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  1. We ate at Cheesecake in Walnut Creek, CA tonight at about 8:30 pm. There was a great atmosphere and our server, Kristen, was tremendous. Her smile was contagious! The food from the Skinny-licious menu was satisfying. It appeared by the active chatter that other guests were having a nice time. It also appeared from the attitude and interaction of staff that tonight’s management team was spot on. Anyway, thanks for a nice experience this evening following a hectic work day.

  2. I took my daughter and 6 year old grandaughter to the Colonie Center location. Our server was named Bob (or Rob–apologies) who was fantastic with her. He interacted patiently and they had a clever and charming interchange. She was delighted and I have nothing but praise and I hope his tip reflected my appreciation.

    The food was wonderful…..had the eggs benedict…the portions abundant and beautifully presented. I only wish I had more appetite for desert!

    This was my first visit but it certainly won’t be my last. And by the way, the interiors are awesome and completely unexpected. I can’t speak to the other comments, but this was MY experience.

  3. I went to the Cheesecake factory this evening with my two daughters. They had fries and chicken and the pizza. I had the shrimp and bacon club. The food was cold and I could not find the shrimps among the glob of mayo that was in my sandwich. Not worth the money and the waitress was a snot and did not even ask me if I liked my food because I left the entire soggy sandwich. What a waste of 50 dollars. I even wanted to talk to the manager and he was too busy to speak to me. This is the Freehold mall cheesecake factory. Dont bother to go there its all a show.

  4. I was in the cheesecake factory at Tyson corner mall and their manager was so rude.His name is Bob Sarr.If you want to have a good time ,dont go to the cheesecake factory at tyson mall at all.

  5. WORST experience ever. I am COMPLETELY unsatisfied and disappointed in the service, and the food. I don’t think ill ever be making my way here again. for other people the experience may have been better ut for me.. I am extremely disappointed in the Cheesecake factory in Philadelphia, PA.

  6. Cheesecake Factory in Knoxville TN is a sad representation of a restaurant. I ordered the Carolina bbq sandwich, what I got was fat and gristle. I ordered it to go so didn’t discover how gross it was until I got home. I paid cash and wanted a cash refund the manager “Donnie” said he could only give me a gift card-NO THANK YOU! I have contacted the corporate office for a cash refund. Steer clear of this place and its rip off policy!

  7. aI took my family for Sunday brunch at the old orchard location and the waiter was not very attentive, the service was very poor.when we were leaving I mentioned to the three people at the host stand and they made comments such as, ” you mean his not working like I told him”, “you want me to punch him”. They were very unprofessional.

  8. Took clients to the Short Hills NJ location for lunch @ 1:20 p.m. Waited to be seated but soon after, server arrived and took our order. 15 minutes later, 2 out of 3 meals arrived. The “runner” advised the remainder would come and it never did. A good 20 minutes after that, the server finally showed her face again and quickly noticed that I hadn’t received my salad or my pizza. I asked to speak to a manager who arrived and said that she saw a pizza in the window and wondered why it was not delivered. This upset me even more. The server then arrived with the salad and pizza that must have been sitting back there for quite a while. She should have been embarrassed to even bring the meal out for me to see. The manager, Jennifer Nikander, was not accountable for the matter and simply indicated that she could have a second order placed. I had to catch a train so I left NJ having not eating. Completely unacceptable service and action on the part of The Cheesecake Factory. Thanks a lot. I will be seriously considering visiting that location with clients in the future.

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