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  1. “I lost the title of my car. I had Jeep Liberty Sport year 2002. I went to DMV today to get the Title but they want a release of lienholder stating that is “”satisfied””. I been paid off this car. I couldn’t get Title in DMV unless release.

    I appreciate if someone could help me of my problem.”

  2. There’s a lien on my 1997 jeep wrangler, how do I get it off? I need to get rid of it, doesn’t run for now, 2 years, needs a transmission, heater core, power steering pump, sway bars, 4wd doesn’t work, one door doesn’t work, just too much wrond

  3. I had an account with Chrysler Financial an own a 89 Nissan 280Z. I never received my title and interested in information on how to secure the title.

  4. My wife bought her 1999 Plymouth Grand voyager brand new with 4 miles from stetler it now has 350000 on it with all the original parts .she will not buy a new one because they are ugly and not as much room . Chrysler needs to come back out with them so we can purchase a new one

  5. I have paid off my Chrysler 300 for over 6 years, but I never received the title. I called 1-800-556-8172 but I was just put on hold for over 30 minutes. Is there another number I can call? I spoke to the DMV, but was told I needed to get a release of lien from Chrysler. How do I proceed to obtain my title?

  6. Does Chrysler have humans with blood running through their veins working for them. I have been on an eternal hold just trying to obtain a fax#! This company need to be investigated for best practices. Why haven’t they gotten sued?

  7. I purchased a new Cherokee jeep sport from Chrysler Jeep Salinas ca. the Dealership was outstanding. I drove out my new Jeep in 30 minutes . John Guru is great, John the salesmanager was outstanding. I also want to thank the service manager Michael, exceptional customer service.

  8. My husband bought a Grand Cherokee in 2014 and passed away on March 22, 2016. He paid online which I didn’t have access to. In late March they send in a statement for payment and I paid them and they were paid on April 3. Come April 22nd exactly one month after the death of my husband, They send in a repo guy and took the car away. I didn’t understand why since I had paid the account on-line. They knew he passed away but didn’t care since it was not my husband that paid but me and I am not on the account. They did not send in another statement after March and I was waiting for the next statement and it never came. When the repo guy came, I was never so distraught and embarrass as this has never happen before. I wrote to the company and they ignored my message. They simply thought, Hey, he died and only his name is on the account, let’s take the Jeep as it was in excellent condition. Never thought about the wife? I am reporting this incident to the Better Business Bureau as they were in fault for not looking at the account number that I send in. Now I get letter saying, they sold the Jeep and that I owe 2988.14? for billing of them taking the car, cost of selling the vehicle and accrued late fee which it never was. They sold this excellent condition Jeep for 27,000.oo when left of loan was 29,128.14? Well, guess what, I am not paying anymore since I am not on that loan and he left no estate, How about that? never will I ever get another car from Chyrsler Capital since they are ignorant and stupid.

  9. Purchased a 2014 jeep Cherokee from the factory. 5 months later still don’t have my vehicle. I was told it would take up to 2 months to manufacture. If i knew it would take 5 months and counting i would have purchased with ford or a Kia. Very disappointed.

  10. I contacted Chrysler financial services today to request my Title, I had paid my truck off in 2009 and never received anything. I contacted Chrysler today to request this information and was directed to The lady I spoke to was just rude and had a attitude. She indicated that this information was sent to me, back in 2009. BS, I would not be contacting Chrysler if in fact this was the truth. All I can say is this if you finance a car through Chrysler financial, Good Luck on getting your release or Title when you pay the vehicle off. now I am incurring cost and time to deal with this matter.

  11. Be careful when you purchase an oil change package. It is non transferrable and no one will do anything to equitably resolve the issue. I had 2 remaing OC left when I sold my car and bought a different model. Even though I had pre paid they would not honor, refund or give me a credit line at St Charles Chrysler for the remaing PAID FOR changes. Make sure you use them up even if it means getting your OC changed every other day so you don’t LOOSE YOUR MONEY. I will never purchase anything from Chrsler again.

  12. two years ago my son was duped by Chrysler dealer into purchasing a dodge avenger. he went to one of their tent scams. the car was brand new 2015 after he signed the contract they informed him of the $500.00 plus payment every month. why was this information not made clear before they suckered him into signing this whole deal was a rush hurry up the deal I think it’s called quota by Chrysler credit. unfortunately, six months ago my son was diagnosed with a terminal disease and no cure. he called and tried to get the credit dept and the dealer to refinance but both a##holes refused so now he called and told them to get the car as he was unable to make the payments due to his illness Dr. visits and meds all they could say was we will pick the car up and take it to auction this car looks as good as a new one or better but all they are concerned about is the money to hell with customers or unforeseen disasters my son did not ask for this disease that is terminal at this point would not give those sob’s one payment and I pray they rot in hell and go belly up!

  13. I will never purchase another car from Chrysler capital you can never get in touch with them and the car did not last a good 2 month. it was brand new car.

  14. I am seeking a title repacement (lost in move)

    Jeep GW 58 4W

    Brust Enterprises / Theresa

    Title number 01227154059

    address was:

    vin # 1J4GW58N41C664483

    address now:

    Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

  15. I hae been trying for two days now to get ahold of someone from Chrysler Finance Company I leased a 1999 Jeep which has been paid off for years, I went to look for title and could not find it I went to AAA office to get my title and upon searching they discovered that the title was never send to me and is still in Chrysler Finance name so therefore a letter has to be send to Pa Dept of Transportation stating that they should send to them my name to be put on the lease. I expect this to be taken care of .

  16. Don,t know if you are the right place bought a blazer 1998 in 2015& I paid it off but they said is a lien against it gave it to my daughter & she can,t change the title on it. 1 I don’t who else to contact please let me know

  17. Zero stars for Chrysler……do not care if they do come from the good ole US of A. Paid my vehicle off over 4 years ago with a zero balance. Come to find out when I went to buy a new car they asked me why I had on my credit report of an open balance of over $12,000 left to Chrysler financial. Now not only is my credit sucking but Chrysler isn’t doing anything about taking it off nor will they… I get to play with attorneys and all the BS…Never NEVER will I buy or even look at a Chrysler product again and will let anyone I know looking at a Chrysler product what I really think of them that I can’t put on here. If anyone out there does decide to buy Chrysler products enjoy the worst customer service ever and get ready to be bent over……Go to HE## Chrysler.

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