating on the web I found a phone number wich is usless as it says transaction doesnot exist. So I wrote them and received no answer four times then I faxed and got a fax back saying my debts were dismissed under HJR192. This I looked up and refers to when they took all our money in 1932 and forced us to use script and federal promissary notes to dismiss debts. So I don’t know is the feds living up to the house joint resolution finally if so why can I still not cash a check anywhere that uses certegy???

  13. I also tried to cash a check at Walmart and was declined. I left embarrassed, called the number they gave me which indicated I had no negative issues with my information or account and that it declined due to a “rare” profile match in system. They said it was no reflection on me or my account, it is that the system scans for profiles and it is to protect me as well. How are they prtecting me from declining my good check???. How the heck did I meet a profile with a good account, no returned or unpaid checks and a positive balance? This is beyond ridiculos and they need to change their system to not flag good standing account! Maybe if enough people sue or start a class action suit we can fix this stupidity! ??? Cowards!

  14. 7/28/2017

    My check was declined at the Dollor Gen. Store at Loudon, Tenn. for $54.94 today. A call to Certegy was a waste of time, could not tell me anything. I do not have any outstanding checks out and was very embarrassed due to people standing around me that knew me. In order for Dollor Gen. Store to get my business again they need to change their check service co. I do not have any trouble cashing checks anywhere else in my county. The business’s that are using Certegy are losing a lot of business due to their system.

  15. Received a $999 Emergency Fund check from Social Security late Friday afternoon. (Issued because they messed up my Retirement/Disability claim delaying my first retirement check by 30 days causing me to be a month behind Rent,Utilities, NEEDED MEDICINE, Gas and FOOD. By the time I finished a couple errands banks were closed. I went to WalMart to cash check, Meds filled and food. CHECK-WAS DENIED-By Certegy–print out Reason 2. Called their 800# from WalMart Customer Service, waited for 12 minutes, got a foreign accent that was difficult to communicate with, after another wait was told they didn’t know why I was getting flagged, refused to correct it, and said there wasn’t a Supervisor available but would have one call me within 48 hrs. That’s just great-Reason I received EMERGENCY CHECK was it was an EMERGENCY. My God it was a Social Security Check-Is the US Government in that much financial trouble that some of their checks might not be good??? It was a long miserable weekend. $999 in my billfold was just a worthless piece of paper until Monday Morning. These people are not only they are Rude. Why do most retail stores use them is a good question. I could possibly understand not cashing personal or payroll checks if there was a history of bounced checks but a not a goverment issued check of any kind.

  16. I Was at a target store on may 28, 2017. The amount was $102.00. I was declined. I had more than enough in my bank and was confirmed by the bank that there was no block on my account . Certigy stated that there was no negative balance but at there was nothing else they could do. Target, please use another agency!!!!!!!

  17. No more business with Fred Meyer stores. I went in and they refused my check and stated their check service, Certegy, declined my check. Funny thing is, I have not written any bad checks. As a former debt collector I know how exspensive bad checks can be. Calling Certegy for an explanantion was a BIG waste of time. Absolutely no direction or help. To bad for merchants utilizing this check service. Imagine the significant loss of business and revenues! I now will ask a merchant if they use Certegy prior to shopping. If they use Certegy I will leave with a smile 🙂

  18. May 22 2017—the Macon Cemetery Preservation Corporation, was at the Staples in Macon Ga… we were purchasing 4 computers,office sweet and 16 c cell batteries… the amount was just under $2000 dollars…Our check was denied… there was no reason given… when we called the phone number the machine said there was no negative reason for the hold but that no one could suspend it……we are a 501-c non-profit group and it was extremely embarrassing… it wasted a check and as i only had a limited number with me we were unable to purchase the much need computers with the grant money we needed to spend.

  19. I wrote a check at big lots 3/15/2017 for a mattress & check was declined by cerpegy! There was more than enough money in account & have not had any previous problems cashing checks! I have made a complaint to big lots & probably will not buy from them again if I have to go through this kind of embaresment and deal with a company as bad as you are! Big lots was given picture ID & I even called my bank while at big lots & was told there was plenty of money in account and there was no problems . Still was denied. I think Cerpegy stinks & is very unprofessional! Did not even try to make it right.Would advise anyone to deal with this company as they will most likely cost you business & money!

  20. I am a retired firefighter from the los angeles fire dept. I recieve a small check from Workmans compensation every two weeks for life for injuries sustained on the job. I cash my check and always have a tough time getting it cashed. I don’t know why it keeps rejecting and eventually will accept it and then sometimes it will not. What’s going on ? I cash it at Alberson’s market in Alhambra ,Calif ,91803 my name is Rafael A Lopez

  21. I hve purchased items through Certegy Ezi Pay, payment completed 7months ago and still charged $2.90 every fortnight-why????? Certegy, you are a rip off!!!! TRUE BLUE RIP OFF and your customer service is no better. Certegy, your service is well below standard i.e. SUBSTANDARD

  22. I feel I have been discriminated against by Certegy. Several times in the past 6 months I have tried to cash my payroll check at Wal-Mart in Wellington, KS and it has been declined. I was given a receipt with a code #1 this last time. Each time this happens I call, get an automated service which is no help at all. I finally found a number online to call and when I did I got a rep who I couldn’t understand very well. He stated that I was being declined due to my DL# in the system which is the best I can understand from him. I requested to speak with someone higher up and he would not allow this but stated he would have someone call me within the next 24 to 48 hours. I doubt they will. I got the run around. I believe my history of cashing my payroll checks were as goes one allowed, one declined, one allowed, two declined. The rep stated not to use any place that has a contract with Certegy if I wanted to cash my payroll check. Now how do you know who does and does not contract with Certegy and is this going to happen to me while writing a personal check because they may ask for my DL # then too? Their computer system is supposed to be random he said then he said it is based on past activity but nothing to do with me or my banking account, just I am picked out by the computer. Well the computer has a flaw and is declining all of my payroll checks now. I have been discriminated against because if this random, certain poeple picked out, then why is all of mine being declined at this point? That’s not random, not right and the company is picking on certain people. What if I had to cash my check asap, no banks open at 8 pm at night, need gas, need to go to the hospital or some other emergency and I am set to be declined over and over. That is discrimination due to the fact of who I am, my ID. I haveb been out into a catagory of declines and this is not right.

  23. Certegy has a $3.5 Million dollar lawsuit against them by the FTC as of August of 2016? I’ll be filing a claim against this company for being in violation of the FCRA and denying my check to be cashed for $143.64 for sending me file disclosure letter that says “NO SUFFICIENT INFORMATION ON FILE”. So if there is no information on file then why am I being denied the cashing of a Lawsuit settlement check? That is none of there business? I’ve re forwarded a complaint to the FTC (2nd Time) to see if I can get some results? If nothing comes of it, The claim will be sent to Certegy in the amount of $1,043.64 for the inconvenience of messing with me and any other fines I find under State And Federal Statutes and Codes of Federal regulations. They don’t seem to be running a legitimate company. We’ll See?

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