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Irving, TX 75039

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  1. Need my title for my 2007 f150 w/vin#lftpx12v3tna62398 .i have take the lead off my truck..i lost my title you all send me.did know i had to take the title to the D.m have it told off my truck. So please send me my title.

  2. In 2007, My wife and I made the mistake of adding Citi Financial to our mortgage to get the necessary funds to keep us afloat. When we turned the finical corner in 2010, we quickly paid off the loan with Citi Fin and looked to remove them from our title (so we thought…). When checking our history to refinance in 2014,it appears Citi Fin ran a second title in 2007 after making a mistake on the first one. The company never corrected the first mistake and now their still listed on the mortgage. We checked weeks after, but you’re given the “it takes time” speech.

    The company has since changed their name to “One Main Financial” and now both sides are blaming each other. Thank GOD we keep the dostuffentation proving the loan was paid (neither side has it) , but we’re stuck in middle of two companies looking to blame each other. GOOD TIMES

  3. Worst company ever. I have a second mortgage with them. The house was foreclosed on. When they sold it, it shows paid in full on my 1st mortgage. This people have called me several times wanting to know why I don’t have mortgage insurance on the house anymore. When I tell them why they say they will put it in my file. They still called me until I made them let me talk to a manager. Fast forward 5 years, credit is good again. Trying to get a new mortgage on a house and start over. My new bank wants to know how there can still be a 2nd mortgage on my original home of 15 years I had. They said they could not sell the home because there would not be a clean deed to the property if Citi still holds a mortgage against that home. Mysteriously I can not get a hold of any one who can give me an answer. So now they are still getting money from me all these years with no end in site, and I can’t restart my life. Not to mention they put added insurance on these loans in case something happens to you. I have repeatly asked them to take that of my loans and it is still on there. I want to lesson my payments so I can use my money on my life instead of thiers. They keep telling yes they will take that insurance off, then do nothing. Worst bank ever.

  4. I don’t usually do this but now I need people to know that this company is horrible. They are in with One Main Financial. I recently had a problem with payments with One Main Financial. I called my bank to stop payment to One Main Financial, which they were well aware of. No problem with One Main. Citi Financial on the other hand has the same merchant number and the payment was returned to them also now I am being charged NSF fees. The people there are rude and do not care whether they help you or not.

  5. This is a crock. 7 years ago I had a second mortgage with these people and paid it off by refinancing my home with a real bank. Now with interest rates at an all time low I am refinancing again but after approval and during the title search the new bank discovered that citi financial never took the lien off at the recorders office. Upon contacting citi financial with all pertinent info including acct # etc, they want us to jump through their hoops to take care of their mistake. Whatever happened to doing what is right instead of what is convenient. I would think they would do everything in their power to correct their mistake instead of giving me the runaround.It’s their job and obligation to cancel that lien.

  6. My husbands ex wife has property that is going into foreclosure. They have been divorced for 10+ years, however citifinancial has repeatedly sent letters, made threatening phone calls claiming they would take our house( which is paid for) and now they have placed this on my husbands credit report. I called to try and resolve the issue and was told they couldn’t find any record of it! When I told the rep that they had repeatedly harassed us so it MUST be in their system she refused to help AT ALL. The worst part is that this was never my husbands debt, she took a loan against the property with her current husband. Citifinancial is just impossible to work with!!!

  7. I started out 11 years ago with CitiFinancial then they turned into Onemain, now they are Citifinancial again. All of the negative comments are true and they are the worst company to ever do business with. I am sorry I am forced to continue to do business with them right now.

  8. I received a call from a rep telling me i owed more than my monthly statement says! and when i challenged them they sounded all suspicious as though they were making it up! they said i owed money from 3yrs prior and my statements never said that! I use to think citifinancial was a good place but when one main financial took over they have went down hill! they run their office like an old telemarketing room filled with rude and nasty money grubbing collectors! the old teams were awesome the newbies aren’t trained properly! once my loan is paid i will never look their way again!!

  9. I financed $9000 worth of furniture from this company and used the money from the sale of my personal home to pay this furniture off. My new husband is now trying to take this furniture away from me. I called this company to get a statement to show what I paid on it, and I, just like the other customers, got the run around. The finance lady was very rude to me, put me on hold several minutes and then got back on the line being very defensive when I tried to get her cooperation in getting a statement from my personal account. I then told her that I was on the internet and I saw that other customers have complained about their company, and that I as well will file a complaint for all the world to see.

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