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  1. “I lost the title of my car. I had Jeep Liberty Sport year 2002. I went to DMV today to get the Title but they want a release of lienholder stating that is “”satisfied””. I been paid off this car. I couldn’t get Title in DMV unless release.

    I appreciate if someone could help me of my problem.”

  2. You probably won’t unless you personally contact them and pay their fee for releasing it. In the state of MI it used to be 10 years and Sec of State automatically dropped it off record but they tell me people have begun financing older used cars and leasing for longer periods so this no longer applies. (Like Chrysler didn’t already make enough in interest off the loan that they feel they need to charge you almost $30 for a piece of paper that takes them less than a minute to review.) Good luck.

  3. Well where should we start? Chrysler financial approved a car purchase of a 2013 chrysler 200 that my mother in law was duped into “co-signing” and yet the car ended up in her name as well as the payments. She is retired and is on social security making less than 1000 a month but now she has a 75 month payment book mailed to her with payments of 581 a month. She was on medication when her “friend” took her to the dealership and the salesman has an attitude of “its just about the commission”. General manager didn’t want to help. Chrysler sent a letter to her refusing her credit because of a score of 628 so now there is a brand new car next to her house(that is in need of a new roof and has structural damage) that I have re obtained from the girls and no one wants to help.

  4. NEVER AGAIN will I buy anything from Chrysler ! You guys are a joke! We made several years worth of payments on our 2007 Dodge truck. Got behind a few months payments. Stayed in touch with them every month trying to work out something to get them some money to stay out of trouble. Then one day Chrysler called and said they were repoing the truck. They had us believe if we paid $2025 that was owed on the bill then it would be brought up to date and they would not repo the truck. Two weeks later they picked up the truck from where my husband was working in Arkansas. Hauled it all the way to Texas to go to auction. We did not want it to go to auction and be stuck paying the difference while someone else drove the thing around. So we hired an attorney, got the truck back. Now we are doing the EXACT same thing before they repoed it. Making payments for the truck! When I went to get the truck from the auction and explained to the lady behind the counter just a little bit of what happened, how we paid Chrylser $2025 and they picked up the truck anyway, she stated they do that all the time !! I couldn’t believe it ! We have never had anything repoed, never had anything taken back, do not get government help of any kind and always work. Chrysler you make me sick and I teach my kids and their friends to stay away from you or ANY OF YOUR STINKIN PRODUCTS AT ALL COSTS !!!

  5. call them and tell them they need to report it if they don’t send a letter to the credit bureau dispute it

    you will need to send a copy of the payoff I had to do that

  6. You are the worse Financial Institute I have ever dealt with..

    We bought our Grandson a 2011 Dodge from a dealership here where we live and that was 1 month ago and the first payment is due July 20, 2013…..have not heard a word from you or not yet even received a payment book……your employee did not put any of the paperwork into the computer when it was sent……

    I have tried to call you and talk to someone about this to get the payment sent and all you have are phone numbers with recordings and can’t even get a live person to answer you……..

    I have told the dealership who finianced his truck thru you to never use you to finance anything for anyone again……you are awful ……to this day I have not received anything……We pay our bills and loans on automobiles on time….We have used US Bank and they are fantastic……

    thank you———-Evelyn

  7. This was great advice. I used The fee was $23. My request will be processed within 2 days and arrive within 5 to 7 days. There are options to pay extra for various types of expedited mailing. They offer a faxed copy for $4 while waiting for the hard copy, but I don’t think California will accept a faxed copy. The only thing I can add to JLs advice is for Chrysler Financial use the TD Auto Finance option.

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