Clarks Shoes USA


Clarks puts their heart into every pair of our shoes to create stylish footwear that protects and cares for our customers? feet.

Clarks International Corporate Office Headquarters:

40 High Street, Street, Somerset BA16 0EQ

Clarks USA

Address: 156 Oak Street, Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

Phone Number: 800-211-5461

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303 Replies to “Clarks Shoes USA”

  1. If Clark’s cares so much about their customer’s feet, why don’t they continue to make Wave Tec

    shoes? I am going to have to go find some New Balance since the Wave tek has been discontinued.

    I tried the Andes, but it is not as comfortable for me. Not good for my feet.

  2. I have purched at least 5 pairs of Clarks shoes I love them except now two pairs of them are seperated from the sole another one is starting to do the same. Clark shoes are not cheap and I would expect longer useage of them non of them are worn hard. love the shoe but can’t afford to buy them if I can’t depend on them. I hope the company makes good on there shoes.I will be willing to send the shoes back for your inspection. Alberta

  3. I also have worn Clarks shoes for decades and have many pairs. A few months ago I had a pair where the leather top pulled away from the rubber sole. I take good care of my shoes and thought perhaps this was a flook. I threw them away and figured that since they have been the perfect shoe for so long I would overlook the lapse. Now today a second pair gave way where the sole meets the leather top. I too asked a shoe maker for help and was told the shoe couldn’t be repaired. I can’t afford to buy expensive shoes to only have them fall apart. Perhaps the quality has gone down since they are now produced in China. It’s a shame they are still not produced in England. I never had a problem then and am still wearing them. Unfortunately I think I have bought my last pair of Clarks. Too bad, very sad…………..

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