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  1. Hello

    My Name is Mostafa and I’m a student at American University of Science and Technology.

    I have a project to do whereby I need to interview via email a director of Marketing which I feel is doing a great job at marketing. I have chosen your company to do such an interview with.

    You can answer as many or as few questions as you can. I need the answers by next week as it is part of my final grade.

    1) Is Your Social Media done inhouse or is it subcontracted to an outside agency ?

    2) If it is subcontracted how did you go about picking the agency and do you go give them complete freedom to do the social media on your behalf?

    3) If it it done inhouse how many employees are involved in it ?

    4) Is each responsible for a particular media ie : one for twitter , facebook , youtube etc.. or are the employees all of them doing the same ?

    5) Which of the social media platforms have you been able to get the best ROI from ?

    6) How do you measure ROI on social media? Which social media tools and goals do you use to measure if a campaign was succcessful or not ?

    7) If you had to give me your best example of a campaign on Twitter , Facebook , Fourquare, Pinterest, Google+ which one would it be and what was the outcome ?

    8) Is your social media campaign integrated ?

    9) How do you go about increasing your fan base , or followers on twitter ? Do you spend money on Facebook ads or buying fans from third party or do you grew them organically ?

    10 ) What would you suggest for a new company to do when starting out with it is social media campaign to do ?

    Mostafa Mohtadi

  2. I completely forgot about this cheap trip stuff untill my parents recivied a home call at there home looking for me and money. What steps can I take so they don’t call again or have them speak to me. This is an enormous scam.

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