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  1. Today a “third party” rep for charter cable came to burry the cable line. I have never been treated so badly! I was hollered at and told to just go home and shut up! He would not show proof of insurance, a buuisness card or any other info that I asked for. They arrived in an old,beat up, black truck, and looked very unprofessional. VERY dirty and

    spoke vey rude to me. When I told them that I wanted proof of who they were and proof of insurance, He told me to go to hell and if I called charter that he would leave and not come back when he got another servie order to come back saying he gets paid no matter what. I called charter after the “YAHOO’S” left and they said thry would take care of it…….. now let’s wait and see what if anyhing will be done.

  2. I regret ever canceling with direct tv to go to charter they’re the worst service and they’re customer service is a complete joke!!!!!!!!!

  3. Charter had better get their act together. I canceled my account with them last December and went to ATT. Now they are harrassing me about a bill that dose not exist. Since I have been with Att, I have not had no problems, better service, and more for almost the same price

  4. CHARTER IS TERRIBLE. HORRIBLE!!!! AWFUL!!! Customer “service” is a joke to them, and whoever rated them “fastest internet provider” must’ve been from the stone-age. Thank you for nothing Charter. I’ve reset modems, unplugged, whatever, also rebooted the computer, NOTHING WORKS!!! BIG RED CHECKMARK FOR CHARTER. THE WORST SERVICE EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope someone actually reads this.. Probably not tho, since customer service is their second-most not-funny joke next to their actual service.

  5. Wow! Glad to know we are not alone in our unhappiness with Charter! After Charter realised we have our own wireless router our internet seems to mess up even more and they keep offering us their wireless router saying it would keep those outages from happening. Funny how once we reset THEIR modem it fixes the situation temporarily. I am fed up with them. Can anyone give me an idea of who to turn to for new cable, internet and phone service? We are currently paying about $170.- $180 per month for expanded basic cable, high speed internet and unlimited local and long distance phone service w/voice mail and caller id. Any suggestions will be helpful. BTW, I don’t want to fall into contracts with hidden charges and huge startup costs.

  6. its a good thing Charter is smart enough to hire friendly phone support techs for the pathetic TV service they offer. I’m sure if they answered the phone with the same quality as their equipment, ….. people would go postal on them!

  7. 4-16-12 modem is flickering in and out……………and the phone line with charter is down again……it was down, this past saturday, past thursday….and now today monday morning……..charter is horrible.

    Phone line with At&T just fine never had a problem

  8. I have the unfortunate experience of having charter, the bundle package. My wife thought we were saving money by having the bundle package. As it turns out it was $75 more per month.The cable was horrible, finally fired the cable portion of our bundle. Charter CANNOT KEEP THE PHONE LINE IN OPERATION!!!!!!!! Charter has tried to fix my phone line over 20 times in the 2 years, I have made over 50 phone calls. I have to call from my home office AT&T line because it works. My wireless modem was replaced 5 times with 10 or so service calls scheduled then they told me about UBEE. UBEE is the charter upgrade as far as wireless modems go. THey have now replaced that twice, so Im on my 3rd UBEE. The internet goes down an avg of 2 a week for an hour or so and 20 times a week for a few minutes here and there.

    Charter is a horrible company, nice employees, but they know their products suck! Phoneline, wireless modem, internet connection (non modem related) and their cable were all and are still the worse I have ever had. I switched to Direct TV…NIGHT AND DAY! differnce, now if I could opt out and get another internet service I would in a heart beat! I wouldnt wish charter on an enemy!

  9. can anyone tell me why they have to send out 20 techs to hook up a bundle and niether one can hook up everything right? i’ve had trouble from day one. does anyone understand english or do i have to speak swaheelee or something?

  10. does anyone from charter read these negative comments, since i have had a half a month of complete service i am going to pay half of my bill! i dont think they care

  11. why is it thtat i haveto pay my bill in full when all of last week and this week i am not recewiving all of the stations i am paying for. this is annoying i am looking for another cable network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. charter is worst internet provider available in Livingston Parish Louisiana.It is always going out. I switched to eatel.I pay more but I get reliable service.charter cable tv is getting worse and worse. I still have it ,but I am not satisified with the way charter keeps dropping highdefination channels from expanded basic.Charter has alsoin the past year dropped hall mark channel. Charter moved blackentertainment to that channel spot. Why were local channels dropped from the charter lineup?

  13. I have never been so frustrated in all my life as when I tried to order the bundle package and get it hooked up! I was ready to go postal! I got the biggest run around from everyone I talked to!! Ditto the worst ever customer service!!! Jay

  14. Charter is absolutly the worst service i have ever had in my life, i have had service since in moved to tennessee in july, and i have nothing but problems, i have had tech at my home every 3 weeks since then. i have even had a tech tell me that squirals are eating the lines, to disrupt the services.. never heard anything like this in my life.. then i get disconnected this morning , they tell me that they havent recieved any payments.. sorry to burst charters bubbles.. but i have my reciepts over 400.00 was paid and no show of payments..and service disconnected !!! BULLcrap !!! then 3 phone calls and still cant get any help..i just dont understand this, talk to the billing dept, and they refuse to give me the corp. office number WTF

  15. If you call phone repair you will get the U.S. does not matter if you have charter phone or not they cannot transfer the call. They are only allowed a 12% transfer rate. Every time you call check you bill, they will change something so it looks like they made a sale. If you get a tech sent out check your bill you will be charged sometimes even if you have the insurance. Just don’t expect any thing to get fixed It wont be. There are very few who actually are trained to fix any thing and charter gets rid of them early since they are no great salesmen. Customer Support main job is to upgrade your services

  16. I am from New York, am 70 years old. I have been a cable customer for decades. From what I read on other sites Charter Cable seems to be tied in to Time Warner Cable.

    Both companies have been living hell.

    You cannot blame the representatives who answer the phone, but it seems that they are trained to give you horrible customer service. You are frequently “disconnected”.There is no complaint resolution department. Supervisors are “unavailable”. You cannot speak with the same person from call to call.

    Here in N.C. I am forced to call the company about the fact that my bill mysteriously increases every month.You can spend hours trying to get the rate you were promised & succeed but the next month it happens again. They swear the correction is on their computer system (a lie)& then you cannot reach or fault the person who promised you this.

    They are horrible monopolies. If you switch,you find they’re all tied together.

  17. I finally had enough today and canceled Charter service. 4 years of constant outages. We stayed because it was less expensive than the alternatives, and we kept having hope that each time would end the problems. We are done. Our service was down every 2-3 months. When it went down again it was obvious that it was the lines again since they have worked on our neighbor’s twice this week and and told them theirs MIGHT last until the next lineman comes out, It didn’t and ours went out with theirs. Spent 30 minutes on the phone, they set up the appt for 3-5. I told them that if they found that they didn’t need to get inside, to please let me know and don’t leave us sitting there waiting. They didn’t show up. I got a call at 5:15 from a machine telling me the problem was fixed. It was not of course at either house. Spent 45 more minutes on the phone to be told our signal was really bad. Yeah, you told me that this morning. I was then told, (not asked) that a tech was coming to our house between 7 and 9 tonight. That was our last straw. I had already waited from 3-5. Would not be a problem if this wasn’t around the 50th time we have been through this in 4 years. I am not exagerating. Every outage usually requires 2-3 visits and hours on the phone and waiting at home, only to get to do it again in a couple months. Our last 3 day outage was at New Years. It is barely Feb. We are done. If you are experiencing contant outages, it will never get better. Even the techs that come out say they won’t let them replace parts and fix the problems and just let them patch. They showed up at the neighbor’s at 6:30, their appt was 3-5 also…. no call. Fixed for the moment and of course they didn’t need to come in to do it. Ours ends on the 6th, 4 years is patient enough!

  18. I want to Speak with a Customer Service Rep. here in the United States and not one in some third World Country that I can’t understand what TO h e l l IS BEING SAID..Contact me on my E-Mail Address with a Number to call an American Custome Service Representative!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I have charter service, If u don’t watch your each month, they will increase it for no reason I have to call they each month to correct the increase, then they change there channel without notice. they are crooks,and customer service is a big joke!!!it would be nice to have a customer service rep that speaks english. I hate charter!!!!!!!!

    w lail

  20. I have never had a problem with Charter other than It’s way over priced. I pay 172.82 a month for extended cable, Internet and phone. will be on a limited income soon, and have to go to just basic channels. bummer.. CS has always been great though.

  21. Charter is installing new service in our neighborhood and what a mess! Piles of dirt, equipment and holes left in the yard. There was no notification to anyone, elect. lines, water lines and TV & internet lines cut everywhere. Their solution? Call the various utility companies and have them repaired yourself. Great customer relations! Wouldn’t sign with them for any kind of discount.

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