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  1. On December 11, 2018 I ordered The Flat Belly Fix. My order #KV89UFT8. As of today 12/26 I have not received my order. I would now like to receive a refund for my order please. Thank You.

  2. I have tried to cancel my account several times with no results. I cann’t use your products. take me off your email list .Pleaseer

  3. Clickbank are as bad as the scammers who use them to get access to people bank accounts for the dirty scams, I hate Clickbank and will never use them again, thanks for the night.mare, had to use my banks fraud section to help me stop Clickbank taking my money for scammers

  4. I cannot signup for a clickbank account for my online marketing because Tanzania is not listed as a valid country. is it because clickbank does not wish to have customers from Tanzania or does not recognise that the country exists? .

    1. Try aservice like to to get a US or GB address. Go to a nearby country they accept and hey a general delivery address at a postal station or is the address of a good friend in another country. Once you are a customer for a few months ask of you our planned move back to Tasmania will be a problem and Attach a Google mapsphoto or two of Tazmania.

  5. i apparently bought something online and i was not aware of this transaction i was debited ZAR 404.56 twice from my account and i don’t know what is it that i bought please tell me where do i file for my refund please.

  6. to who it may concern,

    you have taken £34.38p on 23/12/13 appox 830pm from my debit card details i did not allow this to happen and have reported this to my bank please do not take this money and how did you get my information thank you

  7. Purchased 101 truth about ab online ther was no section to put in your mailing address and there was no where on the page stating would be ebook. And I paid through paypal to charge my credit card. I called click bank customer service 800 390 6035 she said there is no problem that Ishold get my refund in 2-3 business days then the same day iI got two emails one from the rep Ispoke woth that she open the ticket to the tech and the tech offer to send the actual book in the mail and was asking for my address since the i guess they sent the ebook to the address on paypal actt which was old no longer exist….so I replied back asking how many pages until now no respond from the tech so I replied back to the first rep email that just refund and still no respond. I will call paypal.

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