Chico’s FAS Inc.


In 1983, Marvin and Helene Gralnick began selling Mexican folk art and cotton sweaters in a small store on Sanibel Island, Florida. Their exceptional service and one-of-a-kind styles connected with customers in a unique way – and Chico’s was born.
The Company is a specialty retailer of private branded, sophisticated, casual-to-dressy clothing, intimates, complementary accessories, and other non-clothing gift items. The Company operates 1,070 women’s specialty stores, including stores in 49 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico operating under the Chico’s, White House | Black Market and Soma Intimates names. The Company has 617 Chico’s front-line stores, 38 Chico’s outlet stores, 325 White House | Black Market front-line stores, 19 White House | Black Market outlet stores, 70 Soma Intimates front-line stores and 1 Soma Intimates outlet store.
When you walk into any Chico’s store, you can trust the sales staff to help you coordinate, accessorize, and build a signature wardrobe to suit your individual needs.
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6 Replies to “Chico’s FAS Inc.”

  1. I have been a good customer for 12 years and have sales people that I love shopping with. However my last experience with White House Black Market was a very unprofessional and not a good business experience. You have changed your policy of returns to 60 days. However you never informed the customer. I had bought a dress in April and had not planned on returning it until I received the same dress for my birthday. The sales people know me and know me and tried to return a dress with the original receipt for $116.00. Since it was past the 60 days, I was told it would be a merchandise credit which was fine with me since I was purchasing an additional $600.00 in merchandise. However the new system would not allow me a credit of $116.00. I would only be given $49.00. I did not want to take a loss of $67.00. My sales person was very nice and gave me the 800 # to call. Your customer service person informed me to take my losses because by the time I returned the dress to them and they processed it – my dress might only be worth $9.99. I went back into the store and informed 2 of the sales people that I shop with and they were embarrassed and apologetic. I did not buy the $600.00 dollars in merchandise and took my duplicate dress home. If I could have returned my duplicate dress for $116.00 – White House would still be ahead $485.00. This is not a good customer service nor is it a good business decision on the part of White House Black Market. Furthermore you have taken away the store managers descretion to accommodating a customer when the need arises. I have always shopped continuously at White House Black Market, recommended the store to numerous people, and have always reviewed my recent purchases positively for online buyers. White House Black Market has lost a good customer.

  2. I JUST CALLED TO GET A DISCOUNT AT THE STORE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE SD I AM NOT FULL MEMBER UNTIL I SPEND $500 OR MORE. THEN YOU GET 5%..WHAT IS 5%. 5% discount is nothing. I guess I was not met to deal with C H I C O ‘s……I loved your clothes but you

    sure have put a bad tast in my mouth. I will spread the word on your ethics.


  3. I just recently found out that we have a Chicos store here in Flagstaff, Arizona. I decided to call them before going in and find out when they open. To my surprise I could not find a phone number in the phone book, the information operator had no number either, and when I went on line we were not listed-the only one there was a store in Sedona. I decided to just go to the store and was again surprised that they had been open since last November, I had no idea. I have talked to several friends who also had no idea Chicos was in town. I love the store, the associates are very helpful and nice and the clothes wonderful BUT am afraid they may not last here in town if there is no advertising and no one knows they are here. Please correct this. Thank you, JoAnn Flanery

  4. I love Chico’s and I love the Ladies of Chico’s…my store is in Cranston, RI and I understand Cheryl is leaving, which is good for her, not so good for me. She is great, I say “does this look good on me?” She gives me “the face” and says wait….and comes up with something that DOES look good on me. She brings me the perfect accessory. Odear, Chico’s will not be the same without Cheryl. I hope that you will let her know how much I appreciated her! Sally Dawkins

  5. I just got my Sept issue of Chicos .I have a big anniversary coming up so was excited to see it …. What a disapointment. I am a winter . I have always had dark skin and dark hair . Now my hair is a striking white gray .I love the bright colors reds,blues,white . The whole sept issue is browns and golds .They are for a summer or a fall colored person . The rust and red/gold shirt on pages 6 and 7. are for fall colored people .Where is the awesome gray haired lady that used to model for you .The pull through scarf on page 17 is not for a gray haired person .Ivory is not a pretty color page 28 and 29 with my hair ..The blouses on page 32 are A little better .Make your clothes colors for ALL people . The closest thing is on the back cover Green ,gray and white ,and I think navy …..

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