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  1. This was my first time ordering from chegg and can see exactly which books I ordered from my profile, chegg sent me the wrong book. On top of that I cannot get ahold anyone for a refund. 4 days into my semester and I’m already sending them back because I have no use for the incorrect books.

  2. Zach helped me today! He was very nice & professional & he spoke very clearly. He made sure that He answered EVERY question for me thoroughly and I really appreciated that! GOOD JOB TEAM CHEGG!!

  3. Look out!!! I never even ordered from this company and there are charges to my credit card!!!! 6 total in the last 2 months. I finally had to close my credit card account so it would stop. Now the company may not be all bad , idk, however, someone within may be buying their college books with other peoples cards.

  4. I cannot get Chegg site so I can log-in in order to print out return for a book to return and I am late. It KEEPS saying there are site issues.

    This has been going on a while.

  5. I ordered the wrong book due to a mistake on the college website. I placed an order for the correct book and received a free 7 day e-book. I needed this book immediately because the class was already in session so the free e-book was great. I contacted Aaron in Customer Service. He immediately took care of the issue and sent a return label to mail back the incorrect book. I will be receiving a refund for the incorrect book. Awesome customer service!!!

  6. Question: What if the “nearest UPS location” is not going to be the nearest at that moment and the one that I’ll be nearest is actually more convenient according to the UPS shipping process. I can just turn it in to the nearest location wherever I am at that time, right?

  7. The chegg they didn’t answered my questions correctly they don’t known any things what is supposed to work why it charge me every months I don’t understand .

  8. I’ve sent a college algebra book back using my own money, not a problem just letting you guys know so I’ll still receive my refund

  9. Hello Chegg,

    I have ordered a book and it is passed due and I have been charged full price for it. Is there anyway that I can return it and receive my money back so I don’t have to pay 172 for a book that I wont use again? Please help. Thank you!

    -Ben Harvey

  10. I cancelled my account on January 17, 2016, yet still continue to be billed 16.15. I’m want the last month refunded or I’m reporting you to the better business bureau. And why is it impossible to speak to anyone? All we hear is ridiculous adds and ridiculous music. completely unacceptable.

  11. are you people real? order for the first time from you, the book has not arrived Ups stating no one was home to receive the package, was home all day, UPS usually leave packages on the front porch. I will cancel credit card payment.

  12. Paid extra for shipping to receive the book on 1/19 and the book still has NOT EVEN BEEN SHIPPED OUT! Keep calling for customer service and I’ve been on hold for over 20 minutes now. This is absolutely ridiculous. Will not be using Chegg after this semester.

  13. Very disappointed with this service!. Billed for 11 months of $14.95 per month for a service my daughter did not receive. After 3 calls, all I can get is 3 months credited back. Continually I was told that many parents of students complain of this same problem! Well, then it sounds to me that the problem needs to be corrected! Not happy at all! Bye Chegg!

  14. weird that they buy your books back but when it came out printing the labels to ship them out the labels are totally different plus they take up to 10-15 business days to pay you your kidding me.

  15. Hi, people at Chegg, this is Yves Joseph, I ordered two books in your company until now I am not received them. The order number is KCBFTAZTUKNO.

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