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  1. Kim gave me excellent service. After a few voice prompts I was connected to Kim, she answered all my questions, was very polite and professional and I was off the phone in 5 minutes. Thanks

  2. since may of 2013 my house got into foreclosure, i had my home for 13 yrs never thought , that when i lost my job, in wish i have work 30 yrs of my life, i would be putout , and i sold most of all the house things etc, when i went into hardships , and the bank never help me , all the back did is they bought me time, by asking for my document and papers which i never shop sending , then citimorgage had me goto the court house 3 time for no help, the point is that it is very sad that the same way , the bank put the house owner/me on a program call forbrence in which citimorgage say owner paid $ 300.00 per month , then we will let you know what will happen, well citimorgage did not do any thing to help me . right now , i live in a room/with my dog, and very sad when i pass by the house i had so much memories , and the poor house is just growing grass,ugly … it would have been better if bank would have sad you pay me $400.00 per month and continue you living their until , you find a job or start receiving your full retierment. how better that the bank would have save a family/life. god bless americana. how sad. and always had all my bills paid . bank knew as i send my proof each month. very sad … bee

  3. We applied for a modification april of 2011 I lost my job due to a compny buy out we are in out house for 27yrs never missed a payment did trial forebearance said we didn’t qualify after the 3 months after spending money on photo copiesmail and extra gas which cost us extra money we didn’t have. they didn’t credit one of our payments which we have proof of all payments.after 100 phone calls it is still not fixed shows we are late after faxing all of our payments it still isn’t fixed. we have no one to listen to us or help us seems like no alternative but to get a lawyer.we are not laying down on this we will fight this plus this has taken a toll on both of us mentally, and physically is there any help out there

  4. I cant believe the total times ive had to call as i was transferred and disconnected 7 to 8 times the service there is terrible what a cluster and they call it customer service. when you call it depends what department get as they dont communicate well between departments it just depends who you get on the phone for you to get a simple question answered and by the way you better record it because half the time ive called i would be told something only to find out later on another call that what i was told was not true oh boy imagine that happened at least 12 to 15 times with in a 90 day window . i waited on hold so long my phone went dead great another disconnect …… WHAT SERVICE provided to you by citi mortgage co

  5. Illegal and unwarranted mortgage practices. Mortgage fraud. As of 16 Feb,2017. Fined 158 billion!

    Imagine that…I have been on a merry go round with these idiot proofs who have a QUALITY PROGRAM that makes my employer look like a brick of gold. Payments not posted on time. SUSPENSE ACCOUNT!

    Whatever that is supposed to be! No QUALITY! It takes forever for one there to confirm with another in another department. what a poke a yoke, backward corporation. A LOTUS notes type IM system. Confirm with your associate to do it now. Why wait? If I did my job like them, I would be fired. My job requires quality and instant responses. My work is to be in accordance with International Organization of Standards ISO. AND I am part of QMS!

  6. Trying to talk to someone at Citimortgage. Transferred 3 times, had to give my information 3 different times. On the phone for over 20 minutes. Was told to call back later. Pathetic customer service.

  7. Can’t even begin to tell you the problem I had with CitiMortgage. I was making my payments on time. For some reason the loan was “locked”, so instead of investigating, they just didn’t credit my account. This went on for five or six months. I’m thinking the whole time everything is fine. Then the forclosure notices started. It took me over a month to get it straightened out. Then the most recent….I have been adding $20 extra on my payment to go to the escrow account because my insurance went up. CitiMortgage credits it to my principle. Thats not what I want. I have entered on the correct area on the payment coupon to have the $20 go to the escrow. I have circled it. I have highlighted it. When I called, the CS little girl didn’t have an explanation. In her words. “It should be credited to your escrow account.” Really?? She said it is scanned by the computer. So it should go to the escrow. I wonder if it would be a good idea to have the IT Dept check into that??????

  8. Just received the first truth in lending notice as a followup to Citimorts ” no cost to

    to you” refi offer. No cost to us is in excess of $2,600 now…probably more by the time

    docs are ready to sign. Ive never seen a more blatant example of bait & switch. Putting

    a few selected bank execs in prison would clean up this filthy industry in short order.

    Then they could take up productive jobs like pimping and dope dealing.

  9. CitiMortgage is not a reputable company. We have been waiting over 10years for them to remove the MIP mortgage insurance premium that they promised to remove 5 years ago. They said we had to wait 5 yrs, then 7 years and then they said we were late on one payment but we have direct debit with the bank it comes out automatically every month from the checking account so they said we had to wait another year. Then they said we had to pay over 2 thousand and that they would remove it. Then they found a late charge…for the late payment that never occurred. So we paid all the money they requested and we were waiting for the removal…we received a letter stating that their calculations were incorrect and that we have to pay an additional 500 on the principal if we want the MIP removed.

    SKDFOJEFOEP_NCZXLCLKDXCX oooooocvhjaoiwseh0or9asu-0c9vl Ten years and literally hundreds of hours on the phone and we are still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible company, who trains them?

  10. I am truly hoping the President of Citi reads this so he will be informed as to how his employees handle “customer service”. In June 2015 and July 2015 Citi deducted not only one house payment, but TWO from my bank account. I am a 71 year old single woman, living on my retirement. Two house payments deducted each month cause me a great deal of frustration and financial difficulty. In June 2015, I immediately called Citi and was told to FAX a copy of my bank statement, which I did. I called Citi the same day to make sure they received the information required and was told they did. I was told at that time I would receive a check in the mail within the next 7 days – which I did!! In July 2015, after checking my bank account, I saw where Citi had deducted two payments AGAIN, SECOND month in a row! I went to my bank, received the statement, FAX’d it to Citi and again, called to make sure they had the information required. I was told by a gentleman in “Payment Research” a deposit would be made in my bank account in 3-5 days and he was very sorry for the inconvenience. Well, ten days later I called Citi, explaining my plight. I requested to speak to and was transferred to a female supervisor in “Payment Research” and was told that I would receive a deposit in my bank account in 7-26 days. The female supervisor I spoke to, said she could “understand my frustration, but could do nothing”. I replied I was 71 years of age, living on my retirement and I was sure she could NOT understand my frustration or she would try to help me. I worked for 30 years in a state University system, and I know if you want to help someone you will find a way. I have spoken to my bank to make sure this does not happen again. I feel I have been dissed by Citi, evidently they have forgotten about “customer service”. Shame on you Citi, for making your customers feel like they really do not matter. .

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