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Chatzy is a good alternative to Facebook, Skype, Windows Live, and other messengers.

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  1. Chatzy is full of dangerous people and illegal activity. It is unregulated and it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to contact the owners of the site. Unsafe for minors and the mentally/emotionally vulnerable.

  2. This is the Nashville Tennessee police department going undercover on a pimp operating within the confines of our you have a few users who we need to investigate a few users send email to the one listed below we can’t tip them off an anyway we will contact you further via this email if we find these people guilty and need to be removed from site. Dissocia is one code name, the Swedish is another and causial is the other. Thanks for cooperating with us.

  3. My son goes on chatzy at night and he is a high functioning autistic but a lot of people call him names and other despicable names or use fowl language and he is not good with that isn’t there anything that can be done so this doesn’t happen

  4. Help…………..Our room crashed yesterday morning and in check with another room about the same times, they reported no troubles. I am trying to find the people to look at our room and see that all is well, but don’t know who they are.

    Anyone here able to help?

  5. Can Chatzy limit the number of invitees in the chat room to a specific number [ie: you invite 150 people but only 40 are allowed in the chatroom – the first 40 are allowed after that they will have to go to the next available session. Please advise – Thank you

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