Chipotle Customer Service


Chipotle Corporate Office Headquarters
1543 Wazee Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-595-4000

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  2. I have been ordering burrito from this location list three times a week,since it open. 5565 automall pkwy Fremont ca 94538. Lately last few month burrito was getting smaller and portion of chicken gotten one spoonful to half spoonful, so talk to the GM of the store about the why? Little portion on the burrito, I don’t think he give care. So I have contact corporate office no responds. I feel this company is completely out of touch with reality,this is last time I’ll eat there. Hello subway!

  3. Chipotle on 96 Main Street, Gaithersburg, MD has rude employees. After receiving several wrong internet orders, it was brought to managers attention. Now I am receiving my orders wrong intentionally, accompanied by employee rudeness.

    We put in orders several times a week at this location totalling $50 and more each time.

    This is wrong and customers should not feel uncomfortable to walk into a restaurant.

    This manager whould be fired.



    Ok I love Chipotle!! But this location is a joke. 100% of the staff are fools. I yes that is correct they are all fools. I have never ordered a item from this Location that has been made correct, or well. All the bags of chips are light, all the burrito’s fall apart, all the staff is rude, the location is always dirty, I just got back from this location No Steak, No Baracoa, No Carnitas,No Black Beans. Everything that was ouit looked sooooo nasty. Do not make the same mistake spend your money at one of the other wonderful chipotle locations

  5. I went to Chipotle at Schaumburg location, IL. It is one of my favorite food but this time I was very disappointed by the way serving was done. Very unhygienic and dirty. I asked them to get the Burrito the way he made it and the way he wrapped was pathetic, all the stuff came out and burrito was teared apart…Very slopppyyyy job. I ended up not buying it. It did not matter to them and was hardly corner of why I did not buy it. The cashier “Evan,” I tried to complain him and in turn he thank you and have a nice day.. Very upset and would never go back to that location, nor do I recommend any body.

  6. Wow first time at Chipotle. Very unsatisfied. The employees that worked on 5/2/13 at 12:02 pm at the Pico Rivera CA location all, and I mean ALL employees working on that day need a major attitude adjustment(remember, if you don’t like your job do something about it don’t just stand there like the miserable human being that you are.) I almost felt as if I had walked into Dicks Last Resort, not cool. It was a very unpleasant visit not too mention it costs more than what mediocre Mexican food should cost. All in all Chipotle… YOU SUCK!!! P.S.Do everybody a favor and go out of business!

  7. During my visit at the chipotle on Army Trail in Bloomingdale, IL i was highly dissatisfied. My daughter fell asleep in the car before i got to Chipotle. I carried her in sleeping on my shoulder. Standig at the beginning of the line the employee was working on a fax order and completely ignored me. I was the only one in line an stood there for a couple minutes untill she took my order. Finally she helped me and passed the bowl on to the next associate. She was working on filling the fax order as well and it took them both some time to read off the paper. Meanwhile im still standing waiting with a heavy child. It took another few minutes for the next girl to start my order from which she finally fished and moved towards the register. There were about 4 employees circling around might i add. When I was finally ready an waiting to pay a man cut up front and asked if he can use his coupon. All the associates started looki g at it to determine if he could use it. Im just standing and waitin for someone to ring me up. The girl turns and asks the manager who was cooking about the coupon. Finally she helped the man with the coupon while i still waited. Then She asked if i Was ready to chek out. The two fax orders were still sitting on the counter and she proceded to pack them in a bag before she even began to ring me up. This experience was rediculous. I work in retail and this complete disregard of customer service shocked me. I dont understand how these associates could completely ignore someone holding a child in their hands and delay my order for so long. Not only that, a customer in front you is more important than a fax order, not to mention no other customers in line. They could have taken 1 minute to ring me up instead of the 10 minutes i waited in line. My experience at the Chipotle at Woodfield was excellent, the young man cashier carried my order and a high chair too my table. Unlike the Chipotle at Bloomingdale, they took notice of a woman carrying a child.

  8. I went to the Chipotle in Cleveland on Richmond rd for lunch with a friend today, the moment I walked in the door one of the employees cooking in back immediately started pointing and laughing at me, and telling the other employees in back to look at me, and they started laughing. I really don’t know what the joke was my attire was neat and clean and my hair was not in disarray. The whole situation was very rude and I felt humiliated and embarrassed although I did not know why I was being targeted. I can only assume my weight may have played a huge part in it, But that is a very rude and inappropriate way to treat a paying customer, To make them feel uncomfortable like that. Even the other customers in line that happened to notice the show in back started to stare at me trying to see what was so funny. I will not be going back to this restaurant.

  9. I love your restaurant and the healthy food. I go to your restaurant at least once a week or more. Recently I saw an employee bring out a plastic bag of steaming hot beans and dump it into the steel container holding beans. Well, I’m not sure if you know this but whenever food is cooked in plastic bags, the toxins from the plastic go into the food. Because of this and what I saw, I will not order your beans in my burrito from now on. Also, I probably won’t frequent your restaurant as much because I prefer beans in my burrito, but will not eat your beans that are cooked in plastic. It’s too “unhealthy”. I’ve told my friends about it and they won’t go to your restaurant either unless they are ordering something without beans cooked in plastic.

  10. I went to chipotle at Johnson DR mission I purchased 4 of the steak bowl and some of the meat was raw lettuce was brown. I have try to contact your CEO of your company i dont get any responses I want my money back or just replace my food.if you don’t response to this I will put your company on Fox4 news on problems solvers.this is just ridiculous.I would never do this but I have no option.your company has no responsibility.thank you for your time and effort.

  11. To Whom It May Concern,

    This letter is being sent to notify you of my experience at the Chipotle Restaurant located in Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany, New York.

    I would like to begin by saying that my wife and I are loyal customers/fans of Chipotle – when getting tacos/burritos we never stray from your brand. Yet the last several times we have visited the aforementioned establishment, we have been dissatisfied with both the quality of service and taste of product. On the first occasion, the on duty cashier (possibly the shift leader) was unwelcoming and inattentive. We received no greeting, no thanks, and no you’re welcome – though he was quick to tell us the price, swipe our card, and promptly sit down with acquaintances/friends in the dining area.

    On the second occasion (most recently), I had ordered a chicken burrito with white rice, black, beans, peppers, mild salsa, corn, and sour cream. Not only did I feel that the ingredient proportions were incorrect, but found that the chicken was poorly seasoned and nearly all of the pieces had sunk/were placed in the bottom of the burrito.

    I have spoken with a few friends regarding this issue, and they have agreed with me that this specific Chipotle is sub-par.

    I was very excited when this Chipotle opened as it was near my house and initially the service and food were good. Yet over time, the quality has slipped. Once again, I would like to stress that more often than not – I truly do enjoy your product. However, I do not enjoy having to travel a greater distance to receive what I consider should be Chipotles across the board standard.

    If you have any questions or comments for me, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or at my home address listed above.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

  12. my name is jorge perez and I’m trying to reach some chipotle responsible, to explain about the complaint that I’m doing to the general manager of Chipotle Mexican Grill Perimeter Center Atlanta, margarita perez, by neglect, in addition to other issues I want to denounce corporation with respect to those of the general manager maltratatos can contact me by phone I am awaiting a response from chipotle, right now I feel very sad for all those abuse I received from the lady where being me instead worker tube that retire and leave the work for these abuses, but my objetibo is that such abuse does not go unpunished, there are more than three workers who were laid off this year with similar reasons and abuse of power

    mi nombre es jorge perez y estoy tratando de comunicarme con algun responsable de chipotle, para explicarle sobre la denuncia que le estoy haciendo a la manager general del chipotle mexican grill perimeter center atlanta, margarita perez, por maltrato , ademas de distintos temas que quiero denunciar con la corporacion referente a esos maltratatos de esta manager general, me pueden contactar por el telefono , estoy esperando la respuesta de chipotle , en estos momentos me siento muy triste por todos esos maltratos que recibi de esa señora donde siendo yo trabajador del lugar tube que retirarme y dejar el trabajo por esos maltratos , pero mi objetibo es que no quede impune ese maltrato , existen mas de tres trabajadores que fueron despedidos en este año con razones parecidas y abuso de poder

  13. i ate 1st time couple months ago. although the burrito was cold, i ate there again in mt vernon ohio and the burrito got alot smaller this time with the exact same items. 6″ and wasnt very warm. i mentioned this to my wife that was with me both times and the workers acted like i didnt say anything and i know they heard us. i will not eat there again on a weekly basis because they are getting skimpier on the food just like subway did and does. we are very unhappy after driving many miles for our dinner and still being hungry. no email to write chipotle? very hard to find a customer service for this place. we spent that $12.90 and got 6″ burrito’s. i asked why are they so small this time, only comment i got was depends on what you get on them. it was the same thing as last time. it was the workers. others there were ordering the bowls and they looked more filled with food then the buritto. very unhappy

  14. i have been employeed bye this restaurant for 3 weeks

    now and they claim not to be ABLE to get my paperwork together

    and they haven’t paid me yet either. been trying

    to get answers but I’m getting the run around

  15. I had a carnitas burrito bowl (19th & M, Washington DC) earlier today and i think somehting was wrong i don’t feel like my selff and i am starting to see weird hairr GRRRRR HHELPP

  16. Now here comes the heat going to the press juvan i told you what i was going to do if you did nothing about that problem

  17. were does this mess stop i called the main office to complain about this manger scewing empolyes in the bathroom how you been in charge of the place and you fing your workers on the job i was fired because i stood up and said this is not right at all i guess when i to the news

  18. Its crazy that ive been calling the headquaters to complain about this manger she not only srecing employes in the bathroom they are geetin high on the job this is crazy and nobody will return my calls whats next

  19. There is no way to contact customer service via their website anymore

    That tells you something about the character of this company and their people.

    They do not stand behind their product and hide from their customers

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