Citizens Insurance


Citizens is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt government corporation whose public purpose is to provide insurance protection to Florida property owners throughout the state.

Citizens Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters
6676 Corporate Center Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32216

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7 Replies to “Citizens Insurance”

  1. Noone knows what they are doing. Too much miscommunication. Policy in effect ,policy cancelled ,no notification. Disconnections no return phone call. Policy in effect 1/11/13 . Policy retro cancelled 1/27/12 still taking info 1/11/13. Another entry shows cancellation 1/29/13. All was done without notification to me for a total of $245.00 adjustment charge billed after the fact and not paid by my useless mortgage co MIDLAND who received notification and chose to do nothing. The outstanding balance is less than 10% of the total thay had already received and now they refuse to reinstate the policy without jan 1 additional applicable charges and a 30 day waiting period. Monopolies should be sued for insurance fraud. They were still corresponding with both me and my agent as of 1/11/13 well within the 45 reinstatement period. They cancelled on 1/29/13 still within the 45days. This is sheer extortion you cannot change dates at will just to add charges. I have been with these idiots since 1996 and because my new policy bundles with homeowners it is no longer considered renwable but new business. Double standard and CAPITALISM at its finest yet again screwing the little guy without any options

  2. Citizenss Insurasnce In Michigan Claims person Mary Christonson Distroyed our lives. Caused by Bad Faith and collection abuse. Causeing my wife thteats and lead to her shooting herself. There greed and lies is going to cost this company millions.

    There company has no morals. BAD FAITH MARY CHRISTENSON

  3. I wouldn’t have citizens. My daughter was in an accident last February and they still are not paying the bills for it. I will have to take it to the attorney general to get it taken care of

  4. LOL…Insurance is a BIG Ponzi scheme…DON’T get State Farm either. I fought them crooks for 6 years and now my daughter is fighting them. Her attorney told her never to get any insurance co. with the name farmers in it. State Farm being the worst of all them overall companies.

    Thanks for the comments, I won’t be calling these clowns either.

    These companies need to be sued for false advertisement and NEVER standing behind their contracts….THEY SHOULD ALL BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS….

  5. my car accident was December 2012 Christmas eve. I was driving on 96 expressway and I heard a loud snap and my car would not steer brakes would not stop,the car I managed to get to media and my car started to climb I couldn’t do nothing then it rolled three times and crushed my hand hosp was able to save it it was hanging off neck have four screws I was in icu for nine days my paper work could not be found I didn’t know what my car was I was driving a Toyota at the time it was paid for with only 36000 miles on 2005 I think Toyota should of paid me for the defect

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