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  1. I got a loan and was laid off found another job and told them i was looking for another one they pulled the check that i wrote 12 times in 2 weeks put my account negitive 650 dollars so i fou.d another job and told them i will be in friday to pay on my loan because i get paid thursday night at midnight so when my check went in i looked at my account to go pay them they already pulled 2300 dollars from my account..HOW DARE YOU ROB YOUR CUTOMERS LIKE THAT F THEM I WILL NEVER GO BACK

  2. I recently applied for a loan with my vehicle it has been over a week and no answer yet. Why does it take so long? you have all the paper work and my daughter found out the same day that all her paperwork was turned in. Not sure I still want money from you after reading all these negative remarks. The store I applied at has great customer service but not liking the company as a whole. I do not think they are concerned about the clients just making money.

  3. I am writing and telling you to stop any and all ACH payments on my account, under the name Check N Go or any other business name you use and by any merchant ID you use.

    Thank you

    Laura D Campbell

  4. This is the worst company they denied my income after they said they could use it. and i needed it for medical expenses they just want to give to the rich who dont need a loan to begain with

  5. This man pertaining to be a lawyer for check N Go called my office demanding money for on an on-line loan since September 2014. He is demanding this money to be paid to Bank & Associate Law Firm. He said that an officer will be serving papers. This is a loan that I am unaware of that and I did not co-sign for a loan for anyone. The person names is Steven Callaway, He said that he lives in Atlanta, Ga. His phone is 844-881-5072.

  6. I got hurt on my job and the first pay day I got less then $200.00 for two weeks paycheck. I called the manager at check and go and I explained to her that I was suppose to get a check from workman’s comp the check that not come when it was suppose to come. I kept in touch with her I even went into the office. After all where was I going to go I own a home less than two miles from their office. Beside nobody runs away over $555.00. When the check still that not arrive I went in she was not there I left her a note. The next day she deposits the check anyway which made a lot of little purchase that I had made at the supermarket bounce to the tune of $177.00. What she does not understand it has just made it harder for her to get her money because when they do deposit my money in my account the back it going to take their money first. Which means she still will not be able to get her $555.00 because there will not be enough left because workman’s comp only pays 80% of your salary. All she had to do was wait until the money was deposited and neither one of us would have this problem. I was a good customer the only time I was every late was when I had to work Friday Saturday and sunday back to back 7am to 7pm and could not make it to the office in time. Why don’t they have a customer service line that people could call into?

  7. I only used check and go twice and it’s sad to say but they are very sneaky. My first loan of 1300 was paid off but they made over 1800 in reinstallment fees from me before I paid it off. They would always send me emails when it came close to my loan pay off due date so that I could choose to refinance or pay them off. this time I only borrowed 800 and they didn’t once send me an email informing me too. They took the entire 1000 out of my account without once giving me the option to refinance and I’m in the field for my Army training and couldn’t do anything about it. You guys are truly crooks and your interest rate is ridiculous and you take advantage of good customers. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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