Chegg Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2350 Mission College Blvd. Ste 1400
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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  1. My dad was charged 80 dollars on his bill from Chegg, we’ve never heard of or been on this site until the credit card bill came. This has been happening to a lot of people, it’s ridiculous. Needs to be fixed ASAP!

  2. I bought textbooks from chegg last semester without issue. I just got off the 800 number with their customer support and it is true that they are the worst type of people to be answering the phones. I have not been able to get the service to work normally to enter my books today. I called them and they told me to use GOOGLE CHROME instead of IE10. The site most likely has a virus which IE10 is blocking and them telling me to go to Chrome would most likely result in my having credit card fraud billing.

    Zero stars to the person who just told me to leave Chegg if I wanted. Zero stars for the 15 minute hold time and for the recorded message telling everyone they are WAY behind in getting books checked back in when returned. The rep was clicking her teeth and me and daring me to not do business with CHEGG.

  3. I made a very bad decision buying (or renting a book as they put it)by Chegg. I believe I bought the book, but I received a e-mail from them telling me that I’ve rented it. I have tried to call them, no luck. never again

  4. I believe these guys have a virus out. my husband made an account once, but never put in card information in their system. I’m showing a charge for $238.11 to my account on the 24th then 3 refunds of $79.37 (totalling 238.11). glad I got my money back… but this is scary and strange.

  5. Very bad Customer Servive. I need an address in order to send a payment to purchase a book a had sent to my daughter , who is in prison and I can’t get it back, so I must purchase the book from you . I am sending a check to your coporate office for 20.00 dollars and thank you for your servive.


    Jay Danford

  6. I didn’t even buy my book from chegg. Stupid decision to send my book to them and receice no refund!! complete BS! I want my text book back!

  7. Same thing happened to me today as well. checked my statement and there were 4 charges totaling almost $600!! This operation seems pretty shady. Sounds like a bunch of punk kids running the show. They would not give me there address and said that I rented text books and never returned them.

  8. I sent books in for a buy back in May of this year. I gave close to 200.00 in books buy back. I have heard nothing from chegg. I wonder are they a company of good standards. Any body know how I can find out how to get my money back. All I have is the ups code when they delivered my books to scam. oops chegg.

  9. I had the same thing happen to me just a couple of days ago. They had 4 charges to this website which I did not know about and my husband nor I are students. I’m so sorry it happened to you too. They took my debt card information and used it while I had my card. Good thing I caught it that same day 🙂

  10. I too have three charges on a credit card and until this moment have never been to this website nor am I a student. The books were shipped to Texas though my card is registered to my address in a northeastern state. Thank goodness my credit card company notified m that they felt the charges weren’t made by me and have deactivated my credit card, which BTW, is in my possession. The security code wasn’t even included in the online charge per my credit card company. It looks as though this happened to Kristen on 5/10/13 per the comments below. Very suspicious.

  11. OMG why can’t Chegg offer better customer service. Clicking on chat gets you no where, there is no email to send a note to and if you are lucky enough to have the chance to call, your wait time conveniently takes you past their closing time. Has anyone been able to speak to a live person with this company? I am getting very frustrated because I was having trouble accessing my account and now I will be double charged because I can’t get into contact with a live person. I think I will be calling my state attorney general to file a claim against these people.

  12. I rented textbooks from Chegg last semester (Spring). They were expedient with sending and returning the books with ease. However, I inadvertently returned 1 book to them that I purchased. Their packing slip or invoice did not indicate on the document that this 1 book was purchased Nor did they attempt to contact me or return the book to me on this matter. I tried to order textbooks for the summer semester to rent, however, this book popped up that I had purchased and the website won’t allow me to go any further nor was there any readily available number to call. Still trying to find a contact number for customer service.

  13. I am unable to purchase textbooks due to a system glitch. Your system won’t allow my direct express to be used to make a purchase. Aggravating at best, now I have to pay retail at the college on Monday. everyone raves about your services but I am not impressed! WASTED over an hour between filling out the order and making a call to you guys.

  14. Excellent service – question resolved quickly with friendly representative. Worst qualtity “on-hold” music ever, but not a problem.

  15. I just talked with Ashley in customer service in Florida and as far as I’m concerned, she deserves a raise!!! She was not only a super help, but she was so sweet and kind. She addressed all my issues very curiously and resolved all my problems without an attitude or without giving me any grief. THANK YOU so much Ashley … you just don’t know how much I appreciate it! We will continue to always buy/rent our books from You guys are the ‘BEST’. Thank you again ~

    Most sincerely,

    Wendy W. Semuskie

    (Sam’s Mom) :^)

  16. I called was on hold for quite some time but overall they took care of me and sent me an email confirmation almost instantly! Loved it.

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