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  1. Hi, I am so happy your appreciation day is going so well, but for my family it turned into a big disappointment…. We actually managed to get inside your new restuarant on Manhatten Blvd in Harvey, LA & had seats, only to find out you fry in ” Peanut Oil ” My grandchildren are allergic to Peanuts, so we had to leave, ending a learning lesson for the kids…. I am curious as to why this company is using Peanut Oil, when just about all the other resturants have gone to corn, canola, or vegetable oil…. I don’t know if you realize, just how many millions of people you lost out on today, because of the oil… I am asking you to reconsider your choice of oil, not for just my family, but there are so many people that suffer from this particular allergy, it appears to be one of the most prominent.. We ask everytime we eat anywhere even if we have eaten there before what oil they use..just in case, but many don’t remember or just plain don’t ask, taking it for granted it is vegetable … which leaves the person open for a reaction & in today’s litigious society, leaves the company open for a law suit… I do plan to eat at the resturant tonight when I am not with my grandchildren, but it was a huge diappointment not to be able to share this appreciation day with them…. We are trying, like Mr Cathy, to foster Christian values and views in our grandchildren thru our life experiences… So, we are very happy someone finally speaks up unashamedly for Christianity……… Thank you….

  2. Why am I not receiving emails fromyou if I’m signed up? Email address is:

    When is customer appreciation day?

    Do you have a birthday club?

  3. Thank you Chic fil A for your courageous stand for Christian values. Those who scream loudest for tolerance for their views seem to show the least tolerance for those values that differ from theirs. Freedom of Speech is for ALL or it is for NONE.


  4. I am behind you 100% in the same sex marriage situation. I am not overly religious but do believe in God. I feel that a marriage is between a man and a woman only. I hope your stance does not cost you too much business. I applaud you for standing up for what you feel is right.

  5. I TAnk you chick fila for being obedient to the word of God. You are being blessed for your obedience. It is hard in this world of commerce to stand up for Christ and this is what you are doing.You will be persecuted from all sides but rejoice in this. In the beatitudes in Matthew 5 Jesus Says ” blessed are those who are persecuted for doing right” i am so glad that there are companies like yours who are faith ful to the GOSPEL. NEVER GIVE UP DOING WHAT IS RIGHT AND YOU WILL REAP YOUR REWARD.



  6. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! Finally, someone has the “courage” of Joshua to take a stand on biblical principles. I am a longtime Chick-Fil-A customer and will make sure I spread the word in the Christian community, here in Valencia, CA, to make sure we support Chick-fil-A as a whole and our local store directly. We need more companies/people to stand up and protect our “right” to operate our businesses and lives based on our “biblical convictions”. If there are people out there who want to promote their gay agenda that’s fine (for them). But, please respect our “right” not to agree with it. Chick-Fil-A didn’t create the definition of marriage (God did) and it, Chick-Fil-A, cannot be expected to change it (or support a move to change it). The exercise of their “right” not to support a gay-rights agenda is NOT HATE. Chick-Fil-A’s stand is not hate, it’s love for what they believe. Please be respectful to our stand on Christian values as we respects yours.

  7. July 26, 2017

    10:54 p.m., CDST

    Chick fil a CEO, staff and management:

    I have to stand and applaud the Chick fil a CEO for his Christian stand against same sex marriages. He is 100% right. God’s view of marriage is that union between a man and woman, not a man and a man and woman and a woman.

    Bravo, Mr. Chick fil a CEO! You are truly a courageous man of faith and I am going to do all that I can to GIVE CHICK FIL A all the FREE advertising I can through my various outlets on the internet as well as word-of-mouth.

    I am proud of you, sir.

    Keep up the good stand of faith for God and you will be blessed.

    Just don’t back down from the powerful Chicago mayor and staff or any special interest groups.


    In Christ,

    Kenneth Avery

    Hamilton, Alabama

  8. I thank you for your pro family stance. I understand perfectly that there are many out there who have not experienced the love, peace and joy of our Lord Jesus, and as a result they live out their lives in the darkness. I know that it is a difficult to lift up these people in prayer, but we are told not to repay evil with evil, but with good.

  9. Thank you to the president of Chick Fil A for not being afraid to stand up for your personal beliefs. It is unfortunate that when a Christian takes a stand for their beliefs they are attacked by many, including public officials, but when other people do, they are praised as courageous. Keep up the good work. Unfortunately, we do not have any of your restaurants near us, or we would make it a point to make Chick Fil A our fast food restaurant of choice. ~Irene

  10. I will not fund you biggoted endevours anymore.

    You call yourselves christians and lie to your custoers!

    Jim Henson toys were pulled from your stprs by the Henson Foundation, because of your openly biggoted views NOT because there was some health risk as youre telling people.

    If youre going to be a hate filled biggot then own it!

    My dollars are KFC bound

  11. Thank you, Chic fil A, for being willing to speak Bible truth to this generation. May many more do the same because of your boldness, especially in the face of predictable and vitriolic opposition. Romans 1:18-32 says it all, doesn’t it?

  12. I’m canceling our corporate catering partnership with Chick-fil-A because of your COO’s inappropiate article with the Baptist Press. We do not associate with politically motivated organizations and this is a big upset as our entire staff have always enjoyed your products.

  13. Went to chik fil a tonight at the forum, first off owner operator in back watching service threw drive thru. I get my food I ordered3 sandwiches a 12 count nugget and 3 large fries and 3 drinks. I get my food and all my foods in one bag stuffed in. I pulled up and stopped to check order we were missing a sandwich and one of the girls runs out to give it to me and apologizes. I asked if everything was in there and they said yes, but luckily I stopped to check. So I get home and normally chik fil a does not salt the fries much but tonight they were not edible to much salt. I called to make them aware of it. When I called the manager answers the phone and puts me on hold for 3 to 4 minute. She then comes back and explains she is the operator. I proceed to tell her my story and she questions me of why no one else has complained. I’m not here to argue with you about French fries, I’m her to get the order straight and get satisfy. I proceeded to raise my voice as I was upset about the way she questioned me. She then hung up on me. I called back 3 more times and she hung up. I kept asking for customer care number and she stated call who you want I don’t care if you come back and eat here and then hung up again. Janelle was her name I did not get last name as she hung up on me. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE CHIK FIL A ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK . I WILL NEVER EAT AT CHIK FIL A AGAIN . I AM SO APPAULED BY THE WAY SHE DEALT WITH ME. ALL I WANTED WAS A IM SORRY SIR I WILL LOOK INTO THIS AND WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME BACK SND I WILL REPLACE YOUR FRIES. I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE AN OWNER OPERATOR THAT RUNS FROM PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF DEALING WITH IT. I RAISED MY VOICE YES I DID ESPECIALLY AFTER SHE QUESTIONED ME ON HOW MUCH SALT WAS ON FRIES. 27.92 SPENT TONIGHT NEVER AGAIN CHIK FIL A!

  14. I went to chick-fil-a today 07/05/2017 to get a sandwich, i have recently started to drink eight cup of water a day with really runs threw you. I got to chick-fil-a on 34 peachtree st atlanta ga 30303. I had to use the rest room first the guy who work there refused to let me use the rest room. I dont no because i was black he was white i had on slacks and dress shirt because i also work in the same building. He had the nasty’s attitude i have ever run across, I love chick fi-a but i will never go back to this location. His reason for not letting me go to the restroom was he was tired of cleaning the rest room, but this is your job.

  15. I would like to start of by saying I love Chik Fil A! I eat there all the time and I occasionally study there thanks to the wi-fi they provide. I am sad to be writing on this wall, because I have never had any problems with any Chik Fil A until my most recent visit.

    I live in Hollywood, FL and I most commonly visit the Chik Fil A on 57th ave in Miami lakes. They are the BEST there! While visiting my family in St. Petersburg FL I went to store number 01661 located on Tyrone Blvd. On this day I went through drive-thru… The woman working the drive-thru made me very unhappy. No matter how many times I said thank you, she always seemed to ignore me. I asked her for some sauces with a please and thank you to follow and she seemed to ignore it again.. I was in shock. I’m hoping ”Linda” was just having a bad day and doesn’t act that way on a regular basis.

    Sadly, this is not the end of my poor experience. Pulling away from the establishment I went for a fry and it was either very old or not cooked all the way. The texture was very off. I guess I got an unlucky batch. When I got home 5 minutes later, I took my nuggets out and they were very very dark..I continues to try one and it was not very seemed as if I was unlucky again and received a double fried batch or something. I couldnt eat more than 4. And lastly, my soda was flat….talk about a bad experience. My order number on this particular day was 1625884. I may not go back to a Chik Fil A for a while but when the time comes, I hope this never happens again. Best regards, Lindsey B.

  16. Visited store #01082 at 11:01 on June 25 our booth had ants and basically was told they were aware of it and that was that no apologies. Guess that’s just ok now days. Store score 89.

    Which someone cared enough, but not to be

    Hampton, Ga. 30228

  17. On two separate occasions I ordered a chicken salad combo it had bones in the meat, now I am afraid to eat there, once ok but two separate occasions is frightening. Is there a way to make sure the sandwich has no bones in the meat? I miss eating there. Sincerely, It happened at the Kernersville location.

  18. I love Chick fila and the closest one to us in Robinson Township, PA and we live in Moon Twp., PA, about 8 miles away and would love to see one come to Moon. We have the normal fast food places here: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, KFC, lots of pizza places, but we would really like to see a Chick-fila here. And there are several good sites available that have been up for sale. One used to be a Hoss’s and is on Beaver Grade Rd., not near any fast food chain. Would you please consider looking into this possibility? You can go on our Moon Twp. website and get a feel for what kind of a community we live in. It is We also have a thriving university here – Robert Morris University – and a great school district – Moon Area School District. Thank you for your time.

  19. I have always favored chick-fil-a, it’s THE BEST. I have no problem with the food quality at any location here in Montgomery, Alabama. But, this particular morning I was displeased with the service after. I placed an order, got to the window and paid, received what I thought was my order. I never check my order because it’s always right but today it wasn’t. I returned to the location, waited in line to get my correct order. The young lady that brought the order to be given remembered me and proceeded to get my order. Upon my return the cashier had changed as well. The new cashier asks me did I pay the correct amount for the food I ordered since it was wrong. I was offended because the other young lady already acknowledged the fact that I had made the order. I had no receipt to show for my purchase because I never received one but had I had one I surely would have presented it to her. Please make sure the employees include a receipt because I pay for what I want and to ask me that was offensive. At least I felt that way. But you guys are still great.

  20. I went out of my normal locale to eat at Chick Fil A’s restaurant because he stood firm on the LQBQ issue, but he recently reversed his views and caved in to the pressure of the lgqbt community. I will not eat at a Chick Fil A again. Let’s see how tolerant this website is, or will they delete my comment.

  21. Great food. Great values. Slightly over priced. So much better for you though than any other fast food chain. Treat employees well.

  22. I really love the chick fil A food my favorite in the menu it’s the #5 with the 8 count any complaints before but today I passed and do my order I wait a lot between do my order and get my food and when I got home and I’m ready to eat my 8 pieces I just have 7 ??

  23. I visited your Daphne, AL store on 12 Sep 15 and had an experience that all management within Chick-Fil-A should know about. Pulling away from the store, having already failed to find a bowling alley where I was supposed to meet my son very shortly to watch the Alabama game, I saw two young ladies walking in the parking lot maybe having just ended their shift and thought they will surely know where the nearby bowling alley is so, I rolled down my window and asked them if they could help. Now keep in mind that I’m 66 years and look like it, a gray-headed old man. Case in point this kind young lady had no interest here other than helping a lost customer. As soon as I explained what I was looking for Morgan says, “just follow me and I’ll take you right there, and she did, waved and drove off. I don’t think that she wasn’t even going that way. I did find my son and, in time for kick-off. Your employees are always among the nicest people I’ve ever encountered, however, Morgan at your 30500 State Hwy 181 store in Daphne Takes The Cake in my book. I also want to make it clear that I never laid eyes on this young lady before and am not related to her, she is simply a fine young lady and I’m sure a great asset to your company. Thanks for hiring such people!

  24. Sounds to me like you caved in for 30 pieces of silver . Which means you won’t. Be getting any more of mine. I started going to your restaurants when you needed the support and this how you show appreaction. Your as spineless as your boneless chicken

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