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  1. I never joined chemistry. Com.yet they insist that I have an account. I have been coned and they are making it impossible for me to reach them. I have received numerous emails from them so they are aware of my problem.. I received directions from them on how to cancel my account and I keep hitting a brick wall. RIPPED OFF. I don’t trust any of these dating sites. Especially since the day that I complained I have received numerous emails from fictional characters and how interested they are.

  2. I signed up for a three month membership and they tricked me into automatic renewals. There was practically nobody on the site except for scammers. Did not connect with a single person which is absurd from my experience of online dating.

    When I canceled the profile still did not come down, despite following their instructions to take it down and having a confirmation number.

    Totally crazy.

    There is no phone number for customer service and all of the emails are automatic replies. I have been requesting a refund and they will not refund my money.

    This is an unscrupulous company.

  3. I was billed for dating services that I haven’t been using.. I would like to cancel for the next billing period. Please. If possible I would like a refund since I am not using the service. Thank you, Jackie


  4. right, I called for help with signing up, tech issues. The guy wanted to go on to my computer screen to “see what I am doing and help me”. I said I don’t know him and don’t want him in my computer so he HUNG UP on me. that was def a scam! BEWARE OF THAT! never let someone into your computer- they can take all your info in a flash!!

  5. I have been contacted by 3 different numbers of One clamming to be Amanda and two others clamming to be Barbara. They all have the same story but just changed the order of it. They all have account on Chemistry which are phone numbers. I did a search and they are all google numbers and they all have yahoo accounts.

    here is their story. This all happend in 2 days. What are the chance of that????????

    My full name is (fill in the blank) I’m 33 yrs single with no kids and never been married before And am a student studying as a Nurse in my final yrs and i will be a Registered Nurse very soon!! I was born and raised in Laudersale,Florida but i lost my parents in a car accident so i was relocated to Ghana to stay with my Grandmum who works for the charity house (Orphanages) and also continue my Education on here and i have no problem with the distance because it just miles and it doesn’t matter in a relationship because i can relocate to my soul mate someday and i will like us to take everything slowly and get to know and learn more about each other.

    I will never use Chemistry again.

  6. this was a waste of time and also i was on this for a month with i thought maybe a good person but he was asking more or less for my account number and said he was in ireland on a job and he hadn’t been paid right and wanted me to contact his clients here and get pay from them and then put money in my account and send it to him.

  7. They want you to text or go directly to personal email. Then set up fake profiles using your pics. Once you cancel they still leave your profile up. I am seeking legal action against them.

  8. I found out that my computer has been hacked resulting in my having to change my email and password. How do I go about changing this to Chemistry? Roger Olson

  9. After long deliberation/consideration, I decided to join. After completing profile, photo, etc. with their approval, jumped in with credit card and hope. Immediately I was barred from the site due to some sort of Terms of Service issue. I hadn’t done a thing – nor would my actions ever be against anyone’s terms of service!

    Of course, getting an explanation is impossible – or apparently only with a legal supena as their email said.

    As frustrated as I am, I appears fro other emails that I’ve dodged a bullet!


  10. All comments are correct. All has happened to me and others on this site who are too embarrassed to do anything about it.

    Dr.Phil just did a show on problems with the site. The site is fraudulent and should be closed down.

    There is an investigation going on now.

    I have only had scammers contact me and now when I log in it is another persons profile who I am sure is a scammer using a stolen identity.

    Not only do I demand a refund I expect my personal information to be destroyed.

    This site must be run by scammers.

  11. This is scary. I too have been on this site and after 1 day I cannot access my account. No response from customer care.This is my third day. Does anyone know what to do?

  12. You say I am signed in and you are probably charging me! I am not signed in and they will not accept me e-mail address or my password, I saw someone I might be interested in when you list them sometimes, but I cannot reach anyone!!!!!!!!!! This is the most STUPID dating company I have ever encountered. If you charge me anything, I will call my attorney!

  13. Have a problem with their website, so tried to contact them. If you go to cancel info you get a non functional site that will not let you have access to the company. Very dissatisfied and know I have been had.

  14. Could I not remember my password? when I tried to contact gave me a # to use as a password when I tried to use that # to Login it did not work? You say I have to login in order to remove yourself from your Data

    Base ( I do not want any more emails from you…I am going to report you for abuse!!!!)

    Please take me off of your site …Terrible !

  15. It seems we are all experiencing the same thing…needing to contact customer service with no way to do it. I’ve had more than a few of the men who are as fake as a $3 US bill. (Bahama has them) be introduced to me by as being interested in me. Usually the 2nd email begins the telling of the fraud…use of language that is coming from another country…English is not the first language. Ask a question and you get back a long email that never addresses the question, but reads like a lovelorn person journaling about the love they wish to find!!

    All this in TWO weeks. Now I cannot log into my account, or find a phone number to call. This is interstate fraud they are promoting. That would be a federal offense. Maybe we should contact the DOJ with our complaint(s)!!


  16. Very frustrated. New member, & could not access account on 2nd day. Sent e-mail to customer service that asked for help, but no response. Tried Live Chat, but you have to log in to use it, which I can’t. Sent 2nd e-mail to have my account shut down and to be reimbursed because of this situation. Still no response. Is there a phone number to get help with this?

  17. I have similar problems trying to reach customer services to cancel my subscription. They don’t answer my complaints and there is not phone number to reach them. It says to sign in and explain my situation but this is exactly where the problem is the site won’t let me sign in with the SAME EMAIL & PASSWORD I HAVE for the last year. I have not been able to signed in for 8 days now and unable to let the site know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I want them to reimburse me and go to jail! scum of the earth

  18. The fees on this dating site are much higher than those on other sites and the results do not seem to pay off! The matches often seem attractive; however, they do not seem to be either seem to be interested in dating or in they are very poorly matched to me! After repeatedly trying it (thinking it was perhaps just me), I would not recommend this dating site to anyone!


  19. Worthless. I can’t even get to my matches or my account because ads cover the top of the page so I can’t get to anything.

  20. I give this company NO stars!!! Money hungry GREED is the ONLY thing they seem to have no problem with. NO live person to address concerns. When I email Chemistry with problems, I get a foreign person, that gives a repeated “stock” answer, that does NOT reflect an answer to the question asked. I am frustrated, beyond measure. PLUS, I have sent Chemistry emails to folks that have either winked or expressed an interest. THEY DO NOT GET MY CHEMISTRY EMAILS!!!!! PLUS, so MANY of the folks contacted, are foreign, NOT whom they say they are, post fake photos AND have ulterior motives with hidden agenda’s. (Usually, wanting money!!!!)

    I seriously doubt that Chemistry has the “balls” to post this comment. NOTE the above statement of theirs……”Comments will be added pending approval by the webmaster.” I believe this company is nothing but a “legalized” SCAM, ALL designed to take your money and NOT provide the “services” they promise.

    IF Chemistry were a company with honesty and integrity, they would contact the dissatisfied customer and attempt to make their “wrongs”, RIGHT.

    As soon as this current “membership” is up, I will write them and cancel AND, have my credit card number changed to one they have NO access to.

    This company has been a scam, from the very beginning!!!! SAME with NEVER again!!!!

  21. I have been contacted by the same man who already asked me for money. Now he is using a different name – John Bergantino. He used to be Timothy in the Fall. I recognized an expression he uses and he always sends poetry. Watch out ladies, he goes after widows.

  22. there is one person claiming to be the same person with two difrent names and places saying there interested in me name is hican1954 and bridge port CT .

  23. where can you find an actual phone number for this site? Other than an email. Saying sorry we can not find your account. I found one number 1-866-610-6338…and hopefully this turns out to be something.

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