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  1. I am a fairly regular customer. One thing caused me to become miffed and I don’t honk I will be going back.

    Usually I carry books however just this once I said yes I would like a bag and was told I had to pay six cents . Now if it’s raining and you don’t want the book ruined it will cost you an additional six cents.. I left the purchase.

    This was for a regular price book, 34.95 and tax. If I go to WalMart I may get this book cheaper and have it bagged. If I can get it at Costco it will be a lot cheaper , no bag. However, I choose to not look and just buy at Chapters and was shocked your sales person actually would rather see me walk out minus purchase rather than give me a bag.

    Folks, if you buy anything at the dollar store they will put it in a bag for you. I think if a person needs the bag give them the bag. Enough of the nickel and dimming people to death.

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