Ceva Logistics USA


Ceva engineers have identified and standardized the core supply chain processes. From this they customize to your specific needs while applying best practice experience.

Ceva Logistics USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
10751 Deerwood Park Blvd.Ste. 200
Jacksonville, FL

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3 Replies to “Ceva Logistics USA”

  1. CEVA will never get my business again. As well as my customers, friends and family.

    Here is why:

    I ordered a package on 12/26/13 through Amazon and was told that with out a doubt my package would be delivered between 8-11 am on 1/3/13.

    Never got a call and yet when I called I was told he was running a little late by 3 hours.

    Spoke with 3 reps and a Supervisor (Mark) and was told it would be here on 1/4/13 by 11.

    Called Ceva again and was told he was running a little late again and will be there by 12:30.

    He has yet to arrive (12:36 pm). This is the first, worst and last time I will order anything arriving by CEVA. I have called Amazon and they as well said my shipment would be here no later than 12:30 pm.

    I have been in logistics for 25 years and I know things happen however there is no excuse for the lack of customer service and best business practices.

  2. This is a racist company, I know of 3 African American that have been wrongly terminated. Before working with this company do your research.

  3. My package was to arrive on 3/31/15. According to CEVATRAK they called me to confirm delivery at 9:16am that morning and delivery was confirmed by customer. First of all, I NEVER GOT A CALL FOR ANYTHING. I waited at home all day and kept their tracking info up to see if they posted any updates. At 7:00 pm, their tracking stated DELIVERY ATTEMPT MADE AT 6:40pm. THAT IS A LIE, I sat on my couch by the front door, which was open all day looking thru my storm door waiting for delivery. I called toll free phone number to their company and told them I wanted my package. They informed me an attempt was made and I would get it the next day. I informed them that NO ATTEMPTS WHERE MADE and the driver lied. They said I would get it the next morning. At approx 9:00 pm I Recieved a call again saying that the driver was not given my address to deliver package. Then 1) how was attempt made and 2) how did my package get on his truck? On both those calls, mine to their company and theirs calling me, no one asked me to confirm by address. My Phone number is listed 4 times on their tracking info, why did the driver not call and say ” hey, got your package, can you confirm your address?”

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