Cetegy merged with Fidelity Information Services, the division of Certegy responsible for merchant check guarantee has been renamed as FIS.

Certegy Check Services, Inc.

P.O. Box 30046

Tampa, FL 33630-3046

Fax: 1-727-570-4936

Certegy Gaming Services Inc.

Attn: Gaming Bureau

PO Box 31038

Tampa, FL 33631-3038

Gaming Systems: 1-866-544-0234

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52 Replies to “Certegy”

  1. Cetergy has declined my checks at several stores .I have never written a bad check. I don’t write a lot of checks because I am not a spend thrift . This company is causing a lot of honest people to be humiliated in public when their checks are declined by some company that dosen’t know a thing about them.

    1. I will be contacting a lawyer about your declining my check at Mashalls in Trussville, Alabama. I called the number on the card I was given (1-800-770-3792) and discussed thee issue with someone at that number. I have requested a reason as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act . The person I talked to would not tell me the specific reason my check was declined but did list some vague and unspecific possibilities. I know that this is illegal and will be following up on this. What ever your company has in a file on me is something I have a right to know. I have never written a bad check in my lifetime which is almost 73 years. If you do not correct what ever is in a file under my name as well as sending me a copy of the information, I will be working to get a class action lawsuit against this company. I will be notifying people via social media as soon as possible and will be encouraging them to boycot businesses that use your service. I note that this will not be the first time your company has had legal problems.

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