For more than 125 years, CIGNA has been helping people lead healthier, more secure lives.

Nationwide Customer Care: 1-800-244-6224
Lost ID Card: 1-800-244-6224
Tel-Drug Pharmacy: 1.800-835-3784
Tel-Drug IVR: 1-800-835-3784
Pharmacy: 1-800-244-6224

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22 Replies to “CIGNA”

  1. Absolute the worst Customer Care I have ever seen in any company I have dealt with in my 65 years on this earth. The Pharmacy is always at least a 45 minute wait time. I am grateful I no longer required through my husband work to have to be with this company.

  2. My Husband needs a new Phyciatrist, and I came across Dr. Joel H. King in Smithtown, I was wondering what our co-payment would be if we were to work with him. Dr. Nasreen Kadar went out of Practice, and my Husband is in need of a new phyciatrist right away.


  4. I am an excellent counselor and I have about 7 or 8 clients who want to come to me because of my biblical and christian foundation in counseling . I also do Dissociative Identity Disorder and Intensive Outpatient Counseling which saves insurance companies 1000’s of dollars because they don’t have to be put in the hospital when they do intensive outpatient therapy since they get a lot of intensive one on one in a short period of time which they don’t get in the hospital. Please call me Pamela and allow me to be a provider with Cigna. I am very specialized in what I do and it is very effective. My clients have called in and begged for you to put me on Cigna and also John Peter Smith hospital has called you and reccomended me to be on Cigna . Please allow me to assist your clients I guarantee I will be an asset to your company.

  5. I am interested in what Cigna has to offer for Medicare and Supplemental Plans. Rx coverage is a very important consideration when I choose a plan; Historically, my drug costs are high. I am currently on an Arizona, Maricopa county plan: Nercy Care Advantage. The main part is Medicare, and the secondary part is a Medicaid plan;all of my costs are currently covered through AHCCCS and “Extra Help” My only out of pocket expenses have been $1.10 for Generic drugs and $3.10 for a name brand when a generic is not available.

    As soon as I turn 65 I will no longer be eligible for any state assistance, because my disability checks take me above the “poverty level.” It makes no sense: Once I am 65, I will be on exactly the same income, but with sudden Medicare and Part D expenses I cannot afford.

    I am alone, and I need a very comprehensive plan, to cover my medical conditions–(NO Renal disease.)

    Rheumatoid Arthritis and Major Depressive Disorder with Generalized Anxiety are my primary problems, but the medications for the RA leave me with a weakened immune system. I need to know what my options are. I want to speak to a Cigna Senior Medicare Supplement SPECIALIST to discuss and compare your plans and the most appropriate Cigna program for me. Please reply ASAP; I am comparing companies now, and I want to be educated and well prepared. Thank you.

    I do not have any renal disease; I do have RA dnd health issues because of it. I am alone, and will become 65 on. I want to compare plans and enroll as early as possible, 3 months prior to my birthday.

  6. SMILE MORE DENTAL CLINIC in ERMITA, MANILA shall be glad to assist you in your DENTAL NEEDS and CLAIMS for CIGNA INSURANCE, especially EXPATS who are BASED in the PHILIPPINES. WE SHALL GLADLY assist you in your dental healthcare needs. Please look for SMILE MORE DENTAL CLINIC MANILA in GOOGLE or YAHOO.

  7. Hi CIGNA PLANHOLDERS…We are a dental clinic based in Ermita, Manila…We shall gladly assist you in your dental insurance needs. It is important that we seek pre-approval from the insurance company before doing any dental procedure. They need to first be informed of your dental caree and claim needs. What is important is: we are here to help you in your dental needs. You can email us at: and we shall gladly e-mail you back.

  8. I will be doing billing for my brother who happened to be a contracted doctor with cigna, the problem is, I’m in the Philippines. I tried to call your toll free hotline 1-800-244-6224 here in the Philippines but can’t get through the line. Can you help me figure it out? It will be a great help for my brother as it will lessen their expenses in hiring secretaries and provide office and stuff for the employees. I hope to hear from you A.S.A.P. thank you. Have a great day!

  9. Hi there, I am on my vacation can I use my Cigna card for my dental and derma. What hospital are affiliated in my country. Ramon Jorda from Philippines.

  10. mohon maaf saat ini saya ingin sekali berhenti dari asuransi CIGNA.

    untuk bulan depan tolong pemotongannya dihentikan.

    Marshell Karl A D Salindeho

  11. My wife had an eye operation last month and was not hospitalised. She came to the Eye Specialist centre in the morning and was discharge later in tha afternoon. Under this circumstance can she claim her surgery or medical bill Mr. Wah See Malaysia

  12. I would like to know which hospitals in kenya accepts cigna card and also what are the requirements for a visit to see a physician or any other doctor for that matter. Thanks.

  13. I have twice talked to Cigna and they have been very rude!!!! it seem that I some how get to the wrong department and they are very rude and hateful. When I get back to the Medicare supplemental department the staff are very helpful and kind – I wish they could train the other staff.

  14. I own a sign language interpreting service for the East Texas and surrounding area. I would like request information for a vendor/provider status with Cigna. Please contact me at the email listed below at your earliest convenience. We have a large Deaf community in Tyler that will soon be needing interpreting services so I would like to inquire about becoming a vendor provider for Cigna for the Tyler and East Texas area. Thank you for you time and consideration. I am currently a vendor/provider for Amerigroup and United Community Healthcare Plan.

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