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  1. sloppy service Reward Membership not recognized but a flood of emails after enrolling. So they know You but do not like to give You the benefits

  2. Yes I also had bad experience there today with excuses made by manager why his Hostess was rude,lied and smirked at me.And all I was asking for was a booth with less noise so she sits us near bar my client can’t handle noise due to a medical condition so we asked her for a booth on other side she said she didn’t have any and sat us at table nested to 3 empty booths and one with a couple dining there I asked her why we couldn’t sit there she said they were Volkswagen sit people there 5 min later I asked her why she said she decided to open them and made a face at me.well I talked to manager about this and he just made excuses for her bad behavior said she was new never again will we go there poor management and rude there

  3. On Friday oct 25th we (four of us) were at the chilie’s in weslaco TX. We had an app for a free appetizer with a meal purchase. My hubby & I ordered the two for $17.99 special. The waiter then informed us that we can have another appetizer. My hubby and I ordered the ribs with the BBQ sauce on the side. All of our orders came but the ribs were smothered with BBQ sauce. The waiter immediately took them back. We then proceeded to wait 20 minutes before he brought our dinner back!!! The fries and the veggies were cold. I asked him for hot fries and within two minutes he brought them. After that we never saw him again, till he picked up our plates. He never refilled our water glasses or asked my hubby if he wanted another O’Douls beer. Then we had to find him to get our bill. On the bill, I noticed that he did charge me for the appetizer he said came with our meal. I asked what that was about, he said that because we didn’t have the two for $20.00 that he had to charge $3.00 to make up the difference. I did not order the appetizer, he was the one that offered it and said that it came with our meal.

    The ribs were so dry and very smoky tasting. We have made Chili’s our favorite restaurant. Now, we will think twice before going back. There are many options for us here and we will look elsewhere for our dining.

    Thank you for listening.

    Your truly

    Helga verhaeghe

  4. Hobbs New Mexico USA, Provides very poor Sevice Day in and Day out.

    Yesterday my Family and I were sit at the Bar with my 11 yr old boy, 9 yr old and 2 yr old, due to them not having

    Servers. Unfortunately that is the fame of Hobbs NM in all Restaurants especially Chain Restaurants.

  5. Went to chilis on Kendall dr. And 119 ave in Miami last night. It was my daughters 8th birthday and she wanted to celebrate in chilis. I told the server it was my daughters birthday and she wanted a cheer from the workers. We ordered 4 kids meal and 2 entrees. Mac and cheese had a smell in it like the cheese went bad. Tiilapia was way too small and half cooked and shrimp tacos had 3 shrimps. I ordered broccoli on side which was dirty like they gave me someone else’s leftover. No cheers for my daughter and when the bill arrived, a tip for $9.50 was already added. I asked for the manager, who never arrived. Rude employees and nasty food and service. Shame on you chilis!

  6. I went to the bullhead branch for lunch yesterday. First it takes 20 minutes for a server to show up and take the drink order. Then 15 minutes later a different server brings the drinks.I ordered chicken bacon quesadilla, shrimp tacos, kid mac cheese and steak lovers. The chicken quesadilla came soggy and oily,It smelled weird. She (server) forgets to order my steak, forgets to bring my salad. At some point I was trying to understand the mistakes but when I decided to go to the restroom and passing through the server station I saw my server and a bunch of servers joking and talking around the kitchen. Well that explained the whole picture,I can go on and on with the complaints. As a restaurant owner myself its the managers job to give the proper training or weed out the lazy employees. I’ve never seem such a disorganized chain restaurant before.


    I just want to say I have been eating lunch at chilis everyday, if not more. I am an executive with AIG financial and I was at ahh today! First of all, the manager BRIAN HALLIGAN was the worst and most disrespectful manager I have ever seen! I come to this location normally on lunch and occasional after hours for the family environment and drink specials. Today however was different, I play in a kickball tournament locally so I didn’t ware my business attire as usual so the staff was disrespectful and actually charged me a higher rate. I asked for the manager and explained the circumstances how I have been overcharged for the drinks, as I know it’s two for one because I come very frequently. Brian Halligan was the manager in charge and came out to assist in the matter, or so I thought. I do not know if he had personal issues going on that day that hindered his ability to be a responsible manager an listen to the customer, but soon it was a apparent! I told him about the over charge of two drinks for a total of $22. Keep in mind we already bought and paid for 6 drinks that was considerable less!! The manager(Brian Halligan), who was the most unprofessional, rudest manager I have ever seen, said well if you were charged a different rate on your previous encounters then the other bartender must of been robbing you and the company(which I provided him her name). I explained how this was my favorite location and all of my colleagues come to this location. Unfortunately, I was dressed in my kickball clothes and not wearing a suit in tie as usual. I told him that I would be happy to return the drinks since I didn’t believe the cost was very cost effective, considering I could receive 8 regular drinks or more for the same cost every other day I came. I just wanted to inform you that the manager in charge has ruined this location for me. As far as business meeting with the clients, I will never refer this as a meeting location again. I will never recommend my kickball team to ever eat or drink here again after our games! I will never invite friends to this location again, or invite my significant other and her friends to this location again! I know I was not in my business attire(since I just had a kickball game)but it was very degrading to be spoke to like my business at this establishment was not important. He was happy to say the other waitress must of robbed the company so my opinion seemed irreverent. Actually, the monetary value is unimportant. I can always find another location to service my clients, my kickball team, my colleagues, my investors, or anybody else that I advise about Chilies and their discriminatory actions based stickily on my dressing, which must have been below standards for BRIAN HALLIGAN! I just wanted to let corporate know about this tyrant that is running the PENSACOLA, FLORIDA BAYOU BLVD. LOCATION!! Unfortunately, this has ruined a place to contract business for me and I thought it would be valuable information the corporate office needs to know to be able to sustain business over the long run. I love Chilis and hate that it has been ruined for me by a small uneducated excuse for a manger. As I am sure to believe, if my business was lost due to his spiteful tongue, that there has been a lot of other revenue lost. For the future of your business, I hope that all ties will be severed with BRIAN HALLIGAN and reorder will be reestablished at one of my, used to be, favorite locations! Thanks in this matter!

  8. I ordered online for the first time last Saturday 5-4-2013. I went to the Sacramento, Ca (Natomas) location. I’ve gotten food there many times but this was just awful! It cost me $64. for extremely over cooked food! The only thing that was edible was the sampler platter. Everything else from my chicken fried steak, my husband’s burger to my mother in law’s fajitas had to be thrown away! I was so mad because we had a gift card we had been saving to “treat ourselves”. What a disappointment! When I tried to call and complain the following day I was placed on hold for at least 10 minutes after being asked the nature of my call when I asked to speak to a manager. I finally hung up after being placed on hold so long. Same thing happened on Monday. Each time it seemed like they were screening the calls when they found out it was a complaint. Oh and I forgot to mention that I had ordered my food at around 3:00pm to be picked up at 4:30, when I called at 4:25 to make sure it would be ready when I got there (I was in route when I called) they told me they didn’t receive the order until 4:15, so I waited for another 25 minutes when I got there before I received my order! The bartender that helped me and was very pleasant and I tipped him,but overall it was a horrible waste of money and time!

  9. We are long-time customers of Chili’s, 157th & Harlem in Orland Park, IL having eaten there at least monthly, sometimes weekly for many years. Suddenly, a few months ago, we noticed many changes in the staff, and the quality of the food had taken a plunge. My favorite, salmon, seemed to be prepared differently. Then, the last 3 times, my food was cold when brought to the table, also steak arrived well done instead of medium as I had ordered, and I had to send it back. I asked the manager,Steve,what the heck was going on in the kitchen, and he replied “Please bear with us, we have new equipment.” I told him I felt that the new management doesn’t care about the customer, and it makes me not want to come back. His comment was, “please give us another chance”. Well, I’ve given them 3 chances, and they’ve not given me a single reason to come back, no reduction on the bill, not one thing. I am tired of bearing with them waiting for them to get their act together. Sorry, Chili’s, you’ve lost a good customer.

  10. Last night my family and I went to the Chili’s in Port Richey, Florida. We were going every Friday night but the service is not what bit should be. I’m a Supervisor for a restaurant as well. We all have company standards that we follow. I can stand someone who blames the cook or kitchen. We waited for drinks forever and then we waited along time for dinner. When the food came to the table the babies food didn’t come with it. We were half way done before it did. It also came to the table incomplete. My either child got a cheeseburger and the bun was so hard he couldn’t eat it. I really don’t understand what the problem is with making sure you attend to the table and not make the customer feel unattended. I couldn’t pay the bill fast enough. I see why we discontinued eatting at chilis. These servers need a little lesson on properly handling tables. They didn’t even seem busy. They don’t even come back to the table.

  11. i am a senior citzen my family an i was dining in your harvey louisana store i ask steven the bar tender to ask the manager to turn the airconddown he answer very nasty we ask again he gave this look like yea right not only that he an a guy who could have been the manger whatlook like a name tag kept looking in our direction laughing.please investigate thankyou.

  12. Chilis Restaurant Customer Service Review 2013 1/8/13

    Would you please pass this on to your Corporate Manager’s Office. I tried over and over to send an email through the Chili’s site but it just redirects me back to the original form. There must be a broken link. We are very disappointed in our To Go Order that we just picked up a few minutes ago. The burger looked fine but they really “skimped” on the french fries…probably 10 fries on the plate! I would like to send you a picture of the order but don’t see an option where I can. We love Chili’s and are completely happy when we dine in. We eat here A LOT!! We tried the “To Go” in Madison, MS today for the 1st time and we completely not happy with the order!! Can you credit us on a card or do something for us?

  13. I took my family out to celebrate my wife’s 50th birthday. I had the choice to go anywhere, but chose Chili’s. After waiting 50 munutes for our food it arrived cold, plus some of the order brought out was wrong. Example: Burger was suppose to be med rare and was beyond well done. Tacos had ranch on them and were ordered without any sauce. I enjoyed an extended stay with my family, but found all aspects of the visit to be less then satisfactory. When was ask about something special because of the birthday (cake/singing) we were told everyone was busy. Most of the tables were empty so I am not sure what the employees were busy doing. On a scale of 1-10 this would be a 2, only because there was heat in the building.

  14. Store#1382: The service we received tonight was awful. First of all my husband and I had to wait 55 minutes for our order. Once our order was received, it was wrong, and to top it off…we received our orders separately. So I canceled my order and set watching my husband eat(frustrated). I have been to this location numerous times before today..service on previous visits was great, however, service received tonight, very unacceptable!

  15. We went to Chilies at the Dallas Airport on 10/25/12 & 10/29/12. I was served by Elizabeth. I wanted to tell you that she was the best server we have ever had and I am old so I have had a lot of servers throughout my life. I told her manager, who was extremely nice, about how well we were served and how pleasant an experience it was, but I wanted to tell your main office also. Your contact through online service was extremely confusing and almost impossible to complete, but I was determined to complete it. I attempted to tell you this through the survey contest but evidently your tickets are different than the ones from the airport. I have the server number of 1480 LIZ and the first receipt did not have anything below the “a winner every day” line. The second receipt gave me the survey code of 9439, but that was refused by your online service. The check numbers were 2432 & 5113. Please let the manager and Elizabeth know how much I appreciated the experience and that I finally got through to someone about this. Thanks

  16. I’ve been a Chili’s customer for the last 15yrs.,alway’s feeling that they were head and shoulder’s above the competition,but yesterday was a different day,went to a Chili’s restaurant locally and ordered a salad for my meal,I don’t know if this is something

    you’re doing locally or in all store’s,but the salad was placed on this long narrow

    plate,I don’t know who dreamt up that one,but even an average guy such as myself

    can figure out that one quite easily, that it simply doesn’t work,you see I want to

    focus on eating it!not picking it off the table,I guess it didn’t take me too long to

    realize the plate was designed to shrink the amount of salad,that’s pretty cheezy,

    as if salad’s green’s are real expensive?it was also obvious that the amount of chicken

    shrunk,then the insult was they forgot to give me my slice of avocado,you see we

    customer’s don’t like to gripe to waitresses,because it isn’t their fault,it’s

    usually the management or H.Q.,at any rate,I just don’t like going home hungry

    which I did,I’ll probably go back again to a Chili’s,certainly not that one anyway,

    reason being is that you’ve had a pretty good track record in the past,but,perhaps

    my observation of shrinking portion’s,isn’t mine alone,So,go ahead get wild and crazy

    again,get generous,that’s why we came in the first place! Ray

  17. Thanks for ruining my son’s 3rd birthday and making our night a complete disaster. After being seated I got to watch as 11 (yes 11 I counted them) servers passed before I was asked what me and my children wanted to drink. Then we placed our order at 5pm. (I checked my phone for the time) and we waited, and waited, and waited….. at 5:45 my children’s food appeared as did mine… which was incorrect. At this time I asked for the manager explained that my food was not supposed to include tomatoes. It was taken back and after another 5 minute wait it was brought back to me…. incorrect again. All that was needed was to take my plain mashed potatoes and add bacon, cheese, and chives to make them loaded mash…. was this done…. NO My entire plate was remade….. and after ANOTHER wait it was finally brought back… INCORRECTLY! By this point I was/am starving, my children are cranky from waiting, their food is COLD, and I am livid. I ask for the manager again and am made to wait for him. I ask for boxes for my children’s COLD FOOD and when he comes I explain again (for the 4th time) what I wanted to eat and what was wrong with my plate. I explain that I can understand 1 mistake, heck I’ll even give you 2 mistakes, but this is just completely unreasonable. The people around me, who by the way came to eat AFTER ME are already being cashed out, and here I am still not eating. We ended up leaving without me eating or my children completing their meals, without our desert, and without being able to enjoy my son’s 3rd Birthday. CHILIS Westside Common’s on 151 and 410 in San Antonio Texas… thank you for RUINING my son’s birthday!

  18. I went to chilis last saturday my friend pay part of the bill with her car and the server charge her. With more money with give tips cash. But she put ten extra for tips plus i forget my wallet at the restaurant went next day i pick up the cash money i has wosent there and the manager said he only see my wallet with my lic i didnt make a polices report because only 25 dolar but i think that server have to be fire

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