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  1. 2007 Monte Carlo uses oil constantly.

    It is a known problem to GM. My low oil light comes on about every 2000 miles. I have taken it to several dealers to have it serviced. My claim 71-1169660395. Gm refuses to fix the problem, the adjusters said he needs an oil change. I have my oil changed at Midas every 4000 miles I use synthetic oil which is higher rated then standard oil. All Chevy does is bullcrap me and refuses to fix this known problem. I am leaving the GM family and going with another car dealership. Tired of all the headaches GM has put me through. I will not recommend or advise anyone to purchase a GM car since the warranty is very bad and the customer car has lost my trust. The Chevy garage that my car is at right now knows about it and had ordered the part to fix the problem. They told me they were shocked that the adjuster would not warrant this repair. So Fk You Chevy

  2. 2001 Suburban 1500 has bump stops at the front suspension that are deteriorating.

    My local dealer says that GM has discontinued that style and there are no substitutes. The after market does not have any available, either. The bump stop acts like an overload spring, plus adds stability in the steering along with the front shock absorbers. The original was a rubber coated foam cushion that rested against the from wishbone. They sit in an inverted cup with four indentions around the side that locks in whatever the base is. There is no possibility for installation of a bolted mount available from the after market. I like my Burb, and want to keep it in top shape. I think it is not just comfort but a safety issue while driving.

  3. 2004 Chevy Tahoe has problems with the fuel gage. Recalled but

    My 2004 Chevy Tahoe continues to have problems with the fuel gauage. It won’t read correctly so I never know if I have enough gas in the tank. 5 years ago this was recalled as it was a problem. Courtesy Chevrolet in San Jose, CA replaced the parts now it has failed yet again and both Courtesy Chevrolet and General Motors will not replace or take care of the problem. NICE!!! Thanks General Motors so glad I bought two Chevy’s time to sell some cars.

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