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  1. Earier this month SEPTEMBER 2017 I call to comment about service which I received which in my opinion was good, the customer service representative on the telephone was very helpful. Upon October 11, 2017 to receive my food was told by night manager I would need to come back because the promotion was no longer valid, My question is wHY advertise if you are not going to honor. I waited for someone to explain to me the details and I just left and went to a competitor and I must admit they treated me better, and maybe I miss understood about the coupon., but maybe it was late and they wanted to go home. Daytime manager name is KATHY MOORE, GREENVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA, AUGUSTA ROAD. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE My name was given to the front to check to see if anyone had send my name in (congratulating the server wrong thing to do) Arthea Richardson 864-484-2330, Greenville, south carolina more training is needed in customer service when it involve dealing with the public.

  2. I would not like for anyone to lose a job in this day and time but I feel like as a cu888stomer I have a right to make my complaint. A few weeks back I stopped in at the Church’s in Jackson, Alabama. I gave my order and was given my total and asked to pull forward. When I got to the window the girl opened her window and took my money then closed the window (weather related) as I sat there waiting on a coke and a honey butter biscuit I saw her cell phone laying on the counter next to her register. As I sit there I think surely she is not on her phone at work. Sure enough I sit there waiting for the order I have just paid for but have to wait as she and another worker are looking at a text message she had received. The other worker has my bag in her hand and apparently saw my face in shock and poked the girl to hand me my order. It is rude, and uncalled for, for a worker to use their phone while on the job, especially a job where food is handled. I would like to think that someone would speak to this store about no cell phone policies. I looked for an 800 number but there was not one posted. This is just one complaint, I won’t mention, how this particular girl has the most sullen look on her face and is not friendly at all. I’ll wait and mention all that in another message.

  3. Church’s chicken in Santa New Mexico has the best chicken tenders.

    I take my family there 2-3 days a week the girls there are so nice.

  4. i visit churches on e. main street in columbus, ohio. I got a 9pc special. I asked how many white pcs do we recieve and she reply 3. I asked for 3 wings and the rest legs. while waiting on my order no one told us we were waiting on chicken. the timer when off and the cook said the chicken wasn’t done because someone pushed the wrong timer. the mgr stated are you kidding and they never told us we were waiting another 7 minutes. I get home and i had 2 breast, 1 wing, and 6 legs. my husband was upset because he only go there for the wings and pepper. we sat down to eat. mind you we never turned on the big light just a little lamp. hot sauce all over the chicken bit into the chicken tasted hot sauce, white part was warm and not dried out. I kept tasting a burnt taste. kept eating and whole mouth had a burnt taste. I turned on the big light and my chicken was burnt. my legs had burnt spots. I called and the person whom answered the phone said to me about my delimma with their chicken is to bring it back. i stated i wasn’t coming back she said, “well, when you do come back bring the chicken and the reciept. I said ok, never got to say nothing else because she hung up. How rude! no apology. I felt as if I was accused of stealing burnt chicken. no managerial skills what so ever. Men hang around the place bumming cigerettes and asking for change. that makes you lose your appetite.

  5. Went to Churches Chicken on Grissom Rd in San Antonio, Texas. The chicken was old, cold and discolored, Had to throw it away. I emailed the Corp Office and did not receive a reply.

    I guess they don’t care either.

    About 600 yards further down the road is a KFC.

    Guess where I’m going from now on.

  6. The churchs here in Greenville TX 75401. Is worst by far than any other one on earth..they never have fresh chicken and never have spicy chicken available even at peak times..managers have no education in people skills and if churchs is in wrong or out of something they will not accommodate customer for inconvenience nor will they substitute any order…..the place needs to be upgraded and so does the staff

  7. Memphis, Tn 2971 Park Ave: THE WORST Church’s Chicken in the way of customer service, it’s always out of sauces, cups or chicken. This has got to be the worst church’s in Memphis. I will never go back to this establishment & in my opinion it should be closed.

  8. Hi my name ann is and and I had a good time a church’s Chicking #634 I think on cleavland ave columbus Ohio they wher very very nice I sat in the lil lobby and ate there was a guy that cam bye the name Scott and ask me was every thing to my likeing it was good hot food fast services. Thank u

  9. went to eat and enjoy family dinner at church’s…bad husband and son found a table where we were going to eat,table was dirty,crumbs all over and sticky.i let cashier know of the table needing cleaning and she ok,so im thinking someone will come from the back and clean table.never got husband used our sons wipes to wipe down table.i ordered a big tex combo meal.the cashier sd there toaster was broken so bread wouldnt be toasted.then ice machine was out of ice.the supplies(forks,napkins)werent stocked pie looked like they used one slice of apple to make it.workers looked frustrated when my husband got up from table to ask for napkins & forks.VERY UNSATIFIED AND WILL NOT BE GOING BACK THERE!!!!! i would like a full refund on my order

  10. I was at Church’s chicken in Linden, Al store # 1600 i placed my order which was a COB combo i sit in line for 15 min then pull to the window the lady ask me now what did you order? I said its not ready yet she advised it won’t take long then i waited 10 more minutesI was late for work because of this not good. This store has always been slow well it has gotten worse it is also nasty.

  11. Church’s Chicken Customer Complaint and Rating 2017/2013

    okay so I live in Kerrville Texas Church’s is the only place in town since the Kentucky Fried Chicken was close down… the assistant manager a female give my husband free sauces with anything he orders but that same woman charges me every time and argues with me about it what kind of services is that seems like she’s trying to mess with my man and when I tried to call the manager about it the next day he was completely rude with me come December 27th we will have a Chick fil A opening in town so I’m hoping that I will never have to visit that church is again before I go to jail for beating up someone for trying to mess with my man

  12. Church’s Chicken Customer Service Review 2013

    Churchs chicken store 648 in detroit mi is nasty most of their cashiers have bad attitudes they have Roaches/flies gnats really bad, ive had a long strand of hair in my food the managers arent good they allow their employees to eat near food curse & etc bad for Business!

  13. We went to your Austin Store on Riverside this afternoon

    Your chicken is my favorite. I eat there 2 or 3 times a week

    We live in RBJ Center, a Senior community. 259 unties

    We deceided to try your shrimp – your picture you have on the

    wall – showes large shrimp – we got them – they were pop corn

    shrimp – not large like the picture. They were good – and we

    will not stop going – because we love the chicken

  14. Went to the store on Dysart and Camelback in Avondale, AZ to order the 15 piece special, only to be told we would have to wait at least 20 minutes for our order, since the cook was outside and they were not going to drop any chicken until they had more orders since it was late at night (around 8:30 pm).

    Then went to church’s at 13455 w Vanburen in Goodyear, ordered the 15 piece special, asked for 6 tenders and the rest in legs and thighs, order was taken, ordered a large coleslaw, order came to $19.84 paid on my Debit Card. About 5 minutes later was told they could not give us our Chicken and we would have to order something else, since they said they could not mix per their Manager Resham (whom was not there), I showed them the sign in the window, but was more or less told no can do.

    I asked for the number to Customer service, they handed me a box, I got the number, they put the box I handled back in the stack and used it to serve their next Customer. I had to provide the time on my receipt, store location several times since they could not locate, during this process I was refunded cash, read the signs “All of them” to Customer service, asked what they were going to do, I asked if they were going to resolve, received no answer and was asked to read them the signs again. At this point I hung up and wished the franchise well and that I will not come back. This transaction stared around 8:50pm, taked to Customer service finally around 9:00pm, was refunded at 9:05pm, and hung up on Customer service around 9:10pm.

    In a nutshell, I am posting this so it is a matter of record and Church’s it appears that they do not take the voice of their Customers seriously. The 15 for 15 deal should read, pay your 15 dollars, be told sometime later they are not going to honor their specials, then wait 15 minutes to be refunded .

    Poor service at these Stores, Customer Service it appears isn’t aware of the promotions, and has zero ability to effect a change to improve the Customer experience.

    In closing, irregardless of circumstance Church’s may have saved a buck thru this process, I hope it goes a longway on their bottom line, however my time waiting, as well as sending this email is far more valuable, I surely hope someone who cares reads it, acts on it, changes their process and procedures, since the Customers are your only tangible point of sale and profit, and I should not, nor should anyone else have been treated in this matter, bringing something to your attention when feedback truly is a gift.

  15. I visited the Church’s Chicken in Blakely, Georgia. I have always loved the chicken and the peppers, but I have a very bad experience today. My niece and I and her 5 children were on the way to a creek and covered bridge site to have a picnic. There were 7 of us. We ordered the 28 family meal deal and 8 extra peppers and one extra breast. We were given several forks and plenty of napkins. I asked for enough paper trays so the seven of us would not all have to eat out of mashed potato container and slaw container. The manager told us they were not allowed to give us those very cheap trays. I repeatedly told her we had 7 people. She reluctantly gave me five trays. My niece counted them and said there are only 5 trays. I am sorry to say I lost my temper at that point and told her I had never heard of such a thing. She finally stuck 2 more trays in there but she was very mad and only did it because I was arguing with her. They give you forks and napkins and expect you all to eat out of the mashed potato and slow container. If I had been going home to eat, it would have been no big deal, but we had 5 children and were on the way to a picnic. I spent nearly 40 dollars and did not even deserve a card board tray to eat on.

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